Thursday, March 18, 2010


I will not cover too much academic history within this note here because I am assuming that for the most part those who will read this note will already have knowledge of the disparity. This note is mainly for establishing a discussion base that will ultimately debate or break down why such a disparity even exists. Scientifically speaking, it has already been determined that crack and coke are equal in their capacity to affect the human body, therefore the question must be asked, why is it that those who are arrested for crack possession gain longer sentences than those who are arrested off of coke possession? Clearly there isn’t a difference between the two identical drugs; the only difference is that poor folks are more likely than not to have possession of crack while those who are economically better off are more aligned with coke.

I think the proof is irrefutable as to the nonsense factor of this disparity. Clearly both forms are identical in nature and can have the same affect on the human body. The question I feel society should be asking is who’s responsible for allowing this disparity to exist? Just the other day the disparity was lowered to a lower percentage by an act of congress. Therefore congress doesn’t see harm with having the disparity; however, they felt that the least they can do is lower the disparity so that the harm will not be as hard felt. Another harsh reality is the fact that it is mostly blacks who are impacted negatively tby the disparity, yet time and time again blacks continue to vote for democratic politicians who are not doing anything about social justice. Blacks are voting for these politicians based off of lip service for the most part, because democrats are just as absent on black issues as the republicans. Even Kennedy is guilty of adding to the suffering of blacks, because he was involved in proposing the mandatory sentencing on the fed level, likewise with Clinton and his Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, yet both of those politicians are allegedly among the most liberal of those who have ever stepped foot in Washington, yea ok!

People who are on the lower levels of the economic latter need to wake up and realize that both Democrats and Republicans are two of a kind when it comes to social injustice and they’re not willing to take on the fight to improve the system. Both sides are afraid of being labeled soft on crime, and for the most part neither side will ever have to live in a setting whereby they are forced to wake up to social disorganization and crime on a daily basis. More than half of the folks in Washington and within state congresses probably never have had to live in such conditions, which for the most part makes them ignorant to the conditions of these neighborhoods, yet on a daily basis they continue to pass laws regarding these neighborhoods without ever taking notice to the scholarship within criminology, which has for the longest already outlined what needs to be done. Locking more people up will only turn crime into a public health issue, and it will worsen the conditions further due the habitual usage of just deserts. As a result, people are released from prison with a vendetta against society to only end up right back in prison partly due to legalized discrimination against those who are labeled felons. The crack cocaine disparity makes it legal for the gov’t to send blacks back to the conditions that many of their ancestors have had to face in the past. The war on drugs brought back a load of past evils: 1. The passing system whose modern day representation is the Terry Standard (Terry Stops) due to the war on drugs cops are more eager to find drugs to make arrests even if it means violating the constitution. As a result of Terry v. Ohio (1968) combined with the war on drugs, blacks are disproportionately unprotected by the fourth amendment. 2. The pig laws whose modern day representation is indeed the War on Drugs. 3. Jim Crow whose modern day representation is the labeling of becoming a felon and therefore having all of your rights snatched away, namely one’s right to vote. Becoming a felon is like becoming apart of the lower caste system that blacks were forced into during Jim Crow. In short, the crack cocaine disparity along with the war on drugs turns many blacks into felons. 4. Slavery whose modern day representation is the slave labor that corporations gain off of prisoners who are primarily incarcerated in private prisons… I can go on and on with the disparities and the racist implications behind such policies, however I am going to leave it up to the readers to finish up this conversation.

The question is simple; do bad habits eventually die out? Why is it that we have two political parties that are unwilling to accept the sociological truths of this system? Why is it that blacks STILL continue to be oppressed by the systems of social control within the U.S? Why are blacks targeted, what is it about black folks that this society/govt hates? Why hasn’t this yet been labeled a violation of Human Rights? It is time for blacks to vote within their collective interest and not be fooled by political scumbags who are only looking to be reelected. Again, BOTH parties are at fault because it is BOTH parties that consistently vote yes for these discriminating policies, all while blatantly ignoring the scholarship of criminology which documents the effects of this system in a social science manner. Pres. Obama has said countless times that he was aware of such disparities and wanted them gone, yet all he can do is sign a dumb ass bill that will decrease the disparities rather than getting rid of them completely? I think all of those who have died for the right for his ass to be in the white house are now turning in their graves! Obama has sold himself severely short with that one; let’s not even talk about how he is ignoring black political issues. The NAACP, The Urban League and all of those other organizations that are supposedly here to help are worthless pieces of shits who have been long paid off to keep shut on black issues, so they too should be immediately rejected. The only thing The Congressional Black Caucus knows how to do is waste money on parties and take setbacks from corporations that does nothing for the black community.

Some blacks and those who are on the lower levels must push for a progressive candidate that is going to be willing to stand tall and stand proud for what is right, not a coward or an ass kisser to the democratic caucus or some colorblind jackass from the republican party. It is time to expose the phonies to the masses and let’s hope that society isn’t blind enough to not see the truth before their very eyes! A nation that has lost compassion for its fellow man is a nation that has denied its own existence and may as well be dead!

Nuff said!

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