Saturday, October 17, 2009


It is quite funny to see people on the lower levels pushing for the advancement of capitalism. Much of these folks are descendants of slave masters whom for the most part introduced capitalism into the world by accident, yet they profited immensely and never shared the wealth. I find it greatly disturbing when there are actual persons out there who are poorer than a third world country, exhibiting paralyzing behavior in the name of capitalism, they have no money, they lack the good life themselves, and yet they’re ever so willing to be a front line soldier for people and a system that doesn’t even care whether they live or die—the Al Qaeda of Capitalism!

But then I had to sit and watch, and I asked oneself, aren’t we all capitalistic slaves. Are we all not affected by this system and those who are at the top running it rampant? Are we all not caught up in some form of debt or hardship caused by this monstrous system called capitalism? There seem to be nothing out there to help the uninformed with connecting back to their own self interest roots, I guess because the media; academia, and other various forms of helping/education tools have also come under the control of the Capitalist Gestapo to quote from the GOP nutcases.

Until people wake up and realize that their self interest does not lie with capitalism, the symptoms of this terrible, conniving, unrealistic, greedy, inhumane, unjust, egotistical system will never cease to exist. It is the notion of “The American Dream” that keeps such a system afloat, yet most will die before they even come remotely close to achieving such a fantasy. My question is why can’t they see this? Are they so down and out to the point where “faith” in anything that seems appealing acts as an ever craving anesthetic against realism? What is the problem my friends? Because until the majority of people wake up, we all shall forever remain nothing more than capitalistic slaves, to be used, trashed, exploited and thrown to death by the Capitalist Dictators who rules the world above government and all that which is to be considered fair equal and balanced—ironic eh?

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