Monday, March 8, 2010


*In no way am I trying to generalize all whites within this note. I maintain that there is a clear distinction between those whites who enjoy the presence of racism and those who don’t!

When the term racism is discussed there is almost never a mention of what makes it so acceptable to those who have power engaging within racism. We know why it is here and what it can potentially do but the one question must be asked; is it indeed a form of mental illness? I will get to the genocide portion later; however, let us focus on the mental illness portion first. Racism is a system that allows a person or people to feel superior to others who are considered different. Furthermore, racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial difference produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Now when we focus on the notion of being superior how can one attempt to rationalize such stupidity, without first controlling the social structure of the society in which they live to bring about such results. For example, in criminology the positivist school exhaustively tried to label those who are non-white as imbeciles and this was supposed to be supported by science. Yet when their findings are broken down and reconstructed their conclusions fails miserably. There is no such thing as one human being better than any other human because of race, yet for some reason people believe ever so greatly that they are indeed superior. In America it has been the white race that has benefited from racism ever since the birth of this nation. Whites have always gained control of almost every institution within the borders of the U.S. Three primary institutions they have been quite undefeated in keeping control are, politics, social control, and economics. One may conclude that in order to maintain superiority a person or group would have to have unanimous control over those main three institutions. Sadly, even in the present, whites still have unanimous control in those main institutions of superiority. There is an exclusion of black scholars and other minorities throughout all three of those institutions. The exclusion is done by orchestrating different mechanism within the structure that will limit the capacity for other races to become successful. For the sake of this essay I will label those mechanisms as “separation agents” I call them that because the function of such mechanisms is to effectively separate everyone else from those who are allegedly superior. For example, how many black senators are there in congress? What is the count on minority governors? If one were to do the research on those two questions they would readily find that there aren’t enough in either area.

So now that we have established the fact that separation agents are invented to give the illusion of superiority to whites, a very serious question must be asked; if whites were superior why must they invent separation agents to limit competition from other races? The answer is simple, because they are not superior. Through the use of various different separation agents, white racists are able to give off the illusion that they are indeed superior by getting others to feel as though they are inferior. One powerful separation agent that is used quite effectively by the power structure is the use of the media. The media dictates to the population images and stories. If society is fed with negative images and stories all the time about everyone except whites, then subconsciously non-white folks began to adopt the traits that they are labeled with having (see labeling theory). For example, if a black young male is constantly shown that success as a black man is becoming a rapper, then he will indeed aspire to become a rapper. Notice how the media never fails at excluding to show young black males positive role models from other fields, especially the fields of imminent control as I’ve stated earlier; politics, social control, and economics. If young black children were shown that they too can achieve to those levels, it would of course jeopardize the falsified superiority that whites have within those three main institutions. This is precisely why there is a shortage of black lawyers and blacks with PhDs pertaining to social control, whether it is criminology or sociology, this is indeed supplemented by two other separation agents, the GRE and the LSAT. The supremacists know that in order to maintain power and order they must effectively crush every opportunity that would bring competition their way; in short I will label this as social-capitalism.

Social-capitalism can be defined as the exploitation and incapacitation of groups who are targeted by another group in a stronghold attempt to keep one group at the top while the disliked groups remain in a slave like condition, possibly reaching for objectives and goals that are sadly not meant for them to obtain—institutionalized racism! It is a greed justified by hatred and a superiority complex. A human rights violation of unimaginable levels and the greatest threat to peace and humanity!

Another separation agent that is used to maintain white superiority is the controlling of academia on all fronts especially those disciplines that fall under social control. This is when crime control and law comes into play; the disparities in death penalty cases or the criminal justice system as a whole, Gideon v. Wainwright (1963) and other various landmark cases that has a relevance to the need for whites to maintain superiority. Gideon is the one case that orchestrated the public defenders office throughout the nation; however, is Gideon being kept up to constitutional standards in modern day America? I think not! Indigent offenders who are overwhelmingly black still do not have access to effective council; Strickland v Washington (1984) clearly is a case that has long come about after Gideon and still blacks are not awarded with a fair fight in court. To go a little deeper how can an indigent offender challenge so called forensic expert testimony if he/she doesn’t have the resources to do so? I challenge anyone to find a case whereby an indigent offender was awarded such access? As result, of these disparities statistics are used to further dismantle any positive image blacks can possibly have in America. In the U.S and sadly even abroad it is almost customary to label blacks as criminals and possible convicts. This silliness became sanctioned by the U.S Supreme Court in Terry v. Ohio (1968). Now by mere speculation and alleged suspicion, a black man who has already been labeled as a criminal can now be stopped without a sense of probable cause being present. As a result, blacks are disproportionately unprotected by the fourth amendment. Blacks were probably slightly treated better during Jim Crow and the Black Codes. What allows this to happen one might ask, my response would be social-capitalism and racism.

It is the need for one group to remain falsely superior to another. This hypocrisy can readily be seen when it comes to drug distribution and usage. Study after study has shown that whites account for more drug usage than blacks yet blacks are labeled as the kings and queens of drugs—unbelievable! Let’s not even touch on economic injustice. When blacks were freed, were they freed with any capital? How were they supposed to set up shop and maintain prosperity? This is precisely why economic poverty exists so widespread for so many blacks in the U.S. Unlike whites blacks didn’t have a chance to inherent prosperity from their families. Yet some whites feel superior when it comes to having more riches than others, well of course you can when you have limited the capacity for others to compete and be on the level of yourself. These types of things are done to maintain the highest level of superiority. Separation agents however, are gravely needed in order to give off the illusion of superiority and inferiority, these separation agents are justified via statistics or other various forms of academia and mind control techniques. This superiority is of course mental, because if others were given the opportunity to truly compete for a joyous life, we would find that everyone else can be successful and economically sufficient as well. We will find that there truly isn’t a difference in race and success. Suddenly we would find children in the inner city daring to dream, and then reaching those dreams after college or diligent training. Success for all people will blossom so far it would shed light in space and beyond.

