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Today is the day on which Mr. Troy Davis will be unjustly executed by the State of Georgia, for a crime in which he claims his innocence. He was convicted August 18, 1989 for the alleged murder of a Savannah, Georgia police officer, Mark MacPhail. Davis was later sentenced to death in 1991. Interesting enough, seven out of the nine eye witnesses who testified at Davis’ 1989 trial, have since recanted their testimonies’, clearly indicating against Davis’ alleged involvement in the murder of officer MacPhail. Throughout various attempts to appeal his sentence of death, Davis’ plea to the justice system had fallen on deaf ears. However his cries and agony had reached the general public. His story has become one of international appearance. Furthermore, rights advocacy groups such as the NAACP and Amnesty International have also become involved in ameliorating Davis from the harsh grips of the American Criminal Injustice System, notwithstanding the “failure” of their grand work, the general public and advocacy groups continue to be intimately involved within Davis’ case.

However, what most do not seem to understand, is that this day marks yet another day within the great American tragedy. A tragedy that is not new to those who have been long victims of the American Criminal Injustice System—Black Americans! Today the millions of post-antebellum Blacks around America and the millions more throughout the world, will have to experience a sight and feeling that is all too familiar to their forbearers, the witnessing of the system decapitating one of their own. The institution of slavery, which once existed in a de jure manner, and continues to exist today, but only in a de facto manner, readily gave whites the instant right to mistreat Blacks without having to fear retribution on the behalf of the justice system. As a result of slavery, a peculiar form of social norms and control had developed which would later grow and even advance into contemporary times. Feagin (2010) calls this the White Racial Framing, which is the maintaining of white control within a developed or developing Eurocentric society. In such a society white can do no wrong, since everything is modeled after whites, in pursuit of maintaining control and dominance on every level in society. When one attempts to connect the tragedy of Davis to the tragedy of lynching that wrecked the nation years ago, one cannot help but to notice a correlation—the outright disrespect of the Black body, the condemnation of Blackness, and thus the utter complete failure of America to protect and embrace all of her citizens equally. Only one thing is clear in this situation and that is its subtext, “Black life doesn’t count”. This is clearly the governing ideology that is the cause of the ways in which the Criminal Injustice System administers justice (e.g., disparities in incarceration/death penalty; police brutality and murders of Black men; and also reentry). Tonry (2010), in his book titled, Punishing Race, attempts to recollect historical and contemporary trends of incarceration rates to showcase how blatant racism is present within the criminal justice system. Racism within the Criminal Injustice System can be found in the ways in which law enforcement facilities its operations (targeting); within policy; and within the court, all of which are evidenced by the rates of incarceration which clearly paints a vivid picture of racial disparity, which seems all too familiar when reflecting back to the great American tragedy. Alexander (2009) asserted that there are more Black men in prison now than were enslaved back in 1850. Therefore, what we have is the return of the slavery, just under a new paradigm, and Feagin (2010) would have us to remember that white supremacy always has a way of adapting and progressing to the changes of time if society is not clear at identifying and stopping it.

I only hope that today will mark a new day in America where folk of all colors and backgrounds will call order to the American Criminal Injustice System. Our justice system as it currently exists is one of an archaic nature, which can only be found and used in an uncivilized society. To continue using the current system would be nothing more than implicating this nation as inferior when it comes to administering justice equally and humanely. The usage of the death penalty alone is a grave offense against humanity. Who and what gives someone the right to take another’s life, even in instances where justice must be served; I ask again who gives the state the right to commence death onto anyone? To my international friends, this is a snapshot of the American of justice, which is a representation of our argon culture. It is a culture of archaic illustration, a culture drowned in misery and insanity. America has a culture that claims to be pro life while simultaneously being anti life. Parenti (2004) spoke of a certain type of arrogance held by some Americans. He attempted to describe a form of ethnocentrism inhabited by Americans that most of the world follow and believe; most notably that America is the land of the free and the beacon of equality. With that, I give my international friends one good piece of advice today, dare not be blinded by American arrogance any longer. Look at this nation critically from here on out and notice how history has a way of repeating itself. Notice that freedom, equality, and equal protection did not come forthrightly with MLK and the host of others who fought for it. Recognize that America is still a nation of psychopathic tendencies, a nation in deep trouble, unable to form a conscience, a nation where race still matters. My condolences go out to the Davis’. Feel free to share this note, everyone has my permission.
-Copyrighted, Jason Williams (2011)

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I will be presenting on 3 panels at the left forum conference at Pace Univ in NYC March 19/20

I will be presenting on three different panels at the left forum conference at Pace University in NYC March 19th and 20th. Room assignments and times are listed below & within the perspective links. Hope to see some of you there IF you can make it!


