Saturday, October 24, 2009


Oftentimes when it comes to race relations or problems surrounding race, we hear people on the right emotionally saying, “Stop pointing the finger” Or “Stop using the race card” to lower leveled persons. I think such statements are nothing more than distractions from actually looking at the equation and solving the problem. For example, these are the same type of folk who are always so quick to resort to stats with falsified methodologies to knock down minorities, especially when it comes Blacks, yet in the same breathe they’re quick to say “Stop pointing the finger” or “Stop using the race card” I just don’t get it people, seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

Why is it so hard for these types of idiots to understand the many psychosociological factors surrounding those on the lower levels? In addition, most on the lower level aren’t even apart of the democratic experience. They’re not represented in congress proportionate to their population, the demographics in the U.S Congress as it exists now is more white oriented than any other race, is that true democracy in the land of the free, or is that the maintaining of a white ruling body? Most people on the lower levels fail to realize that power comes in economic and political pull, it doesn’t reside in fame, basketball, entertainment, etc. However, due to labeling theory and social bond theory most on the lower levels are only focused on illegitimate means for gaining such power.

The question becomes: If there is barely any representation of Blacks in gov’t (within all branches) then is it surprising that Black needs are not being met? Blacks can rely on democrats all they want; however, at the end of the day democrats really aren’t any better than republicans—both fraudulent to a degree! Therefore, if we have established that Blacks are underrepresented in almost all branches of gov’t and yet we have these huge disparities in criminal justice, healthcare, housing, etc, then when Blacks complain about their experiences, why are they told to “stop pointing the finger” or “stop playing the race card”? Is this a serious case of denial on the behalf of the right, or is the right the actual persons playing the race card or pointing the finger? Clearly the evidence is blatant for all to see, yet for some reason these issues are almost all the time covered up or denied. Even President Obama refuses to touch on Black issues for some weird reason even though his book “Dreams from my Father” expressed these issues in great detail.

How could society be so unintelligent or dishonest to not acknowledge the needs and existence of others within this democratic experiment? It is as though those on the lower levels are just “crumb snatchers” they need no representation or acknowledgement. This society doesn’t believe in investigating disparities for the sake of humanity, and to make things more equal for the underprivileged. It seems as though the privilege is indeed the ones playing the race card by preserving all economical and political wealth to themselves. They set up a fraudulent two party system to play make believe democracy, when beneath the surface their only mission is preserve themselves, while everyone else fail and are told that it is their own fault. Yes there have been great steps towards improvement; however, equal access without equal results cancels out any good intent. Failure to regulate good policy will always resort in the abandonment of well intentioned policy that could have possibly worked.

I just cannot seem to grasp onto the logic of Blacks being told to “stop pointing the finger” or “playing the race card” when the disparities clearly mimic their experiences and complaints. Can anyone make any sense of this?

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