Thursday, December 31, 2009


Most Americans are in love with the phrase “The rule of law” however, many on the bottom seem not to connect with such a phrase whether they know it or not. The rule of law is slightly reminiscent to the term democracy, for it implies that the law, which is birthed by the majority, is indeed absolute; therefore, concretely saying that he law will always rule. However, when we begin to examine this social phenomenon in its complete context, we come to find that, depending on the political structure within a society, the majority can easily be those who are the richest, or those who are in ideological control. Anyhow, this is a term most likely to be stated by strict constitutionalists or even most republicans. BUT!!! What does this term mean to those who haven’t the power to stand up and have their voices be heard? Is it morally ok to allow the rule of law to descend onto those whom circumstances are not aligned with that which has been prescribed by law? For instance, if a young female is shoplifting for her hungry child whom is waiting for her under a bridge, is it morally ok to allow the rule of law to affect her?

The problem with the rule of law is that, the law itself is written by humans and oftentimes humans who cannot or simply refuse to sympathize with all walks of life. As a result, the law ends up ignoring the lives and tribulations of others, while only keeping up with middle classed and above values. Therefore, when one says he has respect for the rule of law, he is most likely showing praise to his own superiority over other people in a cheer of knowing that his values are indeed protected by law. He knows he doesn’t have to worry too much about being confronted by law enforcement, because it is either himself or someone within his lane who had written the law. When a society seems to only have poor people locked up within its prisons, clearly that is concrete evidence to the fact that poor people voices are not included in the orchestration of the criminal code. So again, is the rule of law a reputable phrase to be using if one is to consider his society a civilized place to reside? Well some would say that depends, and that is true, for the evidence would have to be present to show injustice. However, what if your society does show the injustice, would it be in upstanding nature to allow such injustices to continue on? Why is it that in America, the evidence shows and yet most of the citizenry are oblivious, notwithstanding, a plethora of human testimony that exists as well?

Yes, we have the rule of law, albeit people are so called breaking the law; however, the deeper philosophical question is whether or not the law is right within the unique circumstances of the law breaker? This is an intermediate step that isn’t included in the process of defining law nor is it recognized in the court of law. If the court’s job is to determine the truth, then why not acknowledge the totality of the situation that led one to committing crime? I can only concede to the fact that once a person is accused he/she hasn’t the right to explain his/her reason as to why, even if that reason is as logical as they may come. This ensures that the rule of law continues on, while never fully giving the accused the full right to explain their defense and have it be heard and examined by reasonable people (juries) who may agree. The rule of law exists the way it does to ensure proper control over those who are not fortunate enough to orchestrate the law itself. It is used as a social control mechanism, to keep certain persons in check. Checking the latest statistics on arrests and convictions will show who is being kept in check and who isn’t. Sure one would be keen to find that it is almost all the time those who are without.

So now the question is how can the rule of law be fixed so that the trust of all can be given to it? The only way to grant that is to allow all backgrounds from all people to be acknowledged when writing the law. Society cannot condemn situations that it creates. Is it fair to say that most poor people are unfairly jailed for things that are out of their control? Society would have to do better on social issues and programs if it chooses to criminalize petty property crimes and it be justified. People mustn’t be allowed or forced to live in conditions that would ultimately end up forcing them to commit “crimes” just to survive. Rational choice theory tells us that criminals are well aware of their actions; notwithstanding, it could also be possible that their choice to commit that crime is likewise a reasonable choice based on their circumstances? The language in law must be attacked to benefit all in order for the rule of law to demand respect from everyone. The law must learn to acknowledge all possibilities and not just the possibilities of a select few.

Where is the justice in someone violating antitrust law and getting off with a slap on the wrist compared to a man who received harsh time for drug possession? Since when it is ok for the system to predict future crime by charging someone with intent to distribute, just because the system feel as though a person had too much drugs within his possession? Yet such an add on is nowhere in sight when it comes to crimes that are committed by people who are in the upper echelons of society. BUT, the rule of law is supposed to be respected?? The rule of law means nothing if the entire society isn’t involved in defining the law. As result, a second classed juncture within society comes into fruition, and within that juncture people usually feel oppressed and unheard of by the dominant society. They are made to feel low and like that of a criminal due to the labeling by dominant folk. Their life experiences within that juncture cannot be reasoned by those who are not apart of that juncture, which is primarily why the second classed people end up in literal captivity, usually due to circumstances out of their control, for a person cannot help what he/she has been born into. Yet such a reality is not recognized in the court of law, even though it is truth, which the court claims to stand for. But we’re supposed to die for the rule of law in our nation’s wars? We’re supposed to be the emperors of the rule of law! All other nations that don’t have the rule of law are deemed uncivilized and not up to date! Sadly, many people uphold that fallacy without even noticing what the rule of law means to their own society! There are two sides to every coin. What says you?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The United Nations Supports Rapists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

William Calathes, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Criminal Justice, New Jersey City University, Jason Williams, Grad Assistant, New Jersey City University

The rape victims of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) need some people in this world to stand up for some principles and to get the United Nations (UN) to do what it should do.

