Friday, January 1, 2010


The social contract is a very important ingredient within the asphalt that holds our society together. However, when we began to analyze the social contract we have, we cannot do so without first acknowledging democracy. Typically, one may say that both go hand and hand; however, others would say that they don’t necessarily do. For instance, in a democracy the majority rules, whereas in a traditional social contract, the voices of all are heard and acknowledged. Therefore, when we look at the society in which we live today, one may say it is a mixture of both. A social contract is the contract that the people have with a ruling body, hence we the people are willing to give up our sovereignty to governmental entities in order to be respected and protected by the government. This means that whatever we’re giving up will be will worth its forfeiting, since as per the contract the government will be giving us back just as much as we gave away. (remember the patriot act, yikes!) When this contract is put up for examination, some may come to realize that they’re getting nothing out of the contract and are instead victims or prisoners to a vicious careless entity called government. How can the social contract only apply to some and not all? It is as though those who are not included therein are stuck in some sort of societal bubble that doesn’t allow them to do much—a blackcodes of some sort! This is more prevalent with people of color and those of low economical status.

In addition, are people even given the chance to decide whether they agree to the contract or not? Is it fair that one’s birth alone subjects him to a contract for which he knows nothing about? What if a man wishes to live with his complete sovereignty? Why isn’t the social contract revisited every now and then for updating and verification? Could it be due to fear? So long as the vicious entity continues to push out fear propaganda, people will be reluctant to questioning its duties and thus the contract. If a war on terror persists then the government is able to remind the public of its reason to exist notwithstanding all the visible signs of decay within the contract. The social contract is a contract that political parties play around with. All parities are guilty of lies and deceit, and are most likely filled with neighboring folk who cares not about the contract, but rather for greed and power! Their concern lies not with the people or the betterment of society, their concerns are with their own self interest, yet most simply cannot see this. These contract breakers are able to play magic tricks; they’re able to trick the minds of the people, by getting them to defend interests that don’t belong to them. This is precisely why there are poor conservatives who continue to vote for corporations time and time again and not for their own interests.

Something is dangerously demented with the social contract. There are loads upon loads of poor people who haven’t been heard since the days of Roosevelt—definitely wrong! The social contract has now become a virtual mechanism placed deep within the word fear. Fear is the controller of our social contract, because so long as the people are caught up in fear, there could be no changing to the contract. The process of verification can be denied, and the interest of the select few can be furthered. What is the use of a social contract if everyone’s interest isn’t served? Why give up one’s sovereignty to only be held down in bondage like that of a slave. Who gives the right to fellow humans to keep other humans in bondage? What gives these humans the right to act with impunity against the interest of the rest of us? Government is an entity ran by humans not superhumans or supernatural beings. Where is the trust folks? Why are the public so afraid of the humans therein government, is it just a matter of psychological standing or something more? Are the public really just little children without any mental understanding of true freedom, or is it just simply easier to rely on a social contract that has clearly been breached upon? With decades of social engineering via: education, news media, and sprouts of political and cultural ideology I guess it is no wonder of the public’s decision to remain in bondage…. But then what does that say for those of us who are tired of this damn contract and can see that it has been clearly broken??... So long as most of the people are caught up in confusion, I guess it really doesn’t matter what the enlightened people think.

So much for believing in the social contract, eh? What says you?

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