Saturday, January 9, 2010


Disclaimer: I Jason Williams in no way support any actions done by any terrorist for any reason. This note is written for discussion purposes only.

There have been awesome discussions under some of my statuses and notes about terrorists and why they chose to become just that. Last year I had written a note titled, American Arrogance. This note and that note will kind of go hand and hand because I believe it is imperative that Americans understand when they’re being arrogant and thus failing to realize the rationale of foreign born folks and why they engage in the activities that they do. For instance, the founders of the U.S were terrorists as well, for they pillaged, and massacred in order to claim this land as their own. Thereafter, they’ve obtained Black African slaves and then forced them to work the lands under severe inhumane conditions, some of which can still be felt today in more overt and subtle ways. The fact is that most Americans suffer from superpatriotism (see Michael Parenti’s, Superpatriotism). There is a sense of Americans being better than the rest of the world, a hugely accepted pompous attitude that Americans perpetuate through the use of military force.

While Americans enjoy their pseudo sense of superiority, those who benefit from it anyways, they fail to realize the realities of those whom they claim are “hating” on them. People do not wish to kill Americans simply because of the standards of living, which really aren’t even all that! Not all foreign born people want to be in America. America still discriminates against minorities and is far from a free world nation when it incarcerates more people than all the other industrialized nations combined! America is not as great as its citizens may think. If the rest of the world suddenly stopped believing in America and all of its so called greatness, America would collapse. Reason being is because America thrives on its reputation and thus attention from the world community. Without its daily dose of attention it would fail miserably. However, people around the world are starting to wake up; they’re starting to realize the hypocrisy in most of America’s philosophy regarding law, government, and foreign policy. America’s secrets are creeping to the surface, with Rev Wright perhaps being one of the pioneers of the modern movement.

If a person is willing to die for a cause, I heavily doubt he is willing to die due to generic claims such as hating the American people for their freedom. The fact is America’s foreign policy handlings have been oppressing foreign nations for decades. America’s foreign policy has never benefited the rest of the world, it has only benefited itself. There is even intersectionality amongst those in America who benefits from its dirty deeds (e.g.) the poor gets nothing from America and its dirty deeds. It is the dominant ruling group that has always been in charge since the very beginning who would plan the murders, and the theft. It is not the oppressed folk that had dealings with America’s foreign policy orchestration. The oppressed folks are taxed without representation anyways. The fact is who would not fight for their own freedom? If your country was being illegally occupied by a foreign nation and your children are being blown away by bombs, who wouldn’t fight in the name of defending one’s sovereign nation and their children?

Why is it ok for Americans to be “terrorists” but when other people want to defend their nation against the real terrorists they’re told to shut up, sit down, and love it! There is something fundamentally wrong about the mental construct in most Americans regarding the war on terror. They’re failing to see the actions of their own nation and the impact those actions have on other human beings around the world. Hell some people in America feel as though their gov’t is oppressing them and have oppressing them for centuries, can they not accuse their gov’t of being a terrorist or inhumane under international criminal law? See, If America is willing to treat its own Black citizens like subhuman creatures, what makes you think it cares about how it will treat foreign nations? What says you?

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