Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dr. Zimbardo shows how people become monsters ... or heroes


Most Americans when asked about Capitalism will oftentimes feel the need to defend it even though the effects of such a system can be fatal. I was arguing earlier with a friend about the Corporations who are ruining the African people and their land; and although he had agreed with their activities being wrongful, he still felt a pressing need to denounce socialism as the solution (not that socialism is the solution). He said it was the various African govt’s fault for these Corporations existing in Africa to pillage the natives and their land, thus totally failing to recognize the extreme corruption those states have in Africa. He believed for the most part that capitalism had no play in the dysfunctional state Africa finds itself, and thus their condition is due to their own neglect. He said socialism will make the conditions worst because people will be at the same level, while those who are more talented will be forced to settle for less.

I find it extremely sad how these same folks never seem to know anything about the dozens upon dozens of case law that are out there for the world to see. They almost never seem to have a basic amateur concept of what human rights are or even a basic definition of morality. It is as though such people are nothing more than uninformed soldiers for capitalism. Better yet they’re consensual slaves to the capitalistic structure. I find it extremely depressing how these types of people will stand in total denial against the obvious. Capitalism will almost all the time create caste, economic injustices, complex social injustices, influx of crime, Organized Crime, and much more! It has the ability to turn good people into animals; this is precisely why the genocides are happening in Africa. It all has to do with Western influences who are trying to pillage Africa for all it has to offer. Why can’t people understand the obvious even when the proof is in the pudding?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


With the world as it is today, one must wonder at times if there are people out there whoever wonders about the judgment that guides society. Everyone is programmed to an extent to obey certain rules and to live their lives a certain way, but do anyone ever wonder why. Whose judgment do we follow? Who are we bowing down to? Is it fair for us to be coerced into this way of life without first being able to agree or disagree? Are we even a participating factor in this ruling structure? Did the founding fathers really have everyone’s welfare in mind while orchestrating the constitution? If everyone were created equal, then why did some of them own slaves? If they slipped with the owning of slaves and allowing indentured servitude to exist, should we be surprised of our condition today? Hell, anything can be expected if they were willing and able to do the opposite back then. Is that not contradictory? Can we say nothing is what it seems? Is it easier to blend in or to be an independent person? Why do we feel compelled to not rebel? Whose judgment do we follow and why? I mean can we even attempt to answer such a question?


Oftentimes when it comes to race relations or problems surrounding race, we hear people on the right emotionally saying, “Stop pointing the finger” Or “Stop using the race card” to lower leveled persons. I think such statements are nothing more than distractions from actually looking at the equation and solving the problem. For example, these are the same type of folk who are always so quick to resort to stats with falsified methodologies to knock down minorities, especially when it comes Blacks, yet in the same breathe they’re quick to say “Stop pointing the finger” or “Stop using the race card” I just don’t get it people, seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

Why is it so hard for these types of idiots to understand the many psychosociological factors surrounding those on the lower levels? In addition, most on the lower level aren’t even apart of the democratic experience. They’re not represented in congress proportionate to their population, the demographics in the U.S Congress as it exists now is more white oriented than any other race, is that true democracy in the land of the free, or is that the maintaining of a white ruling body? Most people on the lower levels fail to realize that power comes in economic and political pull, it doesn’t reside in fame, basketball, entertainment, etc. However, due to labeling theory and social bond theory most on the lower levels are only focused on illegitimate means for gaining such power.

The question becomes: If there is barely any representation of Blacks in gov’t (within all branches) then is it surprising that Black needs are not being met? Blacks can rely on democrats all they want; however, at the end of the day democrats really aren’t any better than republicans—both fraudulent to a degree! Therefore, if we have established that Blacks are underrepresented in almost all branches of gov’t and yet we have these huge disparities in criminal justice, healthcare, housing, etc, then when Blacks complain about their experiences, why are they told to “stop pointing the finger” or “stop playing the race card”? Is this a serious case of denial on the behalf of the right, or is the right the actual persons playing the race card or pointing the finger? Clearly the evidence is blatant for all to see, yet for some reason these issues are almost all the time covered up or denied. Even President Obama refuses to touch on Black issues for some weird reason even though his book “Dreams from my Father” expressed these issues in great detail.