The people who should be interested in the DRC in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and even Paris, London and Vienna are too busy Christmas shopping to intervene to avoid another United Nations (UN) scandal. These folks need to be taken from their holiday sprees, and they need to begin focus on something that can really mean something instead.

On Monday, December 21, the UN Security Council (SC) will be considering the renewal of the Organization Mission to DRC (MONUC) and it needs a push in a principled direction.

The debate that truly needs to take place pits the principles of the UN against the axiom, “politics as usual.” It is more than unfortunate to report that Member States are gravitating toward the lowest common denominator.

Here is the reality:

The UN is providing support (food and logistics) to the Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo (FARDC) to fight such foreign armed groups as the Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR) and the Lord’s Resistance Army, (LRA). But there is a problem, and it is a really big one. FARDC is the DRC government army which is responsible for more human rights violations than any other entity in that nation.

In fact, FARDC has many well-known human rights violators in its command structure.

It must be reported then that the UN is using taxpayer money of various countries to fund the following process: the UN drops off food; forced labor is used; units receiving food have committed, often repeatedly, rapes and killings - that would be before, and after, eating rations paid, in part, by Joe Sixpack.

The level of complicity is so high that the International Criminal Court, (ICC) has begun an investigation of MONUC for complicity in crimes against humanity. This is all quite serious. A prosecution is not that far fetched. Criminal intent can be constructed as the violations are repeated. MONUC drops food. FARDC uses forced labor to distribute. MONUC knows. MONUC drops again and again.

While fighting the FDLR and LRA is very important, the FARDC is too undisciplined and too unprofessional to succeed. You can’t win the hearts and minds of the population working with the armed groups by committing widespread violations.

The UN Member States in earlier drafts of the SC resolution had included conditioning the support of the UN on respect for its own principles (e.g., human rights law). Now the resolution indicates support for the government and makes it seems like all violations are committed by the FDLR!

What happened? Last week, the DRC government indicated that if the UN SC insisted on conditioning its support on respect for its human rights obligations, the DRC would ask MONUC to leave.

Better to leave and have your principles than to end all significant leverage to reduce violations.

So the UN SC needs a bit of backbone. The question is how the concerned people of this world can help it have grow one.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Disclaimer: It is ok for people to come and engage under my statuses and notes and disagree, for that is the beauty of debate; however, oftentimes I will take some of the exchange and capitalize off of it by making another note addressing someone exclusively for something they’ve written. In this note my good friend Derek will be addressed for his lack of understanding on how black self accountability can be suppressed. It is quite sad that in this day in age you have some Blacks who feel because they have a higher level of consciousness (Derek is an Atheist) that they’re some what better than the rest. They suddenly forget where they come from and forget how the struggle is for everyone else. They have the “I did so can you” mentality, and they look down on all other Blacks who are not as super as themselves and call them victims, yes they’re victims but not victims to their own doings, but rather victims to an unforeseen force that is not controlled by themselves. In addition, my good friends Vicky and Aljorie as well, will slightly be addressed in this post, Vicky is an atheist too. As a Black Atheist myself, I find that many other Black Atheist are extremely quick to assume superiority over other Blacks, because they feel they’re mentally superior, this note will squash that right now. Again, just because a person may feel they’re mentally higher, that does not mean you should ignore the realities that everyone else have to face on a daily basis. It isn’t wise to generalize your own experience and hold that up as the standard upon which all other Blacks should be judged. At the end of the day if you’re Black in America you’re still subject to all of the discriminatory polices that affects Blacks whether, you’re an Atheist or Theist, but that is beside the point, I shall continue:

Derek and Vicky believes that Blacks have a lack of self accountability, now of course they’ve showed no proof for their assumption but let’s take a look at this. The last time I checked there are millions of nonprofit organizations out there doing what needs to be done in Black communities and there are loads of Black households who are producing well rounded Black children. What makes Derek a sad case of human matter, is his outright usage of typical stereotypes against his own kind. Derek, because he think he has “made it” now uses stereotypes to talk down to others whom he labeled victims and imbeciles. Derek is like Michael Steele, one of those Blacks that feel because he has a little credentials he has now arrived—NOT! In America you’re still subject to disparate impact and loads of discriminatory policies that are designed intentionally or unintentionally to hold you back. Derek, Vicky, and Aljorie believes that Blacks should just hop over the hurdles because they had done it and that govt should be ignored in the entire equation, yet they’ve FAILED to realize how govt plays a crucial role in both harboring and implementing polices that affect Blacks negatively. Why should there be hurdles in the first place? Looks like the U.S honor MLK just to preserve an image? Has the work of MLK truly been implemented? What came as a result of the Civil Rights Movement, when we still have record high disparities in place, which are again ignored and neglected by govt itself?

