Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So it is Black History month but yet there seems to be a silence upon it. Nobody is really saying much about it and now the U.S for some reason feels as though it is in the age of colorblindness for some reason. We have a Black president whom to quote from Dr Dyson, “Runs from race more than a brother running from the police” and this Black president as he proclaimed himself to be has yet to acknowledge any of the problems that affect Blacks negatively at disproportionate rates. This president is having a summit on health care, yet he continuously fail to introduce to the table conversations on crime and race, housing and race, and other issues that we know to be problems in the Black community. When will this president grow the courage to attack these historical problems in the Black community? To throw a bone to the right he doesn’t even have to label the issue with race. He can easily just announce it as a conversation, a summit, or a discussion. Him just speaking on a certain issue can have a dramatic effect on a possible outcome, why has he yet to be as courageous as MLK, a person whom most whites like to associate with him although he is nowhere near MLK’s legacy. MLK was far from a coward and he spoke up for what he knew to be truth.

With Obama being in office there is a huge case of colorblindness. People suddenly believe that there are no longer racial tensions in America. Barack being elected allegedly proves that White Supremacy is no longer an issue, when the numbers still show Whites being the least impacted by almost every “negative” thing in society that can paint them a bad picture. But nevertheless Barack is the proof that Blacks have a fair share and everything is equal to now. I am confused because in one breath Blacks are equal and all is ok and then in the next breath we have to put up with manufactured or real statistics that paints us in a negative light thus showing that things are obviously unequal and not ok. Barack getting into the white house is essentially his own accomplishment and not an accomplishment that should be generalized to all Blacks. Yes he is a Harvard educated lawyer, but the masses of Blacks are being weeded out of Law School admission due to the LSAT’s and other discriminatory practices, yet folks don’t wish to talk about that huh? Yes some will get through, due to having the resources to do so, but is that a fair assessment? How the hell do we expect to make the legal profession or any other equally important profession representative to all people in the U.S if we continue on with practices that are CLEARLY hindering that process?

Now of course there is still more time for him to act, however the fact still remains that he is now a year in and he has yet to acknowledge any major problems to alleviate Blacks from the bondage in which they find themselves. Michelle is guilty of the same charge, and so is congress. Senator Buriss is the only standing Black senator in congress, and once his term is up, which is extremely soon, there will be NO Black senators in the American Congress, yet we believe that we’re in a colorblind society. This government and this society are despicable!! Each and every time Black History month comes around they have an opportunity to make change and have it matter the most to those who desperately need change, and yet they pass it up time and time again. To add insult to injury we now have an actual Black president with the majority of Congress on his side and even with that nothing have been even remotely acknowledged. This is a major catastrophe to many Blacks who feel as though they’ve voted for change! Barack Obama didn’t receive over 80% of the Black vote for no reason, many Blacks felt as though he would actually make a change in the system, so that things can be a bit more easier for them. For example, the hundreds of thousands of Black men who are arrested and can no longer live a proper life. How about the Black young adults who voted for him so that their fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers can get a second chance and their families’ can stay intact. How about the middle school and high school kids who campaigned and held up his signs so that their schools can perform just a tad bit better. Why aren’t these issues being singled out and acknowledged, after all they EXIST yes they EXIST!! Why do those on the right and some on the left wish to act as though they don’t exist. Why is there this pseudo culture of colorblindedness further depressing issues that needs immediate looking in to? His presidency means much more to Blacks than any other race of people within the U.S and to see him blatantly ignore Black issues is something most conscious folk can’t even began to fathom. Other presidents have acknowledged problems that have been disproportionately attached to Blacks why can’t president Obama? People like to fall back on Lincoln who was a bigot and the Civil Rights Acts, yet when we look at incarceration rates we see that Blacks are hardly free. Tim Wise has a new book coming out in May titled, “Color Blind Barack Obama, Post-Racial Liberalism and the Retreat from Racial Equity” I can only hope that his book will somehow put into motion the buzz that is needed to force this President to act. How many progressive Blacks have been invited to the Whitehouse? NONE!

In closing, I would like to state that Blacks are equally citizens just like everyone else with needs that must be addressed. The historical record clearly shows that certain issues Blacks are faced with are nothing close to surprising in this nation. The emergence of these Tea Parties is a clear testament to that. Anyone that would suppose otherwise is clearly in denial. Barack Obama thus far has failed the many Black American leaders that came before him. But then again he isn’t a descendent of slaves either; perhaps this is a reason why? To those Whites who are bigots perhaps there is a difference in threat levels between Black Americans whose ancestors were slaves and those who don’t fit into that genre. Why are we so afraid to acknowledge the mistreatment of Blacks in this allegedly free nation? America is extremely phony for celebrating prior Black leaders knowing damn well that our progress is being purposely delayed. Throwing a bone to Blacks isn’t fixing issues that literally put them back into the Jim Crow era and that includes the electing of Barack Obama. Don’t throw a damn bone and think that will suddenly solve the issues. Petty ass apologies and phony ass speeches are not what is needed the issues must be attacked directly, why are some so afraid to do that? With Obama being the president, do you guys think Black History has lost its buzz to a slight degree? What says you?

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