Saturday, February 20, 2010


Before Black History Month closes out I would like to address yet another topic pertaining to the Black plight in America. The term angry black man/woman has been used quite a bit in different white supremacist societies and the question is, why? I, as a black man have never really been called that term by someone of my own race, yet for some reason the term is still used heavily by other members within society. My one and only question to those who believe in those terms is, why and what constitutes one being an “angry” black man or woman? In my own research the term generally means a black man/woman who “complains” too much about racism or societal inequalities. Also, a black man/woman whom is considered too stuck up or confrontational.

Why is it that every time a black person speaks about his/her experience in America they’re labeled as unpatriotic or even worst ungrateful (wtf)? This same technique was tried on Michelle Obama on the behalf of the right when she stated, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” that was said after her husband Barack was elected president! The right immediately began to attack her, while never asking why she spoke out such words. What is the fixation by non-blacks to label blacks who speak upon their experiences or who critiques this nation angry black men/women? Do these people not break down the validity to what the alleged angry black man/woman is saying, or is it another way to marginalize people based on their “foreign” culture or life experiences? Everyone does not grow up the same way in America; there are loads of social barriers to prove that. Something isn’t clear about this technique; to me it is an attempt to discount the fact that blacks are living human beings with a story to tell just as anyone else. Stop using the term and instead listen and if necessary refute! Everyone’s experience and history has a right to be heard. The only history people are taught in K-12 is white American history, yet people are expected NOT to complain about that. The only thing blacks are taught about themselves during K-12 is that they were nothing more than a damn slave! Yet when the truth is told they’re labeled angry, yea ok!

Nuff said!

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  1. I guess that's part of the mass psychology of the white racial frame that suggests in some warped way that racism is either a thing of the past or too irrelevant to complain about. Even though there are endless amounts of truth to the contrary, they are afraid to face even face it let alone consider that it exists. So, they put up defensives arguments to refute it or minimize it.

    I haven't been called an angry black man either, but I was called a racist once because of a short comic I made a while back.