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(This is a slight response to an article I read; please see the link below the text to download and view the article for yourself.)

I came across an article that spoke on the issue of community policing and "homeland security policing", and it essentially spoke about how advocates for a new version of community policing under the name of homeland security policing are pushing hard for the original philosophy behind community to be abolished. These advocates believe that terror is of the utmost importance and that it will take the collective help of the communities across the nation to combat terror. Immediately the article gave reference to how funding for community policing has been decreased and thus given to the war on terror, which many would conclude as in being outright sad! My immediate question is simple, isn’t terror a threat that is coming from abroad? To insinuate that we need to conduct “homeland security policing” in the states, is to say that the people are indeed themselves potential terrorist, notwithstanding the fact that we do have domestic terrorism; however the war on terror is gravely pointed at those abroad mainly Arabs and Muslims and now Africans. Therefore, why is there this so called need to push the war on terror into the community policing model?

The reason why the emperors of terror would advocate for homeland security policing is because they specialize in the art of pushing fear onto the masses. As a result of implementing such a model, the citizenry will become further divided, thus creating a very effective police state environment. It would be congruent to the Salem Witch trials massacre. Under the homeland security policing model, everyone and anyone can easily be considered a terrorist and handled accordingly. Why should funding that went to excellent community justice programs and initiatives be taken away in the name of “homeland security”? Do we not believe in taking care of domestic issues first, before policing the world? Something is strangely wrong about the ideology that surrounds homeland security policing.

Some scholars have even argued that it is a stronghold attempt to bring back traditional policing, which for the most part gave the image of police v. society—a militaristic take. The riots in the 60s are a direct source as to why a change needed to manifest, which brought about the community policing model. Community policing sought out to bridge the gap between the poor relations of the underprivileged community and the police. It gave such communities the chance to feel as though they are apart of something, and that they too have a say so in the administration of justice. As for the police, it gave them a new perspective on justice, for it displayed the fact that everything doesn’t need to end in an arrest and a conviction and that minorities can be trusted. Traditional policing had no mercy on the public, notwithstanding that the police are supposed to be employed by the public. Even Sir Robert Peel, the inventor of police believed that the police are an extension of the public. Therefore, it is clear to see that the community policing model is the best possible model to be correlated with democracy and what the inventor of police initially felt about policing.

Why then, do we allow for this new fraudulent model, “homeland land security policing” to implement itself into society. Are all scholars being heard on this matter, or are they just simply being silenced and labeled un-American. It comes down to fear propaganda and an apparent plan to institute a police state. Is government perhaps becoming a bit tyrannical with such ideas as homeland security policing? History has shown the realities of police states. Within police states people tend to live in bondage and in complete obedience to the ruling dictator. Is this something the American people want? Although this matter is still only up for debate the fact is, certain traces of this possibly coming to light can be easily shown (e.g) the patriot act, which effectively limits the liberty of the citizenry. Also, the possibility of full body scans within our airports.

Another huge interest in this fraudulent exchange is the fact that those who advocate for homeland security policing can snatch all of the funding. Both the funding they may receive via grants to homeland security and also grants that have traditionally gone to traditional community policing programs, again the article effectively explains this extortion. At the end of the day it comes down to money. People are willing to allow underprivileged communities to fall in exchange for extorting money in the name of so called terror. So long as the people are eating up the fear propaganda, their plan can and will prevail. Where is the justice in this people?! Innocent people who truly need help when it comes to policing are now going to be laid out to dry, as traditional policing slowly but surely rise again to levels that would of course be much higher than previously recorded. With the war against terror, anyone whom is not in sync with the winning ideology will be considered a possible threat. Muslims and Arabs will be quarantined like clock work even if they’re indeed innocent. Disparities will grow to much larger rates, as Blacks may as well be back into the age of Jim Crow or the Black Codes, and Hispanics accused of illegal alieanship. The homeland security policing model is nothing more than a disguise to institute a police state. Homeland security policing takes the original philosophy of community policing and uses it as a mechanism to fight terror, even though the strategies on how to fight terror are strenuously different than crime prevention in underprivileged communities. BUT again, according to most intelligence the threat of terror is not form the American People, it is from abroad, right? Therefore isn’t it a waste of time and money to institute such a strategy? I guess not for the special interest and those in government who are against the American people!

Money being snatched from underprivileged people doesn’t matter anyway to the general public, because all poor people are simply a waste of time. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that because of the perception of the poor in America, the general public will not be able to see the threat in homeland security policing even if it were written in their bibles, because who cares about the poor. It would be the right more than likely to argue for this model of policing, since they have a huge disdain for the poor, notwithstanding their argument against big government—complete contradictory! Who would have known that the war on terror would eventually descend onto the American people themselves, to quote Rev Wright, are the chickens coming home to roost or is this something more sinister?

Pls be sure to download the article: http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=jt3bbhfy5sc

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