1. The Prison-Industrial Complex----Spiritual and Political Transformations from Outside and Inside the Criminal Justice. (Saturday, March 19th 5-6:50pm; room W616) click link below for further info about panel as well as other panelists.

2. Capitalism and Criminalization: The Perpetuation of Human Suffering. (Sunday, March 20th 10-11:50am; room W616) click the link below for further info about panel as well as other panelists.

3. Symposium on Social Justice and Criminal Justice for Progressive Reform! (Sunday, March 20th 3-4:50pm; room W616) click the link below for further info about panel as well as other panelists.

*If you wish to come, you will have to purchase a registration to left forum. Pls go to the main page to make purchase. Furthermore, there are over 300 panels this year at left forum, so by making purchase you’re able to not only attend my panels but a plethora of other interesting and credible panels. Also, Dr. West is opening and Chomsky is closing, can’t ask for anything more. Thank you, see ya soon 

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The Harsh Truth About Mesothelioma

By Alex Johnson (Guest blogger)

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that affects the mesothelium, a membrane lining that surrounds the internal organs. It is known to be caused by exposure and inhalation of asbestos particles or fibers. Even though the National Cancer Institute classified mesothelioma as a “relatively rare” form of cancer with about 2,000 cases diagnosed a year, the number of patients infected with mesothelioma has climbed steadily in the past 20 years.

There are four locations of the body that the cancerous cells can potentially infect, which are the pleura, the pertorium, the pericardium and tunica vaginalis testis or tunica serosa uteri. Pleura affects the lining around the lungs and chest walls, the peritorium affects the lining around the abdominal cavity, the pericardium affects the lining surrounding the heart and the tunica vaginalis affects the reproductive organ of male patients while the tunica serosa uteri affects the reproductive organ of female patients.

The cancer grows in between the two layers of membrane lining that surrounds the specific organs and can spread to surrounding tissues and cells if it is not diagnosed earlier.

The mesothelioma symptoms can vary depending on the location of the affected area; and they tend to have a rather latent effect where visible symptoms only appear between 30 to 50 years after the patient’s exposure to asbestos.

Pleura mesothelioma can cause shortness of breath, pain around the chest wall, fatigue, wheezing, coughing and hoarseness around the throat. Sometimes, blood can be found in the fluid that is coughed up. Patients who suffer from severe pleura mesothelioma may develop tumor or swelling and their lungs may collapse causing acute shortness of breath and chest pain.

Peritoneal mesothelioma, which affects the abdominal cavity, can cause weight loss, abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, swelling caused by fluid buildup in the abdomen, fatigue and fever. If the cancer has spread to other areas of the body, the patient may experience trouble swallowing, pain and swelling of the face and neck.

Patients who suffer from severe mesothelioma may develop abnormal blood clots in the vein or in the arteries of the lungs, serious bleeding in several body organs, jaundice or the yellowing of the eyes and skin, low blood sugar level and severe ascites, which is the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen that causes abdominal heaviness and shortness of breath.


Mesothelioma is normally hard to detect as symptoms are similar to other ailment causes. However, patients who have been exposed to asbestos some time in their lives and experience the above symptoms should seek medical consultation immediately.

The presence of Mesothelioma can be detected with imaging tests such as chest x-ray, CT scan, PET scan and MRI scan. Chest x-ray is used to detect growth around the heart, lungs and chest while the CT scan and MRI scan provide a detailed imaging of the body. The scan tests serve to detect for any abnormal growth and if there is, to identify the affected area. PET scan is often conducted to detect the presence of cancer cells through glucose deposits; it can also identify structural changes in tissues or organs caused by the cancer.

If the scan results are found to be positive for cancer, the doctor would proceed to perform biopsy tests such as fine needle aspiration, thoracoscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopy or mediastinoscopy. Biopsy tests involve the extraction of fluid from the affected area for further tests. Fine needle aspiration is the extraction of fluid along the lungs using a fine long needle, whereas thoracoscopy, bronchoscopy, laparoscopy and mediastinoscopy involve the extraction of fluid from the chest wall, trachea walls, abdomen areas and the respiratory organs respectively.

