Thursday, May 20, 2010


On Rachel Maddow’s show which aired on 5/20 she presented to her audience the reality of racial politics. She had based her thesis off of the exchange she had with Rand Paul the night before on her show. Rand Paul by his own admittance denied the need for certain parts or provisions within the Civil Rights Acts. This comes on the eve of a great exchange of racial reality that is about to hit the continental U.S that would most likely mimic the days of those seen back during the sixties IF this isn't identified as a teachable moment. With Paul’s sentiments being exclusively and readily accepted by his supporters (tea party) and by other members of Congress, things are surely to heat up. However the biggest question of all lies with the POTUS! What says Barack Obama on these issues? For the longest Pres. Obama has been trying to avoid issues of race; he even failed to attend the World Conference on Racism. As a self proclaimed Black man living in America some would frown heavily upon his absence from such an important conference, which probably meant a lot to many disenfranchised people here in America.

The fact is the POTUS needs to stand up once and for all and address the issue of race in America. With front runners like Paul gaining credibility among great portions of the citizenry one must begin to ponder as to whether or not we’re going back in time. Paul blatantly admitted that he would be for segregation on the behalf of private businesses, which of course is exclusively probhibited within the Civil Rights Acts. Instead of backing off of his politically incorrect stance, he instead tried to sustain a purest point of view by speaking on the topic philosophically which resulted in an utter complete failure. Many people feel that consequentially his ride for the U.S Senate seat in KY is indeed over; however, I beg to differ. I beg to differ for one simple reason. If Paul is bold enough to appear on national television and say what he has stated, you better damn well believe that somewhere deep down inside he knows that those words will not threaten his chances at getting the Senate seat. This is because those who put in him in that position are also in association with his world view. Yes, that means the tea partiers or whatever they wish to call themselves share the same points of view, and irregardless to what the media may say about Paul, they’re going to still vote for him when the time comes and it may even attract more supporters. This is the exact same pattern of racial politics that had taken place back during the sixties and prior. It is simply identity politics. Tea partiers, who are closet racists for the most part as Maddow revealed clearly via much of her common sense evidence on her show, are going to congregate around people who are intelligent enough such as Paul to run on a segregationist platform while not appearing to do so—stealth mode!

Paul and the alike rely heavily on “intellectual debates” as Paul calls them in order to “modify” certain policies or at least reconsider the language of certain statutory laws. By using the phrase “intellectual debates” they thereby dilute all possible accusations of racism, on the grounds of claiming a philosophical stance as Paul tried to indicate on Maddow’s show. However, when faced against an equally intelligent person, such a stance will fail to ignite. Maddow was smart enough to throw back hypotheticals, which Paul gave total disregard to because he knew that if he had answered it would expose his hypocrisy and thus his inner racism. Yet even with his complete dodging of Maddow’s questions his racism reeked through faster than light could shine! This occurrence should be a teachable moment for most in America and around the world who actually believe Paul’s world view is non existent. The fact as Maddow stated is that they’re still around. Parading among us but beneath the surface in stealth mode, just waiting to attack the very essence and fabric of what makes America what it is today. They seek to bring forth their filthy diseased appetite for xenophobic policy and impose it onto everyone who is different, even those who are like themselves but fail to identify with their sentiments. These people, things, idiots, creatures are innately dangerous and are highly contagious to others who are too weak to understand reason from blatant falsehoods supported by Paul and the alike.

Those who share Paul’s beliefs are on a mission. A mission that seeks to regenerate the southern strategy in efforts of “taking their country back” to the good ole days. They seek to reengage in an America that was in the midst of a racial catastrophe. An America that had a heart that only a monster from the deepest depths of hell could breathe life into. Paul and the alike are similar to all forms of terror that wishes to see the downfall of America. They’re indeed what some would readily call domestic terrorists. They claim to be patriots when in reality they’re amateur imperialists trying to impose their view onto the rest of society, in efforts of trying to rule over every aspect of American life. Their political ideology is born out of nothingness, for their logic is flawed and their care for America is polluted. These people care not for the views of others because like a terrorist many of them are willing to die for their beliefs just as they would tell you their ancestors did in the civil war. Yes, there is a war going on here, and those who notice this war will speak logic into the veins of America, while those who will profit or seek trouble will drown happily in their own propaganda in order to push their agenda forward to an old version of America. On the other hand, many would consider the plight of the tea partiers to be valid. With big banks taking over our country and blatant taxation without representation which they so readily claim, some might think that their demands are indeed acceptable and even revolutionary. On the contrary, others may feel that their inability to address the obvious racism within their ranks pretty much destroys all that they claim to stand for, whether good or bad. The overt racism that many tea partiers seem to display is irrefutable, for the signs at their protests are always high and clear as to what their racial beliefs are. To date there hasn’t been one leader from the group to come out and condemn such nonsense. This is clearly where the tea partiers begin to lose much needed credibility.

The question is will the POTUS finally step up and speak about the issue of race in America, for if he fails, just like back in the good ole days, many lives will be at stake as a race war is undoubtedly beginning to approach the shores of America in a quiet yet stern manner. Whether some consider my words to be extreme or not, one thing is clear and irrefutable: We’re only in the beginning stage of a terrible tempest that has yet to show up on the radar!

P.S Kudos to Rachel Maddow, excellent work!!!

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  1. Sorry sir but you have it all wrong. Rand and Ron Paul share the same view on the Civil Rights Act and whether you wish to even attempt to understand the philosophical standpoint or not, it is a very legit one. They both believe in constitutional rights and maximum freedom of the individual, that's why they are against any kind of slavery or government imposed segregation like the Jim Crow laws. Just like the so-called Radical Republicans in the 1860's that fought for abolition and complete equality of rights for blacks were from the same philosophy, all human should be entitled to their individual rights. And in those rights are rights to your property. They believe the government doesn't have the right to tell you who can enter or use your private property. It's really that simple and the belief itself actually has nothing to do with racism but media hacks love to try and frame it that way. Neither Paul supports or condones racism in any way, but they don't believe the government should be able to tell you what to do with your private property. They would have repealed the Jim Crow laws at first chance without hesitation because those were unconstitutional and should have never been passed to begin with. It is the infringement on property rights in the Civil Rights act that they oppose, not the repeal of Jim Crow laws and not because of the race issue. And nowadays as Ron Paul stated "What idiot would put up a no blacks sign now? You would go broke and get run out of business in a hurry." So sorry but you've just jumped to the conclusion that the mainstream media has led you to, that was their intention. Because Ron Paul is for REAL change, I mean he opposes the Biggest BANK in the World the Federal Reserve that is helping enslave every one of us and our children in debt. Do you think they might have some resources to try and run the Pauls through the mud? I hope you take some serious thought about this and do some research on Ron Paul and his views, Rand is not exactly the same as his dad but pretty close. They don't advocate racism or a race war(lol) or anything like that, they just want peace, freedom, and equality for everyone.

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