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Unruly Republicans Disrupt Health Care Debate


This post comes with electrifying emotion behind the words in which I write. The notion of capitalism and what it means to me will be established here within this post. After showing my support to a more socialistic society a great man by the name of Tom Martin on facebook told me that a Utopia will never come into existence. My response to him was simple, nobody here is requesting a utopia; we only request that everyone’s humanity and dignity be respected. We request that everyone be treated fairly no matter what their perspective backgrounds should be. We ask that people be paid a fair livable wage upon completing labor for an employer. We also ask that everyone be entitled to healthcare and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody should be allowed to hog up “property” on a planet that was not made by themselves. In addition, corporate monopolies that ultimately end up taking over democracies should be expunged and vigorously prosecuted for their criminal activity.

Institutionalized racism exists as a result of a history of free labor that can no longer be practiced in the contemporary. Many believe that the freeing of slaves in America instituted the hatred that is reflected in the U.S today. Capitalism breeds hatred and enforces social/economic disparities. Capitalism simply isn’t a friend to the integration of races.

Where I come from Capitalism turns good loving parents into drug/alcohol abusers. It turns would be honor students into savages and murderers. It turns potentially good fathers into dead beats without a hope to spare. It turns elderly couples into moms and dads again even though they have already raised their children. It turns good communities into underground societies filled with nightmarish activities without a hope in sight and only hell to expect. It robs the poor blind while blaming the poor for their own victimization.

Capitalism justifies man made social ills while never finding solutions to actually fixing human suffering. Capitalism is virus worst than that of HIV, and instead of leading to AIDS it leads to a QUICK INEVTIABLE DEATH! It pillages, it rapes, it genocides, and it is phony. It suffocates the meaning of life itself, while leading us all into artificial living. It forces one to sell his labor instead of embracing his talents. It victimizes billions of innocent people and run stampedes on third world nations that it had created. It believes in shooting up full college campuses that are in disagreement with it. It is supported by evil monopolizing thieves whom are greedy beyond human comprehension. Capitalism believes it is ok to allow someone to die, than to give them a helping hand that leads to longevity of life.

It bottles water from the earth and sell it at a price. It takes ownership to anything so long as it is supported by law, govt’s, and corporations. It will murder, slaughter, and genocide in the name of its imperialistic objectives. It is the creator of both the prison industrialization and military industrialization complexes. It sustains itself via lies pushed out by mainstream media and by some elite economists.

To borrow from Elizabeth Barrett Browning:
I hate thee to the depth and breadth and height!
I hate thee with a hate that seems to grow.
I hate thee with a passion put to use.
I hate thee with a hate not yet known to man!

Capitalism has complete disregard to human existence period. There is only one good thing that capitalism factually ensures, and that is the death of itself!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I recently had posted a status to my facebook, condemning America for its neglect to fix the gun problem within its inner cities. As a result, I had received countless amounts of feedback from various contributors on facebook, all interesting. However, my intake on this matter is slightly different than some of the posts that were applied. Having a background in criminology and law affords me to have a unique perspective on this matter and thus I will display it within this essay here.

When it comes to the second amendment, nobody as of yet can be exactly sure as to the intent that the founding fathers originally had behind its writing. We do know that times do change, and many liberals argue that our constitution within itself needs to be brought up to modern day times in order to coexist and apply to current day issues logically. I also agree with that. However, there are many entities out there that profit off of the consumption of guns, and then there are those white southerners who have always had a fascination with guns dating all the way back to slavery.

The question becomes this, whether nor not these white southerners are holding on to the gun issue as their last resort to kill off minorities whom they wish was not here. Or is there a conspiracy that wants to see inner city people kill each other off, hey at least this way nobody else can be blamed but the poor inner city people themselves. The latter represents the majority of opinion on this matter. Some people believe that the taking away of guns cannot solve the violence issue in the inner city, yet almost all the time they fail to realize how guns contributes a great deal of pain to inner city residents. These types of people will defend guns to the death just because they think the second amendment protects their right to use one. The second amendment does not have the word gun embedded therein. A butter knife under the interpretation of the second amendment can be sufficient enough for the right to bear arms; again nowhere in there do we see the word gun.