How could society be so unintelligent or dishonest to not acknowledge the needs and existence of others within this democratic experiment? It is as though those on the lower levels are just “crumb snatchers” they need no representation or acknowledgement. This society doesn’t believe in investigating disparities for the sake of humanity, and to make things more equal for the underprivileged. It seems as though the privilege is indeed the ones playing the race card by preserving all economical and political wealth to themselves. They set up a fraudulent two party system to play make believe democracy, when beneath the surface their only mission is preserve themselves, while everyone else fail and are told that it is their own fault. Yes there have been great steps towards improvement; however, equal access without equal results cancels out any good intent. Failure to regulate good policy will always resort in the abandonment of well intentioned policy that could have possibly worked.

I just cannot seem to grasp onto the logic of Blacks being told to “stop pointing the finger” or “playing the race card” when the disparities clearly mimic their experiences and complaints. Can anyone make any sense of this?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Many people take the American Flag very seriously, and I understand the implications behind them doing so. For example, some people have fought wars, some have lost loved ones as a result of war, and some are lucky enough to be recipients of privilege here in America, and thus by pledging to the flag they’re simply giving thanks.

But the overall question here is the following: When did we begin to lose hope in humanity to the point where we now invest all hope and morality in an innate object called a flag? Is it that flag that saves us from crumbling down or is it people? Call me ungrateful, arrogant, etc, but I honestly and genuinely don’t get how people can be so heart felt over a flag and then expect others to respect it as much as they do. I love America and I would not want to live anywhere else; however, I am not known for biting my tongue, and the fact is there are some people in America who can genuinely attest to that flag meaning nothing to them.

Who actually benefits from the opportunities here in America? I surely do not think the disparities make themselves up. I remember when the GOP made a big deal out of Michelle Obama when she said, “For the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country”. According to the GOP that was a statement of hatred for ones own country, YET none of them have walked her path or lived her life. For one she’s a Black American and then to add insult to injury she’s a Female! Therefore, clearly she has a story to tell whereby we may have to expect to hear some hardships or barriers she had to get over in order to be where she is today. I don’t understand how we can all be expected to have the same level of respect for this country when there are some who are purposely left out of the equation of equality and the pursuit of happiness, whether it be intentional or not. However, at the end of the day it is what it is, wouldn’t you agree?

It has gotten to the point where we now believe with all of our hearts’ that it is necessary to go out and murder in the name of that flag. Our flag must be the best flag no matter what. Anyone who disrespects it should be subject to death or something damn well close to it. Where does this pseudo form of hope in a flag derive from? Moreover, due to the supremeness of thy flag, many of us know that people can get away with committing War Crimes because it isn’t politically correct to question the actions of “patriots”. Therefore, in many cases the flag is even above the law! WTF!?

I say it is time to invest back into humanity and stop getting caught up with innate objects that stands for something totally different than what it claims to stand for. Allow everyone their right to human dignity and survival, and let’s stop creating thresholds of failure on purpose because certain persons want to remain on top and not share the economic and political power here in America. I mean really people are we serious, a damn FLAG?! I’ll even take it a step further and make this post really controversial by asking the following: Do our soldiers fight for the people within this country or do they fight for Corporations?

Black Genocide In 21st Century America / Modern Racism) [Full 2 Hour Documentary]

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Why is that people in our society are so head bent on achieving some form of fortune and fame? The reason why I am speaking on this is because of the recent news report on “The Balloon Boy”. Clearly, during the interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, the child whose name is Falcon had admitted to the cameras that his dad told him it was all an act for “the show”. Therefore, the child was under the impression that he was acting out for a show. I can only imagine the psychological hurt that little boy must be going through right now, but the overall question is WHY?! What loving parent would push such pain and confusion onto their offspring? The mother during the interview seemed genuinely depressed and unaware of the alleged fact that her son missing was an act for a “show”.