Mesothelioma is considered to be ‘localized’ if the cancer is contained within the membrane lining surface but it becomes more serious if spread to other parts of the body such as the lungs, chest walls, abdominal organs or the lymph nodes. Treatment for mesothelioma varies depending on the stage of the cancer as well as the location of the affected area.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


In the case of Oscar Grant of California the verdict has returned a conviction of guilt on involuntary manslaughter (2-4 yrs) for Officer Mehserle who committed the vile act against Mr. Grant. The videos of this act was broadcasted on the world wide web for all to see, and many people feel as though the verdict should have been more like murder with a sentence of life in prison. However, Officer Mehserle proclaimed to have been confused at the time of pulling the gun, for he thought he was actually reaching for his tazer. Many people feel that as a trained officer Mr. Mehserle should not be able to use such an excuse, because he should be held to a higher standard when it comes to making mistakes that ultimately conflict with the law, as in this case with Mr. Grant being shot and killed.

On the other hand, there are also others who believe that Mr. Mehserle should be left alone due to this ordeal being a “simple mistake”. Well, I disagree wholeheartedly. Mr. Mehserle is a trained police officer who should have known better than to make such a grave mistake. The bottom line is simple; the minute Mr. Grant dared to ask a question or even appeared to be “resisting” arrest he was marked for death. This is the utter sad truth that America has yet to confront. America must admit to its complete TOLERATION of Black males being literally murdered and terrorized by so called peace officers in the “line of duty”. Cops are supposed to protect all citizens and treat them with the utmost respect; however, when it comes to Black males, increasingly each year we’re seeing that this is hardly the case and things are only getting worse.

Police unions play a large role in the protection of officers. In fact, officers are not readily investigated in certain criminal allegations as fast as a “regular” citizen would be which alone should be seen as illegal. If a person is accused of a crime he/she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and there shouldn’t be any special considerations for anyone. Government employees must not be characterized as in being above the law under any circumstances. However, when it comes to cops they seem to be consistently above the law. When a cop murders a Black male it is equivalent to a Black male being lynched back during the good ole days. Why? Well, let’s see; when it happened back then the murderous animals who committed the act got away with it time and time again. They also got away with the evil act because it was TOLERATED by society. What is the difference between that vile act and the case of Oscar Grant? When will the American society wake up and begin to take a stand against the vivid terrorism that has been going on against Black males since the inception of this nation? Why is such acts tolerated by society? Is it embedded within the American moral code that Black males are worthless pieces of craps worthy of death at all costs? The taking of a person’s life should never been labeled as a mistake when a cop is involved; if anything it should be readily justified, but in the case of Oscar Grant it doesn’t fit the bill!

Race and policing dates back to slavery; when the only job the officer (slave catcher) had was to return run away slaves back to the plantation to be brutalized. Perhaps this is why Black males aren’t granted justice in cases similar to Grant’s. I once wrote an essay which can be found on my blog or facebook notes section titled, “From the slave catcher to the modern day police officer”. I chose that title because it is true. Most officers can be seen as slave catchers based on their attitudes and actions towards Blacks. The truth is that social control today mimics the same kind of social control that we thought was rid of from our society. Proof of that can be found in the stats, which readily shows who is targeted and who isn’t. Scholarly research from within the field of criminology paints the picture all too well, but it is ignored by society and those who holds power.

Why is it that in this day and age with a Black POTUS and a Black Attorney Gen we still cannot seem to solve the issue of race and law enforcement? There must be a deep covert toleration built beneath the surface that grants officers the right to “shoot to kill” Black males. How can America claim to have come through the tunnel of equality when it has yet to find it? The conversation on race in America hasn’t even begun to start and until that conversation is had we can expect to see hundreds of more Blacks males shot and killed by police officers who for the most part have been trained to do such. Meanwhile society sits back and says, “Well let those negroes join the rest of their fallen Black undesirable forbearers.” America isn’t even ashamed of its utter complete sickness! Yet it dares to judge other nations!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


