Thursday, November 5, 2009


I find that with many conservatives, they tend to like the blaming of government for all of the wrongdoings that happen to the “free market”. They fail to realize that the government is run by actual humans and that it is those humans who dictate the actions of government. I found myself tonight arguing with a person on the right about Organized Crime, and he spoke on how it was government’s fault behind the orchestration of defiance during prohibition. HOWEVER, as usual, he failed to identify the actors within government that brought about this so called defiance.

People on the right always seem to have terrible memory recollection when it comes to identifying those who made policies that always seem to have blowback attached. For instance, this person I speak of brought up prohibition, and he went on to say how that created organized crime, and then he compared it to the war on drugs today. My response to him of course was well what party can be identified with having made such laws that ultimately allowed this to happen? His answer as I expected was simply, government. Once again I found myself having to school yet another person on the right, on simple elementary legislative duty. It takes a person from within congress to bring about a bill that is then voted on. The implications therein usually sides with that person’s values and belief system. This is precisely why you have different parties that tend to represent different ideologies. After explaining that to the nut, he still failed to comprehend where I was coming from, although I believed he did and was just stuck in a catch 22.

I then began to explain to him the progressive movement back in the later days of the 1880s and how the progressives who back then were also republicans failed miserably at their plan. One thing that is sure is the fact that they were extremely organized. However, when it came to implementing policy that would actually go to serve the betterment of society, they instead manipulated policy to serve their belief system and not all. As a result, loads of people that were originally for their collective ideology began to run away, which was at a direct result of prohibition itself. Republicans believed that alcohol was the root of all evil and that the bible strongly urged against it. The lesson learned from this is simple; do not force your way of living or your ideology onto others, in a democratic society. Most progressives were ok with getting rid of vice, prostitution, gambling, police corruption, etc; however when it came to alcohol they just weren’t for it. But since the progressives were uppity middle classed “Native Americans” who felt their way should be the way for all, they simply ignored the outcry against it, and enforced the law as they wrote it onto the masses of those who blatantly disagreed. Prohibition even became apart of the constitution, which made it the land of the land. Consequentially, organized crime became a way of life and a big cash in. In addition, crime became rampant and the street wars, gangs, and mafias began to proliferate throughout the country.

Therefore, when those on the right complain about organized crime and how government started it. I must beg to ask the question, what party was more for the law that criminalized and what political or personal ideology was it based upon? These questions are essential to not only understanding why we have blowback with certain laws (war on drugs, today) but also they’re essential to understanding how democracy can easily be turned into a dictatorship. Besides the war on drugs, which many liberals are ready to decriminalized, another modern day example of this behavior is gay marriage. What is the logic behind hindering homosexuals from marrying? The bible as an explanation simply isn’t sufficient enough, something more rational must be presented. The rhetoric on it being a historical union between a man and a woman is also ancient, for times have changed; now we have homosexuals outright wanting to marry. Also, one can argue that the notion of “marriage” existed long before the benefits of marriage came about. Were people not in love before the word “marriage” came into existence? Those on the right act as though homosexuality is a new phenomenon, when it simply isn’t. Homosexual acts can be seen on pictures dating back way before the 1700s even. Again, there is no logic for hindering these people from marrying. The war on drugs is another problem; people have been getting high for centuries. For instance, marijuana has yet to be recorded for having the potential of causing death, yet it is still illegal. Most policies that cause major blowback are almost all the time presented and heavily supported by those on the right. Yet when it comes to Organized Crime they dare to say, it was big government, well that is a load of kangaroo crap.

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  1. One more data point to support your thoughts: John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly pushed prohibition, making huge profits by getting rid of the alcohol based fuel competition for Ford cars.