Again, govt will always have a role in discriminative policies, and when people feel as though they’re not being heard. The constitution guarantees us all the pursuit to happiness and freedom, and until that promise is fulfilled FOR ALL, then govt plays a crucial role in seeing fit that everyone is treated properly. Every time Blacks feel the need to demand from govt it is a problem. All other kinds of people can reap the benefits from utilizing govt except Blacks. Blacks are whiners as Derek calls them, they do nothing for themselves and are afraid to take “self accountability”. This is the collective ignorant thought pattern of many Americans when it comes to those who are underprivileged. Furthermore, what makes matters worst is that even some Blacks themselves believe the BS—SAD!! Derek, you may be Superman, or so you think, but everyone who takes self accountability doesn’t always make it buddy. Self accountability means nothing if one is living in a society that has barriers in place for him/her to never make it. Studies are done all the time that proves job discrimination to be prevalent. Why should a man take the time out to go to Harvard but yet come out and still not be able to get a job? Why should a man with a bachelors degree who has three jobs, have to find a fourth job and still not be able to pay for his daughter’s education? There are millions of people on a daily basis taking accountability, but again that effort is met by a force that is stronger than one individual and even a dozen individuals and that force is institutionalized racism and govt. The history of mistreatment upon Blacks in this country cannot be denied and because it once existed here blatantly, you cannot deny the FACT that at any time it can return or still be here. The sixties isn’t a period of time that existed centuries ago, you still have people who lived within those times ALIVE TODAY, and even many of those people will tell you much has not changed. The decades of social science research cannot be denied as well. Derek feel as though he has arrived, arrived to what? Ok you joined an army and defended a country that has never done anything for you? So now you feel as though you owe something to a land that has done nothing but perished the very essence of your being—Stockholm syndrome, I’d say!

These types of coons are what I called the Cancer to those Blacks who do try to make something of themselves but are held back by the system. People such as Derek gives credibility to White Supremacy, because instead of looking at the totality of one’s situation, Vicky, Aljorie, and Derek will judge all Blacks together without ever recognizing the aggravating and mitigating factors that surrounds each person’s unique situation. This is a result of social engineering. Some people are forced due to their circumstances to chose between the lesser of two evils, not every choice a person make may be an option orchestrated by himself. For instance, a poor teen mother needing food for her baby, and as a result going out to shoplift the food, yes she had a choice to allow that baby to starve or to get the baby some food by any means necessary (lesser of two evils). The govt and special interests that profits off of the decapitation of Blacks don’t want people to think CRITICALLY about the conditions in which Blacks find themselves because if they did they just may realize that there is more to it than what you see on the surface. Self accountability can be SUPPRESSED! That is a matter of FACT! There are millions of Black men who come out of jail and want a better life but can’t achieve that due to polices that impact them disproportionately. As a result, they are left to the same devices that got them into trouble in the first place—SAD and very barbaric of this nation to allow that. Critical thinking is a must in order to understand the complexity of this issue. It is so sad that as a self proclaimed Black Atheist even Derek is highly selective in how he chooses to utilize his critical thinking capability if it is even present at all. Most atheists acknowledge only facts, yet it is heavily sad to see that when it comes to these issues here both Vicky and Derek falls short. Aljorie claims to be a believer in a higher being, yet she failed to prove countless times how this higher being has helped Blacks—SAD again!! The worst types of people out there are those like Derek who will use stereotypes to belittle his own kind. Vicky as an Atheist even went as so far to search up manufactured stats on wedlock. Now as an Atheist what are you worrying about wedlock issues for (typical Christian/Republican rhetoric), I thought you were an atheist? I come to realize that there are going to be some Blacks out there who will think they’re better no matter what, and because they THINK they’ve overcame something they feel everyone else can do the same! These types of Blacks REFUSE to recognize the obstacles that still exist, yet they feel as though they’re the mold upon which all Blacks can look to, to base their lives off of—Pls! Derek you’re far from a millionaire, yea you have your little business but it isn’t hitting on shit because it isn’t widely known, and so what you joined the U.S Army, an Army that fights for U.S Corporate interest and not the people, what do you want a little Debbie cake? There is nothing about you that makes you any much more better than the next Black fellow whom is struggling and looking to blame govt for its malpractices and negligence. Govt and capitalism has failed you just like the rest of us buddy, FACE IT!