The fact remains that there is a major gun problem in the inner cities, and this problem is being neglected, while the blame is being pushed onto the people who inhabit such areas. Clearly, the people are powerless and without political and economic power, how can someone even attempt to push blame on a people who are purposely put in such a position of powerlessness—unbelievable!! Then to add insult to injury these types will even attempt to blame the children for being caught up in their own social disorganization, again something that has been inflicted upon them to no fault of their own. Robert Merton a well known criminologist believed in a term he coined, “Strain Theory”. In general this theory basically means that people who are forced into the slums will do basically anything they can, in order to fit into dominant society. This need to fit in will oftentimes come with extremely violent acts, but this is due to their disorganization, inability to unite, lack of political and economic power, and thus the complete abandonment by dominant society. As a result of that which I’ve just stated, people in the inner city develop STRAIN. They begin to survive through means that dominant society began to criminalize, due to the fact that dominant society does not wish to see these people succeed and become productive. For instance, most drug dealers do not wish to be out on the streets selling drugs, however, due to strain of not being provided a proper education, due to already having been locked up and now attached to a record, there is a strain that develops that leads them to survive however way they can. Therefore, due to not being able to gain a livable wage, they then develop their own jobs, and selling drugs is one of many options available to them. After awhile the selling of drugs may become competitive and that’s when gun violence becomes a viable option for them to take out their competition. But leave it to some and they’ll tell you that that is illogical, yea ok! As I have always professed nobody before they’re born asks to be placed into poverty and subhuman conditions, where they’re neglected—so much for democracy eh? Now with that being said how can we dare attempt to blame these people for their conditions? Yes there is definitely a lack of accountability by the inner city itself, but how can we blame them without first critiquing overall society and our government?

No law or constitution in the world is more important than the need to save human life. These same folks who seem to be for gun rights are the same ones to deny abortion rights under the premise of saving life, yet when it comes to the worsening inner city condition as a result of guns they have complete disregard to it. How could people be so selfish and blatantly prejudice, it is as though the conspiracy option is factual. There is a want by dominant society perhaps, to allow these poor inner city people to kill each other off, dominant society takes advantage of their strain and sit by while these innocent people continue to destroy themselves into oblivion. It doesn’t matter where the root comes from as some have stated under my status, the FACT still remains that guns are aiding and abetting in the decapitation of youth within the inner cities, what is the solution to that? There are other acts of violent that may be tolerable and fixable but the use of a gun to commit murder cannot be fixed—the person is gone forever! The fixing has to start somewhere, don’t you agree?

Debating second amendment intention is frivolous to this matter because the death rates are increasing as a result. The times have changed it isn’t 1787 anymore, we live in an entire new world, with different dangers, and if we do not bring ourselves up to contemporary thinking with our law, our society will parish itself. I once asked one of my White liberal Jewish professors what did he think about this matter, and he replied, “White people just want to see blacks kill themselves, and the second amendment was made for militias which each state already has” I am starting to believe his first statement in his answer. Is it because the majority of these victims are Black? What is the hold up? Again guns are not exclusively written in the second amendment, which alone leaves it open to extreme interpretation. Why do we live in a dangerous society in the first place? Why is it that dominant society is so damn afraid of poor people, what threat if any at all do they bring to the dominant folk? I just don’t get it. But people would rather debate the merits of the second amendment and the so called roots of violence before saving lives. As I have stated above, we understand violence is going to exist; however, I would much rather have a violence that is void of death than a violence that executes on a daily basis, and because of that this issue must be discussed. The root of this “anti social” behavior goes deeper than just broken homes and lack of parenting, the root of this goes back to the freeing of slaves, it goes back to the BLACK CODES, and the outright hatred for those living in the inner cities. It goes back to the FEAR of vengeance that may ly within the descendents of those who were murdered, massacred, exploited, and rapped, for the color of their skin. There is a powerful essence within the oppressed that even the oppressed knows not about. This disdain by overall dominant society is a disdain that has been passed down through the generations, and until this disdain is acknowledged by people of all colors this hate will continue to live on. FEAR of our fellow human beings should not have to exist. But even in context of U.S history, who has been in fear since their very arrival here? Who lives with strain on a daily basis? But because these poor people aren’t worth a damn to this country, the necessity for the gun problem to be addressed will never surface. Who gives a damn about the second amendment, KIDS are DYING! How could such hatred descend onto CHILDREN? It takes a hateful, bloodthirsty, petty, unjust, control-freak, racist, crazy, malevolent, genocidal, vindictive, DEVIL to wish harm onto innocent fellow human beings.

