Friday, January 1, 2010


He who believes blindly is a man whom is incapable to accessing the senses of reality! Can it be possible for someone who believes in something blindly to be useful to the collective wellbeing of a nation? Is it rational to put faith in a supernatural being or is it more rational to put faith in your fellow man? Overall it comes down to one being afraid of that which is unknown, so instead it may be easier to confirm to societal expectations than to live your life your way. How many people out in the world believe in something out of complete fear? For instance, those who believe in organized religion. Religion says that those who disbelieve are of the devil and will burn in hell for the rest of their lives; however what’s the difference between that and the story of the three little pigs? Believing in something blindly is also believing in something without a care for the facts. We would be a better world if we used the scientific method more frequently.

Why is it that humans have such a hardened infatuation with believing in things out of fear? Do we not care for the facts, or are most humans just too damn afraid to stand up and take things for that they are. Why do we like to fake the funk so much? Then on top of that most people who believe in religion only believe part-time, they don’t follow every rule stated therein their religious doctrines. Those who hold the key to power and control are heavily aware of what blind faith can bring. Blind faith can bring a person complete control over others, it gives a person immense wealth and prosperity. Can anyone imagine being stuck in a body or mindset that is against the very fabric of who you are? Imagine homosexuals who continue to believe in organized religion even though all of them are against their lifestyle. Sadly, some homosexuals even start to think that they can be changed, as though the biology of who they are can instantaneously be “fixed”! Or how about the thinking teen whom is forced to go to church every Sun, but because his family will outcast him he continues to go. Again I ask can anyone imagine being stuck like that? Are most people walking around with severe mental depression and don’t even know it?

Believing blindly can produce detrimental irreversible damage to the world. For instance, the many wars fought in the name of religion. Believing blindly is equivalent to those who support Obama without questioning his activities. We must remember that it is always in good nature to question everything. We should believe nothing that clearly makes no rational sense! Just because something is called a religion today that doesn’t make it any different from those stories that we now call mythologies. However, only those with indomitable strength can see through the bull, only those with thinking minds can stand the pressure it seems. Most humans are too weak, mentally powerless, and out of touch with themselves. Everyone can seem to agree that two plus two is four, yet we cannot agree when it comes to the supernatural. Some of those who believe in Jesus feel as though they’re better than those who believe in Muhammad yet both stories are no better than those who believe in Zeus or the Fairy God Mother. Logic is used only when it suits certain purposes. Most people aren’t willing to use it on the daily, because they just may see things that they are unwilling to accept. Therefore, they just…..continue….to….believe blindly….

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