Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This note is basically an add on to something my good friend Melissa Smith has stated under one of my posts to another contributor during a debate. However before I copy and paste her commentary within this note I first want to go over what I feel a superiority complex is. In America and abroad there is something called White Supremacy, which breeds a certain kind of superiority onto Whites who actually believe in it. If we were to scan America and its history in terms of how the White race has maintained its place at the top it would be clear to anyone with common sense that this was done with the help of racism, which as Nikki stated is used as a tool to maintain their power at the top. However in order for such a tool to actually work, the notion of superiority must be believed by all or by enough people. For example, before Brown v. Board of Ed and Plessy v Ferguson the notion of feeling less than had to be imbedded within Black folks to justify the separate but equal treatment. This is best done when racism is included, I.E the fallacy that Blacks are retarded or slow learners and therefore different than Whites when it comes to learning. Although Plessy v Ferguson gave off a lovely victory, disparities still exist today in education, thus some would conclude that we have defacto segregation within our school system today. In addition, because of our defacto segregation in education today, the numbers show as they once did back in History that Whites are achieving at much higher rates than Blacks, which again forces Blacks to wear the badge of inferiority just as their forbearers. However this doesn’t mean the slightest bit that Blacks are inferior to Whites when it comes to education, because the actual problem is based in the quality of education not one’s capacity to learn. The numbers also show that school districts that are mostly filled with people of color receive less funding than those schools that are positioned in suburbia, which is undoubtedly reminiscent to the days of Separate but Equal.

But I wrote all of that to ask the following: Is the superiority complex that many whites hold (not all) just a mental construct? After all the way in which things are set up, are done in a specific manner to give off such numbers that feed into their need to feel superior. For instance, if you want to label Blacks drug dealers then set up laws and put Blacks in a position whereby your labeling will come into fruition, labeling theory tells us this. Is this false sense of superiority just something in their minds? Can they not see reality? Why is it that stats are used to counter common sense question such as these but yet they’re rarely used to actually solve the very issues they claim to point out? In point of fact, it is clear that locking people up for selling drugs isn’t fixing the problem, so why have we not come to other solutions, such as sending those types of offenders to problem solving courts, or better yet actually putting opportunities in drug oriented neighborhoods that will deter the young men of color from engaging in drug dealing? It seems to me that things are set up in such a way as to preserve the superiority complex that many Whites have long been accused of having since the birth of this nation. Sadly, as a result of being labeled less than, many non-whites begin to adhere to their lower-casted status of being subhuman and non-deserving of the same joyfulness in life as Whites, and thus fall into the trap of becoming the many negative things that have been set up for them to become. It is no coincidence that there is such a high level of Black men in prison, for their destiny has already been determined long before birth. In closing, I will copy and paste Melissa Smith’s UNEDITED comment, PLS ANSWSER, is it accurate, does she slightly have a point, or is it an outright lie?

Melissa Smith::
Patrick said : "Whatever isn't "normal" can seem threatening."
EXACTLY!!!!!!! And don't you get it??? I have ALWAYS been the "norm" as a white girl!! I am barbie. I am June Cleaver. I am Jackie Kennedy. I am Betsy Ross. I am Jane from the Dick and Jane books. I am Cinderella. I am one who wears "skin colored" bandaids, and they match! I am 80% of ... See Moreour nation's educators. I am Jennifer Aniston. I am "the girl next door"...... This country made WHITE the norm!!! THat's the point!! So white people always think black isn't the norm, latina isn't the norm, cuz WE are the norm! We are the standard to which others are measured! We were born to know this, to believe this.... And we inherently believe this norm to be true, and other norms to be "less than".... THAT'S racism.

What says you folks?????

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