On Rachel Maddow’s show which aired on 5/20 she presented to her audience the reality of racial politics. She had based her thesis off of the exchange she had with Rand Paul the night before on her show. Rand Paul by his own admittance denied the need for certain parts or provisions within the Civil Rights Acts. This comes on the eve of a great exchange of racial reality that is about to hit the continental U.S that would most likely mimic the days of those seen back during the sixties IF this isn't identified as a teachable moment. With Paul’s sentiments being exclusively and readily accepted by his supporters (tea party) and by other members of Congress, things are surely to heat up. However the biggest question of all lies with the POTUS! What says Barack Obama on these issues? For the longest Pres. Obama has been trying to avoid issues of race; he even failed to attend the World Conference on Racism. As a self proclaimed Black man living in America some would frown heavily upon his absence from such an important conference, which probably meant a lot to many disenfranchised people here in America.

The fact is the POTUS needs to stand up once and for all and address the issue of race in America. With front runners like Paul gaining credibility among great portions of the citizenry one must begin to ponder as to whether or not we’re going back in time. Paul blatantly admitted that he would be for segregation on the behalf of private businesses, which of course is exclusively probhibited within the Civil Rights Acts. Instead of backing off of his politically incorrect stance, he instead tried to sustain a purest point of view by speaking on the topic philosophically which resulted in an utter complete failure. Many people feel that consequentially his ride for the U.S Senate seat in KY is indeed over; however, I beg to differ. I beg to differ for one simple reason. If Paul is bold enough to appear on national television and say what he has stated, you better damn well believe that somewhere deep down inside he knows that those words will not threaten his chances at getting the Senate seat. This is because those who put in him in that position are also in association with his world view. Yes, that means the tea partiers or whatever they wish to call themselves share the same points of view, and irregardless to what the media may say about Paul, they’re going to still vote for him when the time comes and it may even attract more supporters. This is the exact same pattern of racial politics that had taken place back during the sixties and prior. It is simply identity politics. Tea partiers, who are closet racists for the most part as Maddow revealed clearly via much of her common sense evidence on her show, are going to congregate around people who are intelligent enough such as Paul to run on a segregationist platform while not appearing to do so—stealth mode!

Paul and the alike rely heavily on “intellectual debates” as Paul calls them in order to “modify” certain policies or at least reconsider the language of certain statutory laws. By using the phrase “intellectual debates” they thereby dilute all possible accusations of racism, on the grounds of claiming a philosophical stance as Paul tried to indicate on Maddow’s show. However, when faced against an equally intelligent person, such a stance will fail to ignite. Maddow was smart enough to throw back hypotheticals, which Paul gave total disregard to because he knew that if he had answered it would expose his hypocrisy and thus his inner racism. Yet even with his complete dodging of Maddow’s questions his racism reeked through faster than light could shine! This occurrence should be a teachable moment for most in America and around the world who actually believe Paul’s world view is non existent. The fact as Maddow stated is that they’re still around. Parading among us but beneath the surface in stealth mode, just waiting to attack the very essence and fabric of what makes America what it is today. They seek to bring forth their filthy diseased appetite for xenophobic policy and impose it onto everyone who is different, even those who are like themselves but fail to identify with their sentiments. These people, things, idiots, creatures are innately dangerous and are highly contagious to others who are too weak to understand reason from blatant falsehoods supported by Paul and the alike.

Those who share Paul’s beliefs are on a mission. A mission that seeks to regenerate the southern strategy in efforts of “taking their country back” to the good ole days. They seek to reengage in an America that was in the midst of a racial catastrophe. An America that had a heart that only a monster from the deepest depths of hell could breathe life into. Paul and the alike are similar to all forms of terror that wishes to see the downfall of America. They’re indeed what some would readily call domestic terrorists. They claim to be patriots when in reality they’re amateur imperialists trying to impose their view onto the rest of society, in efforts of trying to rule over every aspect of American life. Their political ideology is born out of nothingness, for their logic is flawed and their care for America is polluted. These people care not for the views of others because like a terrorist many of them are willing to die for their beliefs just as they would tell you their ancestors did in the civil war. Yes, there is a war going on here, and those who notice this war will speak logic into the veins of America, while those who will profit or seek trouble will drown happily in their own propaganda in order to push their agenda forward to an old version of America. On the other hand, many would consider the plight of the tea partiers to be valid. With big banks taking over our country and blatant taxation without representation which they so readily claim, some might think that their demands are indeed acceptable and even revolutionary. On the contrary, others may feel that their inability to address the obvious racism within their ranks pretty much destroys all that they claim to stand for, whether good or bad. The overt racism that many tea partiers seem to display is irrefutable, for the signs at their protests are always high and clear as to what their racial beliefs are. To date there hasn’t been one leader from the group to come out and condemn such nonsense. This is clearly where the tea partiers begin to lose much needed credibility.

