Friday, June 19, 2009

Senate Apologizes for Slavery, Segregation

The question is now, what will this do for the future of Black Americans?
Will this bring forth policy changes in the social sector, or will such policies such as crack/cocaine disparity and warehousing non-violent offenders continue to exist?

It is going to take more than just a "sorry" to fix the pysche and the reality of Black Americans. This apology shouldn't end Black American's radical cries of helplessness due to economical and judicial oppression, nor should it silence them!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blacks, holding Barack Obama Accountable!

Upon the supposedly overture of American racial ills, many American Blacks still find themselves being left out of the equation when it comes to being identified as Americans with needs. The black struggle continues to go unnoticed as many Blacks continue to await for their Black president to acknowledge their geographical setbacks that seems to be only tattooed to them. Black communities as well as their schools continue to be in the rears; crime and mass incarceration of Blacks continue to spur, as police brutality hits on unprecedented levels congruent to those during the civil rights era. Since Obama has been in office, the deaths of TWO BLACK MEN have hit national television without our dear Black president saying not ONE WORD. Troy Davis, a black man who was convicted maliciously for the murder of a southern police officer, was denied his life, YET Obama hasn’t said one word. The Scott sisters who were forcibly convicted against their humanity also have been crying out for help, for their cries to only fall on death ears. Can President Obama claim to know nothing about all of those BLACK individuals above, does he even care? Obama has refused to mention the struggles of Blacks. It is almost as though Blacks no longer exist to him, they were only good for their votes. Blacks are just existing “things” that he looks to as a tool of ensuring office. It is as though he is disconnected from American Blacks even though his wife seems to be a descendant of slaves. Why is it then that Obama fails to acknowledge Black issues? Why does he seem to appear political correct even though his writings show heavily otherwise? Why go to Chicago and do all the work he did if he didn’t care about his fellow Blacks? One may even conclude that it was all nothing more than a setup to ensure his political career. Is Obama just a typical politician no different from the many others whom throughout history hoodwinked and used the Black community?
The fact of the matter is BLACKS must hold OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE. If Blacks fail to do so, they will continue to be ignored, but this time the pain will be profound, being that it was one of their own in the WHITE HOUSE that inflicted a purposeful neglect upon them, in light of only thinking about himself!! The only answer to all of this madness is for Blacks to become radical. Begin to speak up for what you believe in and allow for your experiences to become heavily known. For much too long, others have come into our space and exploited us beyond repair. Only now that there is a so called Black man in office we wish to diminish our resentment towards government in hopes that it will now finally treat us like human beings. The harsh reality still stands that if Blacks don’t stand up for what they want, if Blacks aren’t radical enough, our needs will never be acknowledged and this is irregardless to who may be in the oval office. It is time to get wild, get crazy, get loud, and speak upon things that you deem unfit! It is time to infiltrate government at every level to ensure that our communities are taken care of and to make sure that OUR CHILDREN too have hope that they can believe in. If our shouts are loud enough it would be extremely hard for Washington to ignore us. The time to act is NOW!! As Obama has stated countless times, HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE… hey you never know it may be a subliminal message....