Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is an open letter to John who participated in my posting on facebook labeled, “Capitalistic Slaves” John exhibited some things in his commentary that really struck me the wrong way, and thus as a result I felt the need to acknowledge him in his entirety in a note designed just for him. John claims to be from the projects within NYC with a couple of sibs, his mom and pop, etc. John clearly has made something of himself and now seeks to look down on other Blacks who weren’t as fortunate as himself. Now let me read his cards if I may!

John fails to realize that although this country claims to give equal access to all, there still aren’t any equal results. Unless racism and disparate treatment is seen as a bad thing by overall society, these types of treatments will only go through a evolutionary change. What I mean by that is, such wrongdoings must match up with the society in which they reside. For instance, it is no longer politically correct to have Jim Crow present in modern day society; therefore, such treatment must be rebirthed under stealth—institutionalized racism? These types of behavioral actions can be seen with the freeing of slaves, which was followed by the BLACK CODES, which was followed by Jim Crow! Those bodies of laws were oppositional forces to more just and equal laws that tried to stop poor treatment towards Blacks. Yet John would want us to believe that despite all of the historical and sociological evidence that are out there, Blacks should simply IGNORE THEM and pull themselves up by the boot straps, thus he promotes the fraudulent phrase “The American Dream”

John is the type that believes, since he has gone to school or done something with himself he is better than the rest. Let me attempt to educate you John:

1. You’re still a Black Man, with one of the lowest social status in America, by design of course. But studies show that it doesn’t matter how high you’re in success you can still be impacted by unfairness. I.E Gates, or the treatment Barack receives on the daily!
2. You’re still subject to disparate treatment by the institutions herein America.
3. Just because you’ve mastered Eurocentricity that doesn’t mean this is something that was made for you, because it wasn’t! It was for White Male superiority not even White Woman.
4. Your institutionalized education is only valid so long as this system is honored. If a revolution of some sort were to take place your entire way of being would be obliterated.
5. The boot strap argument is played out with wind breaker suits because everyone knows that poor people are purposely held down in capitalistic societies because they’re seen as the peasantry or better yet slaves.

John went on to rant about how Blacks are their own worst enemies. He said it had historical roots, and thus pointed back to Slavery. He said that we enslaved each other back in Africa and so therefore, our issues did not start in the cotton fields. Ok I beg to differ immensely, because there is no historical evidence that shows Africans treating each other like the Europeans treated Africans once they were forcefully brought to the Americas! That is a form of pseudo history John was speaking from. In fact, Africans at best had their own system of indentured servitude, which was tied into their way of carrying out justice. Africans did not believe in treating each other like subhuman creatures of some lower form of existence! It was when they reached the Americans where it is noted that their right to human dignity and pride was snatched, and thus they were demoted to PROPERTY, which of course is a huge difference when compared to indentured servitude!

John fails to realize that everyone cannot be like he. Everyone cannot fight through an unjust system and make it to their goals; though I too come from the same settings as John, unlike he I will never forget where I come from. John clearly has lost his connection from which he came! He looks down on people for not having the support system he may have had. He hates them for not being able to be on his level so collective ego can shine brighter. He dislikes the fact of being a Black man in America where it is a rarity to overcome the systematic placement of obstacles to obtain success. He identifies with the fact that Black men are seen as a collective in our society but he hates it with a passion, if it were up to him he would be in his own social class, but he CANT because it isn’t that easy, he just cannot up and change his skin color! He states that minorities can do better, yet fail to mention that every time they do congregate to make a different way, somehow they’re legally pushed back ten steps. He probably doesn’t know about Black Wall Street, Rosewood, or the current Gentrification that is going on right now. The bottom line is, this society can be doing MUCH MORE to liberate the poor or underprivileged from the conditions that they face.

He is a soldier for an economic system that was built off of the backs of his own people. Instead, he tells them to suck it up and keep it moving. He has total disregard to the psychosociological factors that are involved, because he hates being who he is! He is a man that would rather stand behind myths, false rhetoric and propaganda than to look at things for what they are. He is a sorry ass excuse for a man or better yet a human being. In fact, I believe an insect would have better common sense than he. People like this MUST be put on blast daily, because if they aren’t these are the poison that threaten the livelihood of those who genuinely can use help.

John must be able to understand that everything cannot be compared to HIS LIFE EXPERIECNE. John must also learn to allow others to rant and speak upon THEIR EXPERIENCES as well. People are impacted in various different ways by this system and just because they don’t agree with him that doest make them invalid. This is America, people should have the RIGHT to express their experiences without being told to STFU! John sounds like a fox news reporter without a brain to spare. He’s an idiot who performs for the indigents! John, it isn’t wise for a person that has reached your level of achievement to forget where he come from, because buddy if we were all thrown into a time machine and sent back to slavery your institutionalized education and existence would mean you none! Nuff Said!!

P.S sorry about the change in taste here my daily contributors but I had to read him his cards!

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