Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Most Americans when asked about Capitalism will oftentimes feel the need to defend it even though the effects of such a system can be fatal. I was arguing earlier with a friend about the Corporations who are ruining the African people and their land; and although he had agreed with their activities being wrongful, he still felt a pressing need to denounce socialism as the solution (not that socialism is the solution). He said it was the various African govt’s fault for these Corporations existing in Africa to pillage the natives and their land, thus totally failing to recognize the extreme corruption those states have in Africa. He believed for the most part that capitalism had no play in the dysfunctional state Africa finds itself, and thus their condition is due to their own neglect. He said socialism will make the conditions worst because people will be at the same level, while those who are more talented will be forced to settle for less.

I find it extremely sad how these same folks never seem to know anything about the dozens upon dozens of case law that are out there for the world to see. They almost never seem to have a basic amateur concept of what human rights are or even a basic definition of morality. It is as though such people are nothing more than uninformed soldiers for capitalism. Better yet they’re consensual slaves to the capitalistic structure. I find it extremely depressing how these types of people will stand in total denial against the obvious. Capitalism will almost all the time create caste, economic injustices, complex social injustices, influx of crime, Organized Crime, and much more! It has the ability to turn good people into animals; this is precisely why the genocides are happening in Africa. It all has to do with Western influences who are trying to pillage Africa for all it has to offer. Why can’t people understand the obvious even when the proof is in the pudding?

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