Blacks are apart of this democracy like everyone else, and because of that we have a right to demand from our govt. We pay taxes and we helped to build this land, hell we built the Whitehouse. But according to Vicky those who complain ain’t doing shit with themselves—PROVE IT! MLK complained about govt would you say the same about him Vicky? Nuff sed!! Just because it is possible for one to jump those hurdles that doesn’t mean the hurdles and the troubles they cost should be ignored. If that were the case MLK, Malcolm and the alike would have stayed shut! Instead they kept speaking up for those who could not overcome the obstacles like they have. Derek, for some reason you seem to think you’re your own island, and with that mentality you won’t last long buddy, reality will be sure to hit you soon! Racism plays a huge part in the “self decapitation” that is prevalent within the Black Community today. Blacks were stripped of their entire essence of being, their culture, their language, etc. For some, not knowing thyself has a huge impact on their lives. Feeling as though you’re exiled in a nation your people had helped to build can be psychologically damaging. Being the science project of White Men and their screwed up theories and studies can also lead to mental strain. Again, just because you SUPPOSEDLY had gotten over those things, that doesn’t mean everyone else can/should. These injustices MUST be spoken about until they’re damint gone! Because until there is TRUE EQUALITY in this land, people are going to ALWAYS have govt and racism to blame after they’ve seen that they put their all into something and still failed to accomplish their goals because of forces that are out of their control. Derek, govt has a duty to make sure everyone is comfortable and heard, this is why we vote in people to represent us in govt, but of course the only people that are comfortably represented in the U.S Congress are Whites, which clearly isn’t a surprise given the history of this nation, but Derek, Vicky and Aljorie will have one to believe that it is what it is and one should run like an Olympic Gold Medalist and hop over the fucking hurdle—HELL NO! That isn’t what the constitution guarantees. Nobody should be forced to ly down and take it up the ass while certain people get to reap the benefits of others being oppressed. Whites have all the status they have today because others had been purposely held down. Imagine if there weren’t any disparities in any area? Imagine the presence Blacks would have, we too are capable of being scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc.. Why should young Black children be forced to only aspire to be entertainers? (Look up Labeling Theory and then observe the media) Racism plays a huge role in every negative thing Blacks have to face in this land, and history shows this. Derek, FACE IT! Don’t be embarrassed of who you are and where you come from. Don’t think you’re better because you have a two cent business and was in the Army, because at the end of the day nobody cares, you’re still a Black man, who is subject to all types of negative policies that are designed to beat you down.. FACE IT!!! At any time that ass can be shot and killed by a big city police officer without any form of justice prevailing. At anytime some form of institutionalized racism can knock on your door and slow down your goals. FACE IT!! Just because you THINK you’re doing it, that doesn’t give you the right to call other Blacks whiners, who the hell are you? What have you accomplished, what makes you stand out so damn good from the rest of us? I am not trying to force you to denote your own accomplishments; however, one should NEVER forget where he came from and never forget the history behind the struggle. Things are not different today; I would say it is more subtle due to changes in morale. But Derek you are in NO POSITION to speak how you’re speaking. Using stereotypical nonsense isn’t the way to describe ALL BLACKS, Derek. Any one whom is SMART would know that. You have a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome but considering the fact that you’ve joined the racist U.S Army I can understand why you now hate your own kind and think you’re better, but see if you are truly all that, then that business of yours would be known world wide and your ranking would be much higher than what it is, all one has to do is reflect upon his/her life to see how racism has affected them, stop living in denial Derek, there is still hope for you. Vicky you said that Black Sisters get on you because you’re lighter etc, c’mon you should be smart enough to know not to develop a disdain for your own kind due to such pettiness. See some Blacks say the things Derek and Vicky say because of bad relations with other Blacks and so it makes them feel good to speak down to other Blacks—Very babyish! Developing a character like that of an Uncle Tom is not cute, Derek, Vicky and Aljorie. One cannot claim to be of higher consciousness and then fall short when it comes to discussing the realities that Blacks have to face in America, that’s some flip flopping shit! You three are still my buddies lol, but let’s get it together folks!

