Sunday, October 18, 2009


Why is that people in our society are so head bent on achieving some form of fortune and fame? The reason why I am speaking on this is because of the recent news report on “The Balloon Boy”. Clearly, during the interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the child whose name is Falcon had admitted to the cameras that his dad told him it was all an act for “the show”. Therefore, the child was under the impression that he was acting out for a show. I can only imagine the psychological hurt that little boy must be going through right now, but the overall question is WHY?! What loving parent would push such pain and confusion onto their offspring? The mother during the interview seemed genuinely depressed and unaware of the alleged fact that her son missing was an act for a “show”.

What is it about our society that forces people to thrive on fortune and fame? Are people no longer content with what they already have? Is having much more the new cool. Even if we resort to religious text almost all of them are AGAINST GREED, so why do most who believe break that religious law on the daily? Are we no longer in control of our mental process, or are we under control some form of corporate subliminal waves that seeks to control us. Some will say this is the remnants of capitalism, others may say it is just outright plain stupid and selfishness.

Why do people want it all fast nowadays? The sad thing is, even when most get it, they still remain miserable and without from the inside. A person can have it all on the outside and yet still remain dangerously empty from within; there are countless celebs to prove that point. Why is it that we as one of the smartest species alive are so easily expunged from our natural ability to rationalize? What says you?

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