What is it about our society that forces people to thrive on fortune and fame? Are people no longer content with what they already have? Is having much more the new cool. Even if we resort to religious text almost all of them are AGAINST GREED, so why do most who believe break that religious law on the daily? Are we no longer in control of our mental process, or are we under control some form of corporate subliminal waves that seeks to control us. Some will say this is the remnants of capitalism, others may say it is just outright plain stupid and selfishness.

Why do people want it all fast nowadays? The sad thing is, even when most get it, they still remain miserable and without from the inside. A person can have it all on the outside and yet still remain dangerously empty from within; there are countless celebs to prove that point. Why is it that we as one of the smartest species alive are so easily expunged from our natural ability to rationalize? What says you?


This is an open letter to John who participated in my posting on facebook labeled, “Capitalistic Slaves” John exhibited some things in his commentary that really struck me the wrong way, and thus as a result I felt the need to acknowledge him in his entirety in a note designed just for him. John claims to be from the projects within NYC with a couple of sibs, his mom and pop, etc. John clearly has made something of himself and now seeks to look down on other Blacks who weren’t as fortunate as himself. Now let me read his cards if I may!

John fails to realize that although this country claims to give equal access to all, there still aren’t any equal results. Unless racism and disparate treatment is seen as a bad thing by overall society, these types of treatments will only go through a evolutionary change. What I mean by that is, such wrongdoings must match up with the society in which they reside. For instance, it is no longer politically correct to have Jim Crow present in modern day society; therefore, such treatment must be rebirthed under stealth—institutionalized racism? These types of behavioral actions can be seen with the freeing of slaves, which was followed by the BLACK CODES, which was followed by Jim Crow! Those bodies of laws were oppositional forces to more just and equal laws that tried to stop poor treatment towards Blacks. Yet John would want us to believe that despite all of the historical and sociological evidence that are out there, Blacks should simply IGNORE THEM and pull themselves up by the boot straps, thus he promotes the fraudulent phrase “The American Dream”

John is the type that believes, since he has gone to school or done something with himself he is better than the rest. Let me attempt to educate you John:

1. You’re still a Black Man, with one of the lowest social status in America, by design of course. But studies show that it doesn’t matter how high you’re in success you can still be impacted by unfairness. I.E Gates, or the treatment Barack receives on the daily!
2. You’re still subject to disparate treatment by the institutions herein America.
3. Just because you’ve mastered Eurocentricity that doesn’t mean this is something that was made for you, because it wasn’t! It was for White Male superiority not even White Woman.
4. Your institutionalized education is only valid so long as this system is honored. If a revolution of some sort were to take place your entire way of being would be obliterated.
5. The boot strap argument is played out with wind breaker suits because everyone knows that poor people are purposely held down in capitalistic societies because they’re seen as the peasantry or better yet slaves.

John went on to rant about how Blacks are their own worst enemies. He said it had historical roots, and thus pointed back to Slavery. He said that we enslaved each other back in Africa and so therefore, our issues did not start in the cotton fields. Ok I beg to differ immensely, because there is no historical evidence that shows Africans treating each other like the Europeans treated Africans once they were forcefully brought to the Americas! That is a form of pseudo history John was speaking from. In fact, Africans at best had their own system of indentured servitude, which was tied into their way of carrying out justice. Africans did not believe in treating each other like subhuman creatures of some lower form of existence! It was when they reached the Americans where it is noted that their right to human dignity and pride was snatched, and thus they were demoted to PROPERTY, which of course is a huge difference when compared to indentured servitude!

John fails to realize that everyone cannot be like he. Everyone cannot fight through an unjust system and make it to their goals; though I too come from the same settings as John, unlike he I will never forget where I come from. John clearly has lost his connection from which he came! He looks down on people for not having the support system he may have had. He hates them for not being able to be on his level so collective ego can shine brighter. He dislikes the fact of being a Black man in America where it is a rarity to overcome the systematic placement of obstacles to obtain success. He identifies with the fact that Black men are seen as a collective in our society but he hates it with a passion, if it were up to him he would be in his own social class, but he CANT because it isn’t that easy, he just cannot up and change his skin color! He states that minorities can do better, yet fail to mention that every time they do congregate to make a different way, somehow they’re legally pushed back ten steps. He probably doesn’t know about Black Wall Street, Rosewood, or the current Gentrification that is going on right now. The bottom line is, this society can be doing MUCH MORE to liberate the poor or underprivileged from the conditions that they face.

