Thursday, July 8, 2010


In the case of Oscar Grant of California the verdict has returned a conviction of guilt on involuntary manslaughter (2-4 yrs) for Officer Mehserle who committed the vile act against Mr. Grant. The videos of this act was broadcasted on the world wide web for all to see, and many people feel as though the verdict should have been more like murder with a sentence of life in prison. However, Officer Mehserle proclaimed to have been confused at the time of pulling the gun, for he thought he was actually reaching for his tazer. Many people feel that as a trained officer Mr. Mehserle should not be able to use such an excuse, because he should be held to a higher standard when it comes to making mistakes that ultimately conflict with the law, as in this case with Mr. Grant being shot and killed.

On the other hand, there are also others who believe that Mr. Mehserle should be left alone due to this ordeal being a “simple mistake”. Well, I disagree wholeheartedly. Mr. Mehserle is a trained police officer who should have known better than to make such a grave mistake. The bottom line is simple; the minute Mr. Grant dared to ask a question or even appeared to be “resisting” arrest he was marked for death. This is the utter sad truth that America has yet to confront. America must admit to its complete TOLERATION of Black males being literally murdered and terrorized by so called peace officers in the “line of duty”. Cops are supposed to protect all citizens and treat them with the utmost respect; however, when it comes to Black males, increasingly each year we’re seeing that this is hardly the case and things are only getting worse.

Police unions play a large role in the protection of officers. In fact, officers are not readily investigated in certain criminal allegations as fast as a “regular” citizen would be which alone should be seen as illegal. If a person is accused of a crime he/she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and there shouldn’t be any special considerations for anyone. Government employees must not be characterized as in being above the law under any circumstances. However, when it comes to cops they seem to be consistently above the law. When a cop murders a Black male it is equivalent to a Black male being lynched back during the good ole days. Why? Well, let’s see; when it happened back then the murderous animals who committed the act got away with it time and time again. They also got away with the evil act because it was TOLERATED by society. What is the difference between that vile act and the case of Oscar Grant? When will the American society wake up and begin to take a stand against the vivid terrorism that has been going on against Black males since the inception of this nation? Why is such acts tolerated by society? Is it embedded within the American moral code that Black males are worthless pieces of craps worthy of death at all costs? The taking of a person’s life should never been labeled as a mistake when a cop is involved; if anything it should be readily justified, but in the case of Oscar Grant it doesn’t fit the bill!

Race and policing dates back to slavery; when the only job the officer (slave catcher) had was to return run away slaves back to the plantation to be brutalized. Perhaps this is why Black males aren’t granted justice in cases similar to Grant’s. I once wrote an essay which can be found on my blog or facebook notes section titled, “From the slave catcher to the modern day police officer”. I chose that title because it is true. Most officers can be seen as slave catchers based on their attitudes and actions towards Blacks. The truth is that social control today mimics the same kind of social control that we thought was rid of from our society. Proof of that can be found in the stats, which readily shows who is targeted and who isn’t. Scholarly research from within the field of criminology paints the picture all too well, but it is ignored by society and those who holds power.

Why is it that in this day and age with a Black POTUS and a Black Attorney Gen we still cannot seem to solve the issue of race and law enforcement? There must be a deep covert toleration built beneath the surface that grants officers the right to “shoot to kill” Black males. How can America claim to have come through the tunnel of equality when it has yet to find it? The conversation on race in America hasn’t even begun to start and until that conversation is had we can expect to see hundreds of more Blacks males shot and killed by police officers who for the most part have been trained to do such. Meanwhile society sits back and says, “Well let those negroes join the rest of their fallen Black undesirable forbearers.” America isn’t even ashamed of its utter complete sickness! Yet it dares to judge other nations!!


  1. Very well written, and very true! America is truly in denial about it sickness.

  2. In my opinion, the late and great Dr. Amos Wilson had the best remedy for this situation which is black political, military, economic and media power. Other nations of people in the United States do not seem to have this problem of police brutality in their communities because they have control over those four areas in their communities and will not tolerate such acts. As a whole, the lives of black people are controlled and dominated by whites and until that relationship changes, we will continue to bear witness to such acts of police brutality, high unemployment, media propaganda etc, etc...

  3. Just scopin around here. I like your posts on Facebook. I'm gonna keep an eye here too =)

  4. What a racist joke you are.