Thursday, July 9, 2009


Judging by the video above, which is dated back in the year 2008, clearly, we see that there is still unwillingness on the behalf of many Whites up in power and within the news media to understand the challenges that blacks have as a race of people. It is almost as though the historical presence of black oppression has become null and void. Their suffering matters not when everyone has a right to the route of the so called American Dream. However, how can that be so when it comes to Blacks when they are still being systematically held down by an invisible force that has yet to be acknowledged by many whites? If a person is born into poverty, his future has already been determined for him by the time he hits adolescence. He is more likely to be born into a family of crime and raised up to be a criminal himself. In addition, he would be lucky if he had a household with both parents present.

The constant break down of the family structure on the behalf of this government is also neglected. Every time a man is locked up for a crime that can only be produced by poverty, he is thereby taken away for almost eternity from his child. Consequentially, that child’s only outlet will nine times out of ten be the exact path for which his father had derived. Thus this creates a ripple down generational spiral effect, which is clearly illustrated by U.S statistics, data that is only usually used to defame Blacks rather than to help them. It can easily be articulated as Michael Jackson said in his hit song ‘they don’t really care about us?’ “I can’t believe this is the land for which I came?” Because when one begins to look at the problems in a forthright manner, he can only be awakened to the outright neglect that is being plastered onto the Black race. He will notice the invisible use of lethal force and entrapment that is being injected into the Black community and he will also discover that force being a historical force and not one made of current.

On thing is for sure, however, Blacks need more of their own scholars speaking in a forthright manner regarding their issues. These scholars must be robust in their commentary and brutal in every sense of its truth, and vow never to stand down from opposition. The truth must be stated, felt, and heard indefinitely. There is a need for that sixties energy—that powerful energy. That energy that once fed our veins with a potion of hope but yet a strong feeling of discomfort. There must be a super plan to force that feeling of discomfort to proliferate into a mass movement of standing up! The complacency that has taken over our mental must be exited. The only way for this to happen is for our next leader to be birthed into awareness to deliver us from the evil in which we’re held—this evil that is justified by the system.