He is a soldier for an economic system that was built off of the backs of his own people. Instead, he tells them to suck it up and keep it moving. He has total disregard to the psychosociological factors that are involved, because he hates being who he is! He is a man that would rather stand behind myths, false rhetoric and propaganda than to look at things for what they are. He is a sorry ass excuse for a man or better yet a human being. In fact, I believe an insect would have better common sense than he. People like this MUST be put on blast daily, because if they aren’t these are the poison that threaten the livelihood of those who genuinely can use help.

John must be able to understand that everything cannot be compared to HIS LIFE EXPERIECNE. John must also learn to allow others to rant and speak upon THEIR EXPERIENCES as well. People are impacted in various different ways by this system and just because they don’t agree with him that doest make them invalid. This is America, people should have the RIGHT to express their experiences without being told to STFU! John sounds like a fox news reporter without a brain to spare. He’s an idiot who performs for the indigents! John, it isn’t wise for a person that has reached your level of achievement to forget where he come from, because buddy if we were all thrown into a time machine and sent back to slavery your institutionalized education and existence would mean you none! Nuff Said!!

P.S sorry about the change in taste here my daily contributors but I had to read him his cards!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


What I find funny more than anything else, are those Americans who truly feel as though they’re superior to other human beings from other nation states. Why is it that we have some people in our population that truly feel or at least think for some reason that America is the model land for democracy and all that which is equal, fair and perfect? I honestly digress in extreme measures, because everywhere I look I seem to see disparities and negativity. Our govt is far from perfect, not saying that it should be because I don’t think any govt will ever be perfect, but to frown upon N Korea or Iran when our own tail stinks, in my opinion makes one an uninformed hypocrite.

I bring this up because earlier I was in a slight debate with a friend of mine whom I consider a crusader for capitalism. He asked the question of a lifetime, “Would you have defended Stalin back in the 30s?” At first I thought he was joking, but since he thinks that I am a Socialist, Marxist, Communist, (you know they usually throw all of those at you with total disregard to their meanings) however, I typed back NO I would not have defended him. But of course he kept throwing things at me rapidly, trying to get me to “admit” that I would be down with Stalin if I were alive back then.

Then I asked him, “Why do your type always believe that America has no flaws?” He replied, “Because our flaws aren’t as large as other countries” Now that is the problem my friends! A flaw is a flaw a violation of human rights is just that, a violation of human rights! It doesn’t matter of its fashion because at the end of the day collectively those flaws initiate harm. My friend went on to say how there are people in N Korea that are in poverty and starvation. So as a result, I pointed out to him the many people in Appalachia, rural areas, and the inner cities here in America who are in those same type of conditions. Immediately he said, “Well those in America are still living better!” Though that tasteless response did not surprise me, I still had to stop and wonder how someone could be so heartless? He actually had the nerve to justify suffering in America by comparing American suffering to foreign suffering and outing one as in being better than the other. Whatever happened to compassion and collective well-being? The suffering in foreign countries to a large extent is no different than that found here in the U.S. For example, if you were to compare slavery of Blacks in the U.S to the Black condition today, clearly it will be easy to determine that although much has changed systematically, the actual sociological and psychological harm remains alive for the majority of Blacks. Just because a system or govt claims to have changed, that does not mean things are more equal, because equal access without equal results is an oxymoron—not much has changed! Though we have some Blacks in high places, the masses of them surely aren’t getting there, BUT that’s a whole post within itself!

