Monday, January 4, 2010


There have been much commentary on the matter of the fourteenth amendment and the fourth amendment; however, the commentary in the arena of public opinion has not yet been put on blast like those opinions that comes from out of the academy or from within the courts. When it comes to ensuring that we have an equal society based on a well functioning democracy, society must make sure that everyone is treated properly and fairly by law enforcement. However, lately there have been huge talks on whether or not Muslims should be profiled due to their possible threat of being terrorists. When it comes to the Black experience here in the U.S, many Blacks should readily be able to sympathize with the Muslims, due to the disproportionate profiling that goes on with Blacks in the U.S. Xenophobia is a bacteria embedded within the fabric of American society, thus it is no stranger to those who’ve been historically oppressed.

When the KKK engaged in their negative activities were they profiled? When the Oklahoma bombing occurred were all white males profiled? This is a testament to where the power and discrimination is spewed from within America. The capturing of a young Nigerian terrorist also put Black Americans as well as Africans or any other African descent person at risk of being profiled, for the difference between most African people cannot be deciphered. In all actuality, one may be able to conclude that racial profiling against Blacks will now occur at record highs within America. In addition, a White American woman was even recorded for having said that the Nigerian boy was in fact an African American, when clearly that is false! But the bigger question is why these people are attacking America? Is it truly because of our standard of living? Is it really because we’re a supposedly a free people, even though half of our society is incarcerated? What makes the U.S any different from any other nation? Too many Americans suffer from superpatriotism, I’d say!

Racial profiling has a detrimental effect on the psychology of those who are affected by it. It attempts to institute a form of modern day Black Codes, which effectively controls a person’s traveling. If we are to be considered a free people, law enforcement should not have the right to stop someone just because they feel someone doesn’t belong in a certain section of a town or because of their race. Police should know better than to engage in the usage of stereotypes when performing their duties, but then again many of them aren’t educated, therefore, is it fair to expect them to have a higher level of understanding? However, again the constitution guarantees everyone equal protection under the law yet time and time again we’re seeing that it doesn’t apply to all, thus we have two societies, one for minorities and one for whites. What gives government the right to predict future crime, why should people that fit a certain profile suffer for the actions of a particular individual or group of people? Are all Muslims guilty of terrorism? Are all Blacks drug dealers? Why are there no labels for Whites? Are whites just innately pure and law abiding? Something simply isn’t right with that picture. According to almost every study or form of statistics, Whites are the angels of society.

Racial social engineering will be the demise of this nation. Racial social engineering is directly connected to the White Supremacy Doctrine, which clearly states that all minorities are beneath Whites and that Whites are the rightful owners to society and all that which it has to offer. Every other race but whites are subsequently labeled and demoted to second classed status. There is no such thing as a White terrorist, or a White drug dealer, etc. Of course this would be the “facts” if Whites are controlling gov’t and most of the studies that dictate to society who’s who. In a White Supremacist society, it is whites who define everyone, not the sovereign individual. White supremacy must be attacked at all levels if we’re going to hope for a better union. White supremacy undermines democracy and thus the constitution. It makes us appear to be a phony society. Some would say White Supremacy is one of the main reasons why the U.S is at war now. Minorities haven’t the power within Congress to truly have a say so in the activities the U.S engages in, therefore, the current situation cannot be fully credited to minorities although they too are apart of the U.S society and this is something most Anti-American foreigners would agree with.

Racial profiling has long been a form of harassment in which the state has used against those whom it deemed an enemy. Strict liability offences have been given out to minorities ten times more than their White counterparts. DWB (driving while Black) was a reality for some time on the Jersey Turnpike until the Feds threatened to take over the State Police. DWB still continues to be a form of harassment to most Blacks throughout the nation. Other minorities besides Blacks are also being impacted by the same thing. Racial profiling never seems to affect whites at least not to the levels that it affects minorities. Therefore, if we’re going to get down to the bottom of profiling we must attack White Supremacy for that is the mother of why profiling exists. The numbers don’t lie; the disparities are clearly present for all to view. It will take this nation to come out of denial and face the fruits of its evil. Not all Whites are bad or happy to be profiting off the suffering of minorities; however, a great deal are either in denial or happy about their status within society. Profiling can be researched back to the days of slavery, again human testimony doesn’t lie, and neither does the disparities! So when I am asked whether or not Muslims will be profiled in America, my question would be most certainly yes, everyone whom isn’t White gets profiled in America, it is customary practice! However, the Muslims will face more of a wrath due to their religion!

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