The question is will the POTUS finally step up and speak about the issue of race in America, for if he fails, just like back in the good ole days, many lives will be at stake as a race war is undoubtedly beginning to approach the shores of America in a quiet yet stern manner. Whether some consider my words to be extreme or not, one thing is clear and irrefutable: We’re only in the beginning stage of a terrible tempest that has yet to show up on the radar!

P.S Kudos to Rachel Maddow, excellent work!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


The anniversary of the Okalahoma bombing has arrived and yet people still cannot seem to equate modern day tea parties and underground militia groups (which are mostly white) to being like that of a terrorist group. Are these groups NOT a threat to the existence of the U.S government and its people? Do they not make their sentiments clear enough for ALL TO SEE? Why is it then do we have a government and a media structure that fails to label these groups of people as they truly are? Instead these right winged radical people are labeled as mentally ill, or better yet just a common trouble maker. Is this fair to all others who are usually readily labeled as terrorists or enemies of state?

For example, Arab Muslims who are racially profiled due to the war on terror, or Blacks who are racially profiled due to the war on drugs? How about Hispanics and other perceived immigrants who are readily labeled as “illegals” thanks to the new war against illegal immigration? Why is it that when the perpetrator is White, suddenly they’re not labeled and painted as the enemy? Why are they not labeled as enemy combatants and sent to places like Gitmo? After all they’re charging war against the state without the authority to do so, just like the many Arabs who have been labeled as enemy combatants due to participating arbitrarily in war! Therefore, one must ask, is there truly a difference between these angry Whites and the Arab Muslims who have been considered enemy combatants? Why are the Black Panthers considered worst than the KKK among most Americans, when the ACTIONS of both groups pretty much speak for themselves? Will there ever be a war waged against Whites that will effectively profile against them racially? Why is it that Whites seem to be the ONLY protected group within the U.S who has yet to have a war waged against them by the state? Why is this tolerated by this society and what can we do to stop state supported racial profiling?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


America is the land of the free, the land that is the alleged beacon of morality, yet we still believe in punishing children like that of an adult, why? We know it to be true that many adults within this society are set up to be criminals and branded life time felons; however, when this type of oppression begin to transcend down onto juveniles one must wonder why it is even allowed to be remotely thought of. Disparities in juvenile justice are extremely similar to the disparities found in that of the adult criminal justice system. Race and socioeconomic factors are clearly exhibited within the disparities and the loads of studies and scholastic writings that are out there on the subject. Do you believe in the death penalty for children? Do you believe in life sentences for juveniles? Is the juvenile system moving away from treatment and slowly slipping into a just deserts setup? What forms of propaganda are out there that allows society to tolerate such nonsense? The juveniles in America are in dire need of relief from the INJUSTICE system, why are their needs being ignored? Most importantly, why do racial disparities exist within the JUVENILE justice system? America the beautiful, the great, the land of the free and opportunity—huh? The magnificent Dr. Dohrn has worked extensively to bring light onto this matter, below are a series of vids where she is lecturing on this subject matter. Take a look at them and then comment if you may.

Dr. Bernardine Dohrn - Extreme Sentencing of Youth

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I will not cover too much academic history within this note here because I am assuming that for the most part those who will read this note will already have knowledge of the disparity. This note is mainly for establishing a discussion base that will ultimately debate or break down why such a disparity even exists. Scientifically speaking, it has already been determined that crack and coke are equal in their capacity to affect the human body, therefore the question must be asked, why is it that those who are arrested for crack possession gain longer sentences than those who are arrested off of coke possession? Clearly there isn’t a difference between the two identical drugs; the only difference is that poor folks are more likely than not to have possession of crack while those who are economically better off are more aligned with coke.