I guess the question I am trying to ask here my friends is: Why do certain Americans feel the need to hide our flaws in an insane joyful attempt to appear superior? Perhaps there are some who live in poverty in third world nations and are happy because there isn’t a need to consume and feel better than the rest. What if the things we hear about these “inferior” nations have been rigged to appear that way, when in reality they’re some of the best places to live on earth? Why do people feel the need to judge without having lived a certain life or walked a certain path? What is it about this American arrogance that seems to be paralyzing rational thought and the need for human rights/dignity to exist? Sadly, this sort of arrogance is even having a devastating impact on Americans themselves; yes poor people living here are Americans too. As a result, those who are living in such conditions are ignored or told to pull themselves up by the boot straps. They’re made to feel inferior by choice, when clearly it is this corrupted system some happily call capitalism. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t believe anyone before their birth wishes to be born into poverty and a system that by default of their genetic makeup puts them at the bottom. Anyone care to make sense of any of this stuff?



It is quite funny to see people on the lower levels pushing for the advancement of capitalism. Much of these folks are descendants of slave masters whom for the most part introduced capitalism into the world by accident, yet they profited immensely and never shared the wealth. I find it greatly disturbing when there are actual persons out there who are poorer than a third world country, exhibiting paralyzing behavior in the name of capitalism, they have no money, they lack the good life themselves, and yet they’re ever so willing to be a front line soldier for people and a system that doesn’t even care whether they live or die—the Al Qaeda of Capitalism!

But then I had to sit and watch, and I asked oneself, aren’t we all capitalistic slaves. Are we all not affected by this system and those who are at the top running it rampant? Are we all not caught up in some form of debt or hardship caused by this monstrous system called capitalism? There seem to be nothing out there to help the uninformed with connecting back to their own self interest roots, I guess because the media; academia, and other various forms of helping/education tools have also come under the control of the Capitalist Gestapo to quote from the GOP nutcases.

Until people wake up and realize that their self interest does not lie with capitalism, the symptoms of this terrible, conniving, unrealistic, greedy, inhumane, unjust, egotistical system will never cease to exist. It is the notion of “The American Dream” that keeps such a system afloat, yet most will die before they even come remotely close to achieving such a fantasy. My question is why can’t they see this? Are they so down and out to the point where “faith” in anything that seems appealing acts as an ever craving anesthetic against realism? What is the problem my friends? Because until the majority of people wake up, we all shall forever remain nothing more than capitalistic slaves, to be used, trashed, exploited and thrown to death by the Capitalist Dictators who rules the world above government and all that which is to be considered fair equal and balanced—ironic eh?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Would You Do If This Happened To You: Shopping While Black (Social Experiment That Shows Racism Still Exists In America)


The reason why I used the word “Irrelevance” in the title is because the question that I am asking here is simple. Can capitalism short circuit ones belief in God? I am not going to be heavily ideological about this, just very objective and observant if nothing else—can’t promise though LOL!

I ask this question because when I look around, I see a lot of negativity going on. In addition, most people of faith tend to associate negativity with the lack of faith in that of a God. On the contrary, I honestly don’t believe that because clearly there are many folk who go to church DAILY and yet still engage in negativity or just simply cannot seem to avoid it. For instance, a person can’t help living in a bad community and always getting caught up in crime, any much more than a man who doesn’t live in such a community and always seem to avoid crime. In full, people don’t necessarily ask to be in bad positions and/or experiences. I do not think anyone reading this actually wake up in the morning saying, “Ok I want to engage in negative activity!”

Ok, now here is the five million dollar question. We know capitalism is all about competition and profit. People will generally do whatever it takes to make a profit and over step someone else just to be the best. Capitalist will oftentimes do this with complete disregard to the impact their actions will have on others. Now let’s put ourselves in context of someone who may be living a hard life in a capitalistic society, with a lack of opportunity and social support, or the person may just be unstable. In addition, this person prays constantly, goes to church and try to put in lots of positive work as their faith commands, but yet their ends still do not meet. Now somewhere down the line they lose faith and denounce it. Is it fair to say that their very experiences along with rational thinking justify their disconnect with faith? Or is it fair to justify capitalism as a means of justifying faith, or God’s lack of acknowledgment on that person’s problem even though they followed God’s rules vigorously?