For the second portion of this essay, the question was asked, is racism a form of indirect genocide? Let’s examine the inner cities of America and the condition in which the victims of social-capitalism find themselves. They find themselves held up in captivity and born into circumstances that are completely out of their control, and with their collective future already decided for them. Some will become murderers, druggies, drug dealers, repeat offenders, etc. Criminologists that are sympathetic to the struggles of the lower caste in America are almost readily excluded from the overall conversation on crime control. This is of course done to maintain white superiority, and to stomp out all sociological reasons for crime, because under white supremacy it is only the legalistic definition of crime that matters, which is of course written by majority white legislative bodies. As a result, of being forced against the wall, inner cities turn into battlefields of hate, incapacitation, deprivation, and degradation; with teenagers living lives well beyond their age and comprehension. Organizing is almost inevitably non-existent due to social strain and other associated forms of ANOMIE. Consequently, gangs become the determined power force in many of these communities and because they’re unable to turn against the common enemy which is the power structure they indeed begin to kill off each other. The love and respect for life is readily expunged from the minds of those innocent victims of racism as they are forced to turn against each other for the grab of the last crumb dropped from the powerful gates of capitalism. This form of destruction was labeled a case of indirect genocide by scholars Robert Johnson and Paul Leighton in their powerful article titled, “Black Genocide? Preliminary Thoughts On the Plight of America’s Poor Black Men”. This can indeed be true, due to the simple fact that the U.S govt tolerates the fact that blacks are killing each other off in its own inner cities. Instead of trying to intervene in meaningful ways, the govt sits back and adopt harder criminal codes that will not only punish these victims of racism further but also return them to society with a vendetta. It is indirect genocide each and every time this society sits by and allows people to be consumed by their negative circumstances. It is indeed indirect genocide each and every time there are no resources around to help uplift those from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Yes, it is also indirect genocide each and every time blacks are attacked by the prison industrialization complex and forced to work within the prison on slave wages. It is also indirect genocide when women and men are snatched from their families and sent to jail off of non violent offences, which ultimately puts their children at risk for juvenile delinquency, which ultimately sends them on their path to a robust criminal career, thus labeling the entire family inherently criminal. Breaking families up is somewhat reminiscent to the days of slavery. The fact is simple the social and economic policy that is directed at those who are without in this country is nothing short of genocide in stealth. When we look at what racism is and why it exists, clearly we know that it can only be labeled as a mental illness. A mental illness that is passed down from generation to generation and of course a mental illness that has yet to be discovered. It is a mental illness whose victims or drones ignore the progressions of others, they seeks to rationalize the social disembowelment of cultures and identities that are not their own. So long as things are going their way, they’re ok! They don’t have time to share and recognize the beauty and capacity in others. White racists get off on the need of seeing other people suffer; it is like a trigger that gives them a mental orgasm, it is like there is a appetite for torturing embedded therein. Racism is a mental illness that robs the mind of its ability to function properly, while rendering its victims into an unknown form of evilhood and eventual self destruction. This mental illness leads to the destruction of others, the pillaging, dehumanization, and exploitation of others, all while the victims of this illness wait to self destruct when all else has been defeated. Quite frankly, if there weren’t others around for the victims of this mental illness to attack, they would divide themselves and destroy each other, for all they know is war and destruction. The time has come for white anti racists to stand up and teach their fellow mates how to overcome this mental illness. They must learn to embrace people of all colors, cultures, and identities. The truth must be told to them, for it is indeed the truth that shall set them free!

Albeit there is a black man in the Whitehouse, the fact still remains that on the eve of the destruction of this great empire, separation agents still linger on undetected and undefined. Tea partiers around the nation are standing up to let their colors be shown. The GOP, a party that once represented something good has now become a safe haven for white supremacists and mercenaries of divide and capitalism. Many of them have yet to realize the fact that the enemy is indeed those who profit the most off of such divide. They fail to realize that they’re no better than anyone else. It is fear, the fear that is embedded within the mental illness they are inherently born to attain—racism. Just as blacks and other minorities are victims to their destructive behavior, so are they indeed victims to a mental condition that has been long survived by the help of the state. Yes, racism is a state sponsored mental illness. I call this condition the Jean Syndrome. Jean is a character from Xmen and in an Xmen movie called; “The Last Stand” Jean became extremely destructive, killing everyone in sight even those who were mutants like herself. This was due to a strong mental personality disorder, whereby at times she would become herself (good natured) and then something evil. This can easily be seen in real time, for instance, how whites who are sympathetic to minorities are labeled by white racists for wanting to help. The history of white abolitionists can be revisited to see this harsh truth. In modern day times whites who seem to be sympathetic to minorities are readily labeled as Marxists, liberals or socialists just because they believe in equality for all. Also within the movie “The Last Stand,” a cure was found to “correct” mutants and bring them into mainstream society. This can be seen as a representation of people assimilating into white society while leaving their own cultural make up behind in order to be falsely liked by those who are falsely superior. Racism teaches the targeted groups to hate themselves and to feel half human. The disease of racism must be destroyed, for it poses a great harm not only to its victims but even to those who benefit form it. For all of the reasons mentioned above I have no choice but to label racism a form of mental illness and indirect genocide. I can go on and on but what says you?!


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