Monday, October 19, 2009


Many people take the American Flag very seriously, and I understand the implications behind them doing so. For example, some people have fought wars, some have lost loved ones as a result of war, and some are lucky enough to be recipients of privilege here in America, and thus by pledging to the flag they’re simply giving thanks.

But the overall question here is the following: When did we begin to lose hope in humanity to the point where we now invest all hope and morality in an innate object called a flag? Is it that flag that saves us from crumbling down or is it people? Call me ungrateful, arrogant, etc, but I honestly and genuinely don’t get how people can be so heart felt over a flag and then expect others to respect it as much as they do. I love America and I would not want to live anywhere else; however, I am not known for biting my tongue, and the fact is there are some people in America who can genuinely attest to that flag meaning nothing to them.

Who actually benefits from the opportunities here in America? I surely do not think the disparities make themselves up. I remember when the GOP made a big deal out of Michelle Obama when she said, “For the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country”. According to the GOP that was a statement of hatred for ones own country, YET none of them have walked her path or lived her life. For one she’s a Black American and then to add insult to injury she’s a Female! Therefore, clearly she has a story to tell whereby we may have to expect to hear some hardships or barriers she had to get over in order to be where she is today. I don’t understand how we can all be expected to have the same level of respect for this country when there are some who are purposely left out of the equation of equality and the pursuit of happiness, whether it be intentional or not. However, at the end of the day it is what it is, wouldn’t you agree?

It has gotten to the point where we now believe with all of our hearts’ that it is necessary to go out and murder in the name of that flag. Our flag must be the best flag no matter what. Anyone who disrespects it should be subject to death or something damn well close to it. Where does this pseudo form of hope in a flag derive from? Moreover, due to the supremeness of thy flag, many of us know that people can get away with committing War Crimes because it isn’t politically correct to question the actions of “patriots”. Therefore, in many cases the flag is even above the law! WTF!?

I say it is time to invest back into humanity and stop getting caught up with innate objects that stands for something totally different than what it claims to stand for. Allow everyone their right to human dignity and survival, and let’s stop creating thresholds of failure on purpose because certain persons want to remain on top and not share the economic and political power here in America. I mean really people are we serious, a damn FLAG?! I’ll even take it a step further and make this post really controversial by asking the following: Do our soldiers fight for the people within this country or do they fight for Corporations?

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