Some may even think that the Church benefits off capitalism as well. I am trying to understand how bottom or unstable people living in a capitalistic society can honestly say that they still have faith even though time and time again faith never seems to show itself as in being reliable. Now for some it may, again I am trying to be objective. However, I find that a growing number of ex-believers are saying that they’ve left faith alone due to their acknowledgment of their own life experiences, and that they wish they’d seen it earlier. I am asking what everyone thinks about this, because I honestly believe capitalism can either make or break a person. What says you?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glenn Beck Links Violent Gang Fight to Rise of Atheism


This note is basically a response to a vid I had seen on youtube where Glenn Beck showed the stomping murder of the young teenager in Chicago. Glenn quickly began to associate this bad behavior with those children or persons within that vicinity perhaps having a lack of God. I personally find it heavily sad that every time people in poverty do something or behave in such a way that is to be completely expected given their environment they’re told that their faith in a non existent entity is the reason for their suffering. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!! African slaves, after they were stripped of their entire identity and culture here in America, prayed constantly for freedom. They prayed for a better life yet this so called GOD DID NOT FUCKING HELP THEM!! This so called god ALLOWED FOR THEIR SUFFERING. CHILDREN, WOMEN, MEN CASTRATED and HUNG! So much for their utterly disgusting faith in a GOD that wasn’t even developed by them! This God Blacks pray to today have NO HISTORICAL PRESENCE in who we are as a people and it is pathetically sad that most Blacks even continue to believe in the non-sense.

My anger, however, is more with Beck’s comment on social justice. If we know God isn’t going to come down any time soon and help us, because clearly he didn’t do it during Slavery and he damn sure isn’t doing it now, then what the fuck does Beck expect people to actually do? SIT HERE AND JUST PRAY! LMFAO!! Yea ok!!! Social Justice is needed IT TAKES HUMANS TO PROTECT AND HELP HUMANS! No GOD is going to do it! In fact if we research the Black condition from the time of their arrival up until now ANYONE can easily conclude that this GOD hates Blacks. Let Beck tell it and he’ll say Blacks are inherently fucked! Look at all of the unnecessary suffering, yet for some STUPID ASS REASON, people still continue to put their faith in something ludicrous instead of getting off their asses and physically making a damn change!

Beck knows good and well of the Black struggle, and he knows that Blacks for the most part are highly religious and that they do pray and go to church even though historically it has done nothing for our collective social health. Beck went on to say did capitalism fail us? My answer is simple, the conditions in which we find ourselves today is a direct symptom that has been developed by Capitalism. Without classes and social divides Capitalism cannot exist. The people at the top must be able to maintain their wealth and power in society, thus if everyone had a chance their empires will be threatened. This is precisely why everything necessary is done under STEALTH of course to hold most people at the bottom DOWN!! Sadly for Blacks we have been a permanent underclass since the so called emancipation.

How DARE Beck even attempt to insult the underdog in the name of GOD!! This is a testament to what the church was made for. To play the world’s ills against those who clearly have no power to manipulate the social factors and then blame it on their lack of faith in God, an entity made up by the elite in the first place to CONTROL the dummies at the bottom who actually believe a man in the sky is looking down to help them. SADLY there will be some who will agree with BECK! BUT AGAIN those people in Chicago DON’T NEED GOD… They need human intervention. Waiting on God will do nothing but allow for those poor children to kill each other further. Such violence is channeled through their failed economic and educational progress; also, the lack of initiatives that will actually help to facilitate some type of change within their community. America’s apathy towards her own kind will be the demise of her as we know it. Until we start allocating help to these inner cities and people at the bottom, the underdogs will continue to live in ruins, because you see Beck, people who are REAL knows that when you’re living in subhuman conditions where God has FAILED clearly, it is all about SURVIVAL, they don’t have Beck’s money or connections, this world thrives on self interest and money both of which underdogs lack immensely—by design!

Nuff sed!!!