Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glenn Beck Links Violent Gang Fight to Rise of Atheism


This note is basically a response to a vid I had seen on youtube where Glenn Beck showed the stomping murder of the young teenager in Chicago. Glenn quickly began to associate this bad behavior with those children or persons within that vicinity perhaps having a lack of God. I personally find it heavily sad that every time people in poverty do something or behave in such a way that is to be completely expected given their environment they’re told that their faith in a non existent entity is the reason for their suffering. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! African slaves, after they were stripped of their entire identity and culture here in America, prayed constantly for freedom. They prayed for a better life yet this so called GOD DID NOT FUCKING HELP THEM!! This so called god ALLOWED FOR THEIR SUFFERING. CHILDREN, WOMEN, MEN CASTRATED and HUNG! So much for their utterly disgusting faith in a GOD that wasn’t even developed by them! This God Blacks pray to today have NO HISTORICAL PRESENCE in who we are as a people and it is pathetically sad that most Blacks even continue to believe in the non-sense.

My anger, however, is more with Beck’s comment on social justice. If we know God isn’t going to come down any time soon and help us, because clearly he didn’t do it during Slavery and he damn sure isn’t doing it now, then what the fuck does Beck expect people to actually do? SIT HERE AND JUST PRAY! LMFAO!! Yea ok!!! Social Justice is needed IT TAKES HUMANS TO PROTECT AND HELP HUMANS! No GOD is going to do it! In fact if we research the Black condition from the time of their arrival up until now ANYONE can easily conclude that this GOD hates Blacks. Let Beck tell it and he’ll say Blacks are inherently fucked! Look at all of the unnecessary suffering, yet for some STUPID ASS REASON, people still continue to put their faith in something ludicrous instead of getting off their asses and physically making a damn change!

Beck knows good and well of the Black struggle, and he knows that Blacks for the most part are highly religious and that they do pray and go to church even though historically it has done nothing for our collective social health. Beck went on to say did capitalism fail us? My answer is simple, the conditions in which we find ourselves today is a direct symptom that has been developed by Capitalism. Without classes and social divides Capitalism cannot exist. The people at the top must be able to maintain their wealth and power in society, thus if everyone had a chance their empires will be threatened. This is precisely why everything necessary is done under STEALTH of course to hold most people at the bottom DOWN!! Sadly for Blacks we have been a permanent underclass since the so called emancipation.

How DARE Beck even attempt to insult the underdog in the name of GOD!! This is a testament to what the church was made for. To play the world’s ills against those who clearly have no power to manipulate the social factors and then blame it on their lack of faith in God, an entity made up by the elite in the first place to CONTROL the dummies at the bottom who actually believe a man in the sky is looking down to help them. SADLY there will be some who will agree with BECK! BUT AGAIN those people in Chicago DON’T NEED GOD… They need human intervention. Waiting on God will do nothing but allow for those poor children to kill each other further. Such violence is channeled through their failed economic and educational progress; also, the lack of initiatives that will actually help to facilitate some type of change within their community. America’s apathy towards her own kind will be the demise of her as we know it. Until we start allocating help to these inner cities and people at the bottom, the underdogs will continue to live in ruins, because you see Beck, people who are REAL knows that when you’re living in subhuman conditions where God has FAILED clearly, it is all about SURVIVAL, they don’t have Beck’s money or connections, this world thrives on self interest and money both of which underdogs lack immensely—by design!

Nuff sed!!!

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