Nuff said!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I find that with many conservatives, they tend to like the blaming of government for all of the wrongdoings that happen to the “free market”. They fail to realize that the government is run by actual humans and that it is those humans who dictate the actions of government. I found myself tonight arguing with a person on the right about Organized Crime, and he spoke on how it was government’s fault behind the orchestration of defiance during prohibition. HOWEVER, as usual, he failed to identify the actors within government that brought about this so called defiance.

People on the right always seem to have terrible memory recollection when it comes to identifying those who made policies that always seem to have blowback attached. For instance, this person I speak of brought up prohibition, and he went on to say how that created organized crime, and then he compared it to the war on drugs today. My response to him of course was well what party can be identified with having made such laws that ultimately allowed this to happen? His answer as I expected was simply, government. Once again I found myself having to school yet another person on the right, on simple elementary legislative duty. It takes a person from within congress to bring about a bill that is then voted on. The implications therein usually sides with that person’s values and belief system. This is precisely why you have different parties that tend to represent different ideologies. After explaining that to the nut, he still failed to comprehend where I was coming from, although I believed he did and was just stuck in a catch 22.

I then began to explain to him the progressive movement back in the later days of the 1880s and how the progressives who back then were also republicans failed miserably at their plan. One thing that is sure is the fact that they were extremely organized. However, when it came to implementing policy that would actually go to serve the betterment of society, they instead manipulated policy to serve their belief system and not all. As a result, loads of people that were originally for their collective ideology began to run away, which was at a direct result of prohibition itself. Republicans believed that alcohol was the root of all evil and that the bible strongly urged against it. The lesson learned from this is simple; do not force your way of living or your ideology onto others, in a democratic society. Most progressives were ok with getting rid of vice, prostitution, gambling, police corruption, etc; however when it came to alcohol they just weren’t for it. But since the progressives were uppity middle classed “Native Americans” who felt their way should be the way for all, they simply ignored the outcry against it, and enforced the law as they wrote it onto the masses of those who blatantly disagreed. Prohibition even became apart of the constitution, which made it the land of the land. Consequentially, organized crime became a way of life and a big cash in. In addition, crime became rampant and the street wars, gangs, and mafias began to proliferate throughout the country.

