Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This post is designed to address certain issues that Blacks in America have been facing for quite some time now and how those issues pertain to Pres. Obama. Pres. Obama for the most part has done nothing since he has been in office to progress the poor, and the issues that the poor must face on a constant basis everything was about the middle class, main street, what happened to the straight up poor? The citizenry are taught at a very young age that they’re apart of a democracy, yet for quite some time that hasn’t been a reality for all of them. Black males are more likely to be impacted negatively by the Justice System than any other entity within the U.S, yet even with a Black man in the presidency he has YET to overturn the Draconian Drug Laws that even he had noted himself affects Black males disproportionately, his secy of state also said that if she had won she would do something about the fraudulent war on drugs as well. For something that only takes the stroke of a pen we have yet to see it happen—change right?! NOT! Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone!

It is completely understood that Pres. Obama had just got into the presidency and that he still has a lot of time left to do what is necessary, but why should people have to wait! Why should people have to wait for freedom, liberty and respect from one’s government. This “wait” is no stranger to those who had to wait all their lives for even an inkling of hope within the borders of the U.S. The outright blatant deprivation of the Black Male collective humanity is being supported by legislators across the nation and even our president himself so long as he continues to purposely ignore it in hope of being re elected in 2012. This treatment Pres. Obama is giving to Blacks is extremely awkward considering the fact that he has written extensively on the condition of Blacks in this society. Looks like someone has sold out!

There are some who say, give him some time, my response—HELL NO!! How would you like it if you were labeled and at risk on the daily of being arrested because of the fabric of your very existence!! How would you like if you were targeted by legislators to be nothing more than a lab rat for their tests and enjoyment? How would you like if at any time you can walk into a major city and be maliciously gunned down by a cop and see NO JUSTICE? How would you like if you can be pulled from your household for no true reason to come out and find your children in disarray or in lockdown? How would you feel if you were as educated as they come but still are looked down upon as in being nothing more than peasant whom is locked out of the job market? How would you like it if you were apart of a democracy but never had a voice in that democracy since the day your ancestors stepped foot onto this land? It doesn’t matter if Pres. Obama got into the office two seconds ago; there are some things this man can do that will only take the stroke of a pen. Fed drug laws are amongst the harshest he can readily fix those, and he has enough pull to throw ideas out to the state govts, yet he is failing to do so. Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone, but if your interest truly isn’t with those whom are suffering then nothing will be solved. Phony fraudulent progressive leaders are not what is needed for the change AMERICA NEEDS NOW!!! Furthering a war under the guise of protecting our national security is also conflicting, for it solves nothing domestically and only furthers the capitalist interest of the west. It is a damn shame that when Obama was asked about reparations during the primaries he dodged the question. It took Kucinich, a white man, to say he would be for reparations instead of the scary black man whom is only looking forward to being a puppet to the corporations. Again, Even an uncle tom will throw you a bone!

There are major issues that the U.S has going on domestically and it will take a TRUE STRONG PROGRESSIVE candidate to fix these problems not someone who is afraid of his opposition and too damn cowardly to stand the fuck up do what he knows is right. Looks like someone will be a 1 termer because if something isn’t done about the REAL ISSUES that people face in America there will be extreme consequences for him and his party. The Right will take on a grassroots method that will succeed based off of the fact that Pres. Obama has done NOTHING to help those who are in need. You can’t really say healthcare is going to do it because if he was truly progressive about that, he would have drafted his own bill, instead of allowing congress to do it KNOWING that they will delay it at all cost! At this moment people are in extreme need of help and will go either way, Obama and his team of nuts had better get it together, because it will be like taking candy from a baby if the Right truly wishes to get up and running again to take back the White house.

If Pres. Obama’s heart is in the right place but he cannot do much because of his ties then he should have thought about that BEFORE he took their money and promised them their favors—I don’t care! People’s liberty are being taken away from them, children are growing up without fathers, juveniles are starting criminal careers younger and younger nowadays due to social strain, the school system is garbage, racial disparities are at all time highs and even worst due to their modern subtle nature! Yet Obama dare to say that this is a post racial America. GTFOFH! I don’t care! I don’t care! Fuck a war in Afghanistan, who cares about Iraq, and let Israel handle their issues by themselves. Whatever happened to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, or better yet Inner City folk? I forgot they don’t exist nor do they matter! The poor is a forgotten group of human beings in America. Their livelihood isn’t even represented in congress, and capitalism although it has failed about 90% of all Americans it has failed the poor the most!! Unless you’re extremely wealthy then capitalism hasn’t done much for you. My hope on Pres. Obama has not run out completely, but again, even an uncle tom will throw you a bone, but what the hell is Barack Obama?!

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