Saturday, October 24, 2009


With the world as it is today, one must wonder at times if there are people out there whoever wonders about the judgment that guides society. Everyone is programmed to an extent to obey certain rules and to live their lives a certain way, but do anyone ever wonder why. Whose judgment do we follow? Who are we bowing down to? Is it fair for us to be coerced into this way of life without first being able to agree or disagree? Are we even a participating factor in this ruling structure? Did the founding fathers really have everyone’s welfare in mind while orchestrating the constitution? If everyone were created equal, then why did some of them own slaves? If they slipped with the owning of slaves and allowing indentured servitude to exist, should we be surprised of our condition today? Hell, anything can be expected if they were willing and able to do the opposite back then. Is that not contradictory? Can we say nothing is what it seems? Is it easier to blend in or to be an independent person? Why do we feel compelled to not rebel? Whose judgment do we follow and why? I mean can we even attempt to answer such a question?

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