Therefore, when those on the right complain about organized crime and how government started it. I must beg to ask the question, what party was more for the law that criminalized and what political or personal ideology was it based upon? These questions are essential to not only understanding why we have blowback with certain laws (war on drugs, today) but also they’re essential to understanding how democracy can easily be turned into a dictatorship. Besides the war on drugs, which many liberals are ready to decriminalized, another modern day example of this behavior is gay marriage. What is the logic behind hindering homosexuals from marrying? The bible as an explanation simply isn’t sufficient enough, something more rational must be presented. The rhetoric on it being a historical union between a man and a woman is also ancient, for times have changed; now we have homosexuals outright wanting to marry. Also, one can argue that the notion of “marriage” existed long before the benefits of marriage came about. Were people not in love before the word “marriage” came into existence? Those on the right act as though homosexuality is a new phenomenon, when it simply isn’t. Homosexual acts can be seen on pictures dating back way before the 1700s even. Again, there is no logic for hindering these people from marrying. The war on drugs is another problem; people have been getting high for centuries. For instance, marijuana has yet to be recorded for having the potential of causing death, yet it is still illegal. Most policies that cause major blowback are almost all the time presented and heavily supported by those on the right. Yet when it comes to Organized Crime they dare to say, it was big government, well that is a load of kangaroo crap.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Within the Black community there is always a great debate on whether we’re taking accountability or not. This type of idea is usually birthed from those who are more conservative in nature than liberal. This school of thought suggests that Blacks should stop complaining and instead do something about the troubles that they face. In full, it basically represents the bootstrap methodology. However, with this form of thinking comes great criticism. I say this because although Blacks can take accountability for their problems, which are not all the time inflicted by themselves the fact still remains that if an unjust system is still able coexist while they take that accountability then it defeats the purpose. For instance, let us reflect on Black Wall Street, Rosewood, the 80s when crack had hit, and there are many more examples. It seems to me that whenever Blacks do try to take accountability there is always another mechanism that falls into place that knocks down what little effort that has been brought forth. Therefore, is it logical to say that Blacks should stop pointing out injustices? I partially agree with accountability, but at the same time I do feel that pointing out the injustices outweighs the taking of accountability. It is imperative that the injustices in this society be laid out for all to see and analyze, for if they don’t they will continue to exist with complete impunity.

I say that simply because again, if Blacks take accountability but yet this system develops new ways to combat that accountability to ensure that Blacks are still kept down, then what do we do from there? Even with drug treatment facilities and forms of community corrections, the drug problem is not being fixed. The people at the top of the drug trade seem to have complete impunity while young Black males are locked up like clockwork, where is the justice in that? We can demand for our young males to stop facilitating in the drug trade; however if the law isn’t willing to fix itself so that things are fair and just for all then what is the purpose of demanding them to stop? If there aren’t any jobs available or avenues of change available for these males, while we demand for them to stop associating with illegal activity, then how do we expect them to transition into normal productive behavior? Therefore, to me it is illogical to say that Blacks should take more accountability than pointing out the injustices. Another good example is the loads of non profit orgs that are out there working strenuously day to day, to fix problems in the inner cities. Oftentimes they fall short on budget, and because they’re doing a great good, their funding is cut by the funder. It is widely known that the gov’t will cut funding to working non profits in a heart beat, before they allow these orgs to actually do their jobs fully. In addition, it is extremely hard for non profit orgs with great intentions to obtain funding, due to the already established non profit orgs that has the proper networking to get the funding over everyone else. Failure of gov’t and private donors to regulate such funding is also an attribute to the failed attempts at proving funding to non profits to do good work. As a result of bad regulation on the behalf of gov’t and private funders, most non profit orgs that are obtaining the funds are basically doing as they please with the money, instead of doing what they had written in their grant proposals. So the mere fact that some non profit orgs exists that wish to do well, goes to show that there is a great deal of accountability taking place. This myth that Blacks aren’t doing anything to fix the issues is nothing more than saying that Blacks enjoy the position in which they find themselves, which in my opinion is completely ludicrous. There is a difference between accountability that is truly working and accountability that is in battle.

