Sunday, October 11, 2009


The reason why I used the word “Irrelevance” in the title is because the question that I am asking here is simple. Can capitalism short circuit ones belief in God? I am not going to be heavily ideological about this, just very objective and observant if nothing else—can’t promise though LOL!

I ask this question because when I look around, I see a lot of negativity going on. In addition, most people of faith tend to associate negativity with the lack of faith in that of a God. On the contrary, I honestly don’t believe that because clearly there are many folk who go to church DAILY and yet still engage in negativity or just simply cannot seem to avoid it. For instance, a person can’t help living in a bad community and always getting caught up in crime, any much more than a man who doesn’t live in such a community and always seem to avoid crime. In full, people don’t necessarily ask to be in bad positions and/or experiences. I do not think anyone reading this actually wake up in the morning saying, “Ok I want to engage in negative activity!”

Ok, now here is the five million dollar question. We know capitalism is all about competition and profit. People will generally do whatever it takes to make a profit and over step someone else just to be the best. Capitalist will oftentimes do this with complete disregard to the impact their actions will have on others. Now let’s put ourselves in context of someone who may be living a hard life in a capitalistic society, with a lack of opportunity and social support, or the person may just be unstable. In addition, this person prays constantly, goes to church and try to put in lots of positive work as their faith commands, but yet their ends still do not meet. Now somewhere down the line they lose faith and denounce it. Is it fair to say that their very experiences along with rational thinking justify their disconnect with faith? Or is it fair to justify capitalism as a means of justifying faith, or God’s lack of acknowledgment on that person’s problem even though they followed God’s rules vigorously?

Some may even think that the Church benefits off capitalism as well. I am trying to understand how bottom or unstable people living in a capitalistic society can honestly say that they still have faith even though time and time again faith never seems to show itself as in being reliable. Now for some it may, again I am trying to be objective. However, I find that a growing number of ex-believers are saying that they’ve left faith alone due to their acknowledgment of their own life experiences, and that they wish they’d seen it earlier. I am asking what everyone thinks about this, because I honestly believe capitalism can either make or break a person. What says you?

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