Saturday, October 17, 2009


What I find funny more than anything else, are those Americans who truly feel as though they’re superior to other human beings from other nation states. Why is it that we have some people in our population that truly feel or at least think for some reason that America is the model land for democracy and all that which is equal, fair and perfect? I honestly digress in extreme measures, because everywhere I look I seem to see disparities and negativity. Our govt is far from perfect, not saying that it should be because I don’t think any govt will ever be perfect, but to frown upon N Korea or Iran when our own tail stinks, in my opinion makes one an uninformed hypocrite.

I bring this up because earlier I was in a slight debate with a friend of mine whom I consider a crusader for capitalism. He asked the question of a lifetime, “Would you have defended Stalin back in the 30s?” At first I thought he was joking, but since he thinks that I am a Socialist, Marxist, Communist, (you know they usually throw all of those at you with total disregard to their meanings) however, I typed back NO I would not have defended him. But of course he kept throwing things at me rapidly, trying to get me to “admit” that I would be down with Stalin if I were alive back then.

Then I asked him, “Why do your type always believe that America has no flaws?” He replied, “Because our flaws aren’t as large as other countries” Now that is the problem my friends! A flaw is a flaw a violation of human rights is just that, a violation of human rights! It doesn’t matter of its fashion because at the end of the day collectively those flaws initiate harm. My friend went on to say how there are people in N Korea that are in poverty and starvation. So as a result, I pointed out to him the many people in Appalachia, rural areas, and the inner cities here in America who are in those same type of conditions. Immediately he said, “Well those in America are still living better!” Though that tasteless response did not surprise me, I still had to stop and wonder how someone could be so heartless? He actually had the nerve to justify suffering in America by comparing American suffering to foreign suffering and outing one as in being better than the other. Whatever happened to compassion and collective well-being? The suffering in foreign countries to a large extent is no different than that found here in the U.S. For example, if you were to compare slavery of Blacks in the U.S to the Black condition today, clearly it will be easy to determine that although much has changed systematically, the actual sociological and psychological harm remains alive for the majority of Blacks. Just because a system or govt claims to have changed, that does not mean things are more equal, because equal access without equal results is an oxymoron—not much has changed! Though we have some Blacks in high places, the masses of them surely aren’t getting there, BUT that’s a whole post within itself!

I guess the question I am trying to ask here my friends is: Why do certain Americans feel the need to hide our flaws in an insane joyful attempt to appear superior? Perhaps there are some who live in poverty in third world nations and are happy because there isn’t a need to consume and feel better than the rest. What if the things we hear about these “inferior” nations have been rigged to appear that way, when in reality they’re some of the best places to live on earth? Why do people feel the need to judge without having lived a certain life or walked a certain path? What is it about this American arrogance that seems to be paralyzing rational thought and the need for human rights/dignity to exist? Sadly, this sort of arrogance is even having a devastating impact on Americans themselves; yes poor people living here are Americans too. As a result, those who are living in such conditions are ignored or told to pull themselves up by the boot straps. They’re made to feel inferior by choice, when clearly it is this corrupted system some happily call capitalism. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t believe anyone before their birth wishes to be born into poverty and a system that by default of their genetic makeup puts them at the bottom. Anyone care to make sense of any of this stuff?

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