Most may be torn on this topic but no matter your ethnicity I would like to hear what others out there have to say on this complex issue, because more seem to be either confused or fully for one or the other. I just don’t understand how some cannot see how this system is much more powerful than Blacks simply congregating and fixing their problems. I believe that it will take for this system to change FIRST, in order for TRUE accountability and change to take place. What says you?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I read an electrifying note on facebook by Mr Will Capers and I must give thanks to him for inspiring me to write this note as an extension to his post. The essence of Mr Capers’ post basically spoke about the existence of racism and its historical roots and how it is blatantly denied by most whites. I shall label the essence of that message as Social Engineering. I believe that although most white people are aware of these disparities, they’re oftentimes so overwhelmed with their own lives’ and their own lavish life styles that for them to acknowledge these wrongdoings would be seen as perceived attack on their very existence. Some would even say, “Hey can’t blame them” BUT if we’re a country that truly believes in freedom and justice for all then such issues must be acknowledged in their entirety. However, one blockade exists that prevents us from doing so—social engineering.

Social engineering as defined by myself is the following: The act of maintaining social control and classism through various conditioning tools such as, radio, tv/film, education, legislature, the criminal justice system, and medicine. All of the mentioned tools can be manipulated into forming a picture of whoever is supposed to be either accelerated or decelerated in a given society. If we reflect on our American society today, we can all understand how all of those tools are used to paint a negative picture of Black people. Therefore, the blame of such disparities and discrimination existing is to be put on those who control those various tools. All of those tools have immense influence on society, because they are supposed to represent our information source, and all that which is to be considered balanced and objective, yet if any of those tools are exploited in a negative way, the impact can be profoundly negative. The Black struggle has historical roots, and sadly, if we were to go back to slavery even then, we can see to a large extent how such tools were used to decapitate Blacks and hold them down. If we reflect to modern day times, it will be clear to see that these tools have gone through an evolutionary change to fit the modern day morale; however the same intentions and impact is still present today.

Therefore, if whites are still the only group of people still succeeding disproportionately to the rest of us within this society then it is fair to say that perhaps they’re the controllers of each tool stated above, and thus if they’re going to keep their superiority over everyone else it is paramount that they maintain the control of such tools. This is precisely why Black talk radio is almost unheard of by the dominant mainstream society; also let’s not forget how Black talk radio at one time needed a bail out in order to continue to exist. In addition, one can even say this is why BET is no longer a valuable connection to Blacks because Blacks no longer own it, and they do not participate in the triarchy that control that network. Moreover, we have yet to see any major Black leading film company. Most people who actually have major shows within the News Media (fox, cnn, msnbc, etc) are white, you can just about count the Black hosts on one hand, and even if they wanted to be real about their perspective it just may cost them their show slot, and thus their entire careers’.

Something just isn’t quite right about this and my friend Mr Capers is indeed correct, until such nonsense is actually acknowledged the problems of the past will remain present today and in our future. As I have always professed, the disparities don’t make themselves up. They exist because the wrongdoing is indeed REAL! And when such wrongdoings had existed in the past as a way of life then it should be no surprise that they would still exist today. Before people comment on this post let us all once again scroll up to take a look at the tools; and ponder heavily on how they can be used to control a society, either for good or for bad. Although we can demand more self accountability and independent thought from our members of society, the fact still remains that throughout history people have always relied on a news source of some sort to give them “accurate information”, and sadly some within our society probably aren’t smart enough to conduct research and analysis on their own (due to the dumbing down) so it is much easier to trust the media. I guess the overall question is why do we have such a large white population and even the minority of minorities who actually believe that things are much fairer now, and that racism isn’t a key factor any longer in the racial ills of this society? Do these people actually believe that disparities are fraudulent numbers made up by liberals, if so I find it funny that every time they try to attack Blacks they always seem to use such numbers as ammo to prove in a pseudo manner that they’re indeed better, when that simply isn’t the truth. I do not believe we need stats in order to show human suffering, because human suffering should be evident. People who represent humanity and kindness to all should not be forced to PROVE themselves through a means of academic innovation when suffering is synonymous to us all. The fact of the matter is such persons are just simply afraid to acknowledge these issues because if they did their way of life would be threatened immensely, and the words socialism, communism and Marxism will be said as a way of fighting their way out of having to realize the actualities of racism and classism. If these fools only knew or were real about how they’ve gotten what they have! What says you?