Sunday, November 1, 2009


I read an electrifying note on facebook by Mr Will Capers and I must give thanks to him for inspiring me to write this note as an extension to his post. The essence of Mr Capers’ post basically spoke about the existence of racism and its historical roots and how it is blatantly denied by most whites. I shall label the essence of that message as Social Engineering. I believe that although most white people are aware of these disparities, they’re oftentimes so overwhelmed with their own lives’ and their own lavish life styles that for them to acknowledge these wrongdoings would be seen as perceived attack on their very existence. Some would even say, “Hey can’t blame them” BUT if we’re a country that truly believes in freedom and justice for all then such issues must be acknowledged in their entirety. However, one blockade exists that prevents us from doing so—social engineering.

Social engineering as defined by myself is the following: The act of maintaining social control and classism through various conditioning tools such as, radio, tv/film, education, legislature, the criminal justice system, and medicine. All of the mentioned tools can be manipulated into forming a picture of whoever is supposed to be either accelerated or decelerated in a given society. If we reflect on our American society today, we can all understand how all of those tools are used to paint a negative picture of Black people. Therefore, the blame of such disparities and discrimination existing is to be put on those who control those various tools. All of those tools have immense influence on society, because they are supposed to represent our information source, and all that which is to be considered balanced and objective, yet if any of those tools are exploited in a negative way, the impact can be profoundly negative. The Black struggle has historical roots, and sadly, if we were to go back to slavery even then, we can see to a large extent how such tools were used to decapitate Blacks and hold them down. If we reflect to modern day times, it will be clear to see that these tools have gone through an evolutionary change to fit the modern day morale; however the same intentions and impact is still present today.

Therefore, if whites are still the only group of people still succeeding disproportionately to the rest of us within this society then it is fair to say that perhaps they’re the controllers of each tool stated above, and thus if they’re going to keep their superiority over everyone else it is paramount that they maintain the control of such tools. This is precisely why Black talk radio is almost unheard of by the dominant mainstream society; also let’s not forget how Black talk radio at one time needed a bail out in order to continue to exist. In addition, one can even say this is why BET is no longer a valuable connection to Blacks because Blacks no longer own it, and they do not participate in the triarchy that control that network. Moreover, we have yet to see any major Black leading film company. Most people who actually have major shows within the News Media (fox, cnn, msnbc, etc) are white, you can just about count the Black hosts on one hand, and even if they wanted to be real about their perspective it just may cost them their show slot, and thus their entire careers’.

Something just isn’t quite right about this and my friend Mr Capers is indeed correct, until such nonsense is actually acknowledged the problems of the past will remain present today and in our future. As I have always professed, the disparities don’t make themselves up. They exist because the wrongdoing is indeed REAL! And when such wrongdoings had existed in the past as a way of life then it should be no surprise that they would still exist today. Before people comment on this post let us all once again scroll up to take a look at the tools; and ponder heavily on how they can be used to control a society, either for good or for bad. Although we can demand more self accountability and independent thought from our members of society, the fact still remains that throughout history people have always relied on a news source of some sort to give them “accurate information”, and sadly some within our society probably aren’t smart enough to conduct research and analysis on their own (due to the dumbing down) so it is much easier to trust the media. I guess the overall question is why do we have such a large white population and even the minority of minorities who actually believe that things are much fairer now, and that racism isn’t a key factor any longer in the racial ills of this society? Do these people actually believe that disparities are fraudulent numbers made up by liberals, if so I find it funny that every time they try to attack Blacks they always seem to use such numbers as ammo to prove in a pseudo manner that they’re indeed better, when that simply isn’t the truth. I do not believe we need stats in order to show human suffering, because human suffering should be evident. People who represent humanity and kindness to all should not be forced to PROVE themselves through a means of academic innovation when suffering is synonymous to us all. The fact of the matter is such persons are just simply afraid to acknowledge these issues because if they did their way of life would be threatened immensely, and the words socialism, communism and Marxism will be said as a way of fighting their way out of having to realize the actualities of racism and classism. If these fools only knew or were real about how they’ve gotten what they have! What says you?

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