Nuff sed!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This post is designed to address certain issues that Blacks in America have been facing for quite some time now and how those issues pertain to Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama for the most part has done nothing since he has been in office to progress the poor, and the issues that the poor must face on a constant basis everything was about the middle class, main street, what happened to the straight up poor? The citizenry are taught at a very young age that they’re apart of a democracy, yet for quite some time that hasn’t been a reality for all of them. Black males are more likely to be impacted negatively by the Justice System than any other entity within the U.S, yet even with a Black man in the presidency he has YET to overturn the Draconian Drug Laws that even he had noted himself affects Black males disproportionately, his secy of state also said that if she had won she would do something about the fraudulent war on drugs as well. For something that only takes the stroke of a pen we have yet to see it happen—change right?! NOT! Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone!

It is completely understood that Pres. Obama had just got into the presidency and that he still has a lot of time left to do what is necessary, but why should people have to wait! Why should people have to wait for freedom, liberty and respect from one’s government. This “wait” is no stranger to those who had to wait all their lives for even an inkling of hope within the borders of the U.S. The outright blatant deprivation of the Black Male collective humanity is being supported by legislators across the nation and even our president himself so long as he continues to purposely ignore it in hope of being re elected in 2012. This treatment Pres. Obama is giving to Blacks is extremely awkward considering the fact that he has written extensively on the condition of Blacks in this society. Looks like someone has sold out!

There are some who say, give him some time, my response—HELL NO!! How would you like it if you were labeled and at risk on the daily of being arrested because of the fabric of your very existence!! How would you like if you were targeted by legislators to be nothing more than a lab rat for their tests and enjoyment? How would you like if at any time you can walk into a major city and be maliciously gunned down by a cop and see NO JUSTICE? How would you like if you can be pulled from your household for no true reason to come out and find your children in disarray or in lockdown? How would you feel if you were as educated as they come but still are looked down upon as in being nothing more than peasant whom is locked out of the job market? How would you like it if you were apart of a democracy but never had a voice in that democracy since the day your ancestors stepped foot onto this land? It doesn’t matter if Pres. Obama got into the office two seconds ago; there are some things this man can do that will only take the stroke of a pen. Fed drug laws are amongst the harshest he can readily fix those, and he has enough pull to throw ideas out to the state govts, yet he is failing to do so. Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone, but if your interest truly isn’t with those whom are suffering then nothing will be solved. Phony fraudulent progressive leaders are not what is needed for the change AMERICA NEEDS NOW!!! Furthering a war under the guise of protecting our national security is also conflicting, for it solves nothing domestically and only furthers the capitalist interest of the west. It is a damn shame that when Obama was asked about reparations during the primaries he dodged the question. It took Kucinich, a white man, to say he would be for reparations instead of the scary black man whom is only looking forward to being a puppet to the corporations. Again, Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone!

There are major issues that the U.S has going on domestically and it will take a TRUE STRONG PROGRESSIVE candidate to fix these problems not someone who is afraid of his opposition and too damn cowardly to stand the fuck up do what he knows is right. Looks like someone will be a 1 termer because if something isn’t done about the REAL ISSUES that people face in America there will be extreme consequences for him and his party. The Right will take on a grassroots method that will succeed based off of the fact that Pres. Obama has done NOTHING to help those who are in need. You can’t really say healthcare is going to do it because if he was truly progressive about that, he would have drafted his own bill, instead of allowing congress to do it KNOWING that they will delay it at all cost! At this moment people are in extreme need of help and will go either way, Obama and his team of nuts had better get it together, because it will be like taking candy from a baby if the Right truly wishes to get up and running again to take back the White house.

If Pres. Obama’s heart is in the right place but he cannot do much because of his ties then he should have thought about that BEFORE he took their money and promised them their favors—I don’t care! People’s liberty are being taken away from them, children are growing up without fathers, juveniles are starting criminal careers younger and younger nowadays due to social strain, the school system is garbage, racial disparities are at all time highs and even worst due to their modern subtle nature! Yet Obama dare to say that this is a post racial America. GTFOFH! I don’t care! I don’t care! Fuck a war in Afghanistan, who cares about Iraq, and let Israel handle their issues by themselves. Whatever happened to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, or better yet Inner City folk? I forgot they don’t exist nor do they matter! The poor is a forgotten group of human beings in America. Their livelihood isn’t even represented in congress, and capitalism although it has failed about 90% of all Americans it has failed the poor the most!! Unless you’re extremely wealthy then capitalism hasn’t done much for you. My hope on Pres. Obama has not run out completely, but again, even an uncle tom will throw you a bone, but what the hell is Barack Obama?!