Wednesday, September 23, 2009



As an American it is quite liberal/radical of me to actually say I support the speech that Ahmadinejad had given on 9/23/09 on the General Assembly at the U.N. HOWEVER, when I look at the exactness of his words, nothing seems to be FALSE. He spoke against injustice, imperialism, and democratic bigotry that has been long exhibited by the U.S and other Nation States that are within its alliance. He spoke about the frivolous U.N mission statement that clearly hasn’t accomplished anything, especially due to the secret alliances that are in effect as a result of imperialism and corporate greed.

He also spoke about the culture of violations upon various International Conventions, which seems to be non-existent in the eyes of most countries with the ability to bully and bring forth policy through the use of extreme brute force to avoid culpability. In an irregular manner, Ahmandinejad basically laid out the blueprint upon which our next possible world war will be based. In a tone of desperation he warned us about the wrongdoings that are going on, and then followed up with the inevitable response to those wrongdoings, as he pressed a reality that we’re now in a season where people and Nations will stand up against imperialism and bully-hood.

Capitalism is the base upon which the evil that currently exist is birthed from, according to Ahmadinejad. It has given Nations and Corporate Crooks legal authority not only within their own soil but abroad to usurp resources and call it their own. He expresses his notion that Marxism is clearly gone, primarily due to the trauma that has been caused by capitalism. In a brief manner he spoke on Israel’s handling of Palestine, which he was critiqued for being an “anti Semitic” by various “pundits” HOWEVER, how can this man be anti-Semitic, when there are currently dozens of blockades that disallows basic necessity aid to float through to the estranged Palestinians, whom Cynthia McKinney support and was jailed for by the Israelis.

There seems to be an extreme take over of U.S Media by those who have the MOST to gain out of this so called war in the Middle East. Immediately after his speech the man was labeled just as Rev Wright was WITHOUT anyone ever questioning the validity of his overall message. The essence of that which he has stated was that world peace is needed. Greed must be ended and humanity must be brought back to standards equivalent to universal morality

Now most are quick to say Ahmadinejad stole the elections over in Iran, BUT if your Nation has a history of the same thing who are you to judge? I agree with Amadinejad it is time for all Nations to practice what they preach. Stop lying and predicating nation building off of the guise of extending democracy. Stop assassinating real foreign leaders to only replace them with puppet govts that will of course serve the needs of a foreign corrupted regime. Stop the spreading and using of the term capitalism to legalize the economic trauamtization