Sunday, November 8, 2009


I recently had posted a status to my facebook, condemning America for its neglect to fix the gun problem within its inner cities. As a result, I had received countless amounts of feedback from various contributors on facebook, all interesting. However, my intake on this matter is slightly different than some of the posts that were applied. Having a background in criminology and law affords me to have a unique perspective on this matter and thus I will display it within this essay here.

When it comes to the second amendment, nobody as of yet can be exactly sure as to the intent that the founding fathers originally had behind its writing. We do know that times do change, and many liberals argue that our constitution within itself needs to be brought up to modern day times in order to coexist and apply to current day issues logically. I also agree with that. However, there are many entities out there that profit off of the consumption of guns, and then there are those white southerners who have always had a fascination with guns dating all the way back to slavery.

The question becomes this, whether nor not these white southerners are holding on to the gun issue as their last resort to kill off minorities whom they wish was not here. Or is there a conspiracy that wants to see inner city people kill each other off, hey at least this way nobody else can be blamed but the poor inner city people themselves. The latter represents the majority of opinion on this matter. Some people believe that the taking away of guns cannot solve the violence issue in the inner city, yet almost all the time they fail to realize how guns contributes a great deal of pain to inner city residents. These types of people will defend guns to the death just because they think the second amendment protects their right to use one. The second amendment does not have the word gun embedded therein. A butter knife under the interpretation of the second amendment can be sufficient enough for the right to bear arms; again nowhere in there do we see the word gun.

The fact remains that there is a major gun problem in the inner cities, and this problem is being neglected, while the blame is being pushed onto the people who inhabit such areas. Clearly, the people are powerless and without political and economic power, how can someone even attempt to push blame on a people who are purposely put in such a position of powerlessness—unbelievable!! Then to add insult to injury these types will even attempt to blame the children for being caught up in their own social disorganization, again something that has been inflicted upon them to no fault of their own. Robert Merton a well known criminologist believed in a term he coined, “Strain Theory”. In general this theory basically means that people who are forced into the slums will do basically anything they can, in order to fit into dominant society. This need to fit in will oftentimes come with extremely violent acts, but this is due to their disorganization, inability to unite, lack of political and economic power, and thus the complete abandonment by dominant society. As a result of that which I’ve just stated, people in the inner city develop STRAIN. They begin to survive through means that dominant society began to criminalize, due to the fact that dominant society does not wish to see these people succeed and become productive. For instance, most drug dealers do not wish to be out on the streets selling drugs, however, due to strain of not being provided a proper education, due to already having been locked up and now attached to a record, there is a strain that develops that leads them to survive however way they can. Therefore, due to not being able to gain a livable wage, they then develop their own jobs, and selling drugs is one of many options available to them. After awhile the selling of drugs may become competitive and that’s when gun violence becomes a viable option for them to take out their competition. But leave it to some and they’ll tell you that that is illogical, yea ok! As I have always professed nobody before they’re born asks to be placed into poverty and subhuman conditions, where they’re neglected—so much for democracy eh? Now with that being said how can we dare attempt to blame these people for their conditions? Yes there is definitely a lack of accountability by the inner city itself, but how can we blame them without first critiquing overall society and our government?

No law or constitution in the world is more important than the need to save human life. These same folks who seem to be for gun rights are the same ones to deny abortion rights under the premise of saving life, yet when it comes to the worsening inner city condition as a result of guns they have complete disregard to it. How could people be so selfish and blatantly prejudice, it is as though the conspiracy option is factual. There is a want by dominant society perhaps, to allow these poor inner city people to kill each other off, dominant society takes advantage of their strain and sit by while these innocent people continue to destroy themselves into oblivion. It doesn’t matter where the root comes from as some have stated under my status, the FACT still remains that guns are aiding and abetting in the decapitation of youth within the inner cities, what is the solution to that? There are other acts of violent that may be tolerable and fixable but the use of a gun to commit murder cannot be fixed—the person is gone forever! The fixing has to start somewhere, don’t you agree?

Debating second amendment intention is frivolous to this matter because the death rates are increasing as a result. The times have changed it isn’t 1787 anymore, we live in an entire new world, with different dangers, and if we do not bring ourselves up to contemporary thinking with our law, our society will parish itself. I once asked one of my White liberal Jewish professors what did he think about this matter, and he replied, “White people just want to see blacks kill themselves, and the second amendment was made for militias which each state already has” I am starting to believe his first statement in his answer. Is it because the majority of these victims are Black? What is the hold up? Again guns are not exclusively written in the second amendment, which alone leaves it open to extreme interpretation. Why do we live in a dangerous society in the first place? Why is it that dominant society is so damn afraid of poor people, what threat if any at all do they bring to the dominant folk? I just don’t get it. But people would rather debate the merits of the second amendment and the so called roots of violence before saving lives. As I have stated above, we understand violence is going to exist; however, I would much rather have a violence that is void of death than a violence that executes on a daily basis, and because of that this issue must be discussed. The root of this “anti social” behavior goes deeper than just broken homes and lack of parenting, the root of this goes back to the freeing of slaves, it goes back to the BLACK CODES, and the outright hatred for those living in the inner cities. It goes back to the FEAR of vengeance that may ly within the descendents of those who were murdered, massacred, exploited, and rapped, for the color of their skin. There is a powerful essence within the oppressed that even the oppressed knows not about. This disdain by overall dominant society is a disdain that has been passed down through the generations, and until this disdain is acknowledged by people of all colors this hate will continue to live on. FEAR of our fellow human beings should not have to exist. But even in context of U.S history, who has been in fear since their very arrival here? Who lives with strain on a daily basis? But because these poor people aren’t worth a damn to this country, the necessity for the gun problem to be addressed will never surface. Who gives a damn about the second amendment, KIDS are DYING! How could such hatred descend onto CHILDREN? It takes a hateful, bloodthirsty, petty, unjust, control-freak, racist, crazy, malevolent, genocidal, vindictive, DEVIL to wish harm onto innocent fellow human beings.

Nuff said!

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