I think the proof is irrefutable as to the nonsense factor of this disparity. Clearly both forms are identical in nature and can have the same affect on the human body. The question I feel society should be asking is who’s responsible for allowing this disparity to exist? Just the other day the disparity was lowered to a lower percentage by an act of congress. Therefore congress doesn’t see harm with having the disparity; however, they felt that the least they can do is lower the disparity so that the harm will not be as hard felt. Another harsh reality is the fact that it is mostly blacks who are impacted negatively tby the disparity, yet time and time again blacks continue to vote for democratic politicians who are not doing anything about social justice. Blacks are voting for these politicians based off of lip service for the most part, because democrats are just as absent on black issues as the republicans. Even Kennedy is guilty of adding to the suffering of blacks, because he was involved in proposing the mandatory sentencing on the fed level, likewise with Clinton and his Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, yet both of those politicians are allegedly among the most liberal of those who have ever stepped foot in Washington, yea ok!

People who are on the lower levels of the economic latter need to wake up and realize that both Democrats and Republicans are two of a kind when it comes to social injustice and they’re not willing to take on the fight to improve the system. Both sides are afraid of being labeled soft on crime, and for the most part neither side will ever have to live in a setting whereby they are forced to wake up to social disorganization and crime on a daily basis. More than half of the folks in Washington and within state congresses probably never have had to live in such conditions, which for the most part makes them ignorant to the conditions of these neighborhoods, yet on a daily basis they continue to pass laws regarding these neighborhoods without ever taking notice to the scholarship within criminology, which has for the longest already outlined what needs to be done. Locking more people up will only turn crime into a public health issue, and it will worsen the conditions further due the habitual usage of just deserts. As a result, people are released from prison with a vendetta against society to only end up right back in prison partly due to legalized discrimination against those who are labeled felons. The crack cocaine disparity makes it legal for the gov’t to send blacks back to the conditions that many of their ancestors have had to face in the past. The war on drugs brought back a load of past evils: 1. The passing system whose modern day representation is the Terry Standard (Terry Stops) due to the war on drugs cops are more eager to find drugs to make arrests even if it means violating the constitution. As a result of Terry v. Ohio (1968) combined with the war on drugs, blacks are disproportionately unprotected by the fourth amendment. 2. The pig laws whose modern day representation is indeed the War on Drugs. 3. Jim Crow whose modern day representation is the labeling of becoming a felon and therefore having all of your rights snatched away, namely one’s right to vote. Becoming a felon is like becoming apart of the lower caste system that blacks were forced into during Jim Crow. In short, the crack cocaine disparity along with the war on drugs turns many blacks into felons. 4. Slavery whose modern day representation is the slave labor that corporations gain off of prisoners who are primarily incarcerated in private prisons… I can go on and on with the disparities and the racist implications behind such policies, however I am going to leave it up to the readers to finish up this conversation.

The question is simple; do bad habits eventually die out? Why is it that we have two political parties that are unwilling to accept the sociological truths of this system? Why is it that blacks STILL continue to be oppressed by the systems of social control within the U.S? Why are blacks targeted, what is it about black folks that this society/govt hates? Why hasn’t this yet been labeled a violation of Human Rights? It is time for blacks to vote within their collective interest and not be fooled by political scumbags who are only looking to be reelected. Again, BOTH parties are at fault because it is BOTH parties that consistently vote yes for these discriminating policies, all while blatantly ignoring the scholarship of criminology which documents the effects of this system in a social science manner. Pres. Obama has said countless times that he was aware of such disparities and wanted them gone, yet all he can do is sign a dumb ass bill that will decrease the disparities rather than getting rid of them completely? I think all of those who have died for the right for his ass to be in the white house are now turning in their graves! Obama has sold himself severely short with that one; let’s not even talk about how he is ignoring black political issues. The NAACP, The Urban League and all of those other organizations that are supposedly here to help are worthless pieces of shits who have been long paid off to keep shut on black issues, so they too should be immediately rejected. The only thing The Congressional Black Caucus knows how to do is waste money on parties and take setbacks from corporations that does nothing for the black community.

Some blacks and those who are on the lower levels must push for a progressive candidate that is going to be willing to stand tall and stand proud for what is right, not a coward or an ass kisser to the democratic caucus or some colorblind jackass from the republican party. It is time to expose the phonies to the masses and let’s hope that society isn’t blind enough to not see the truth before their very eyes! A nation that has lost compassion for its fellow man is a nation that has denied its own existence and may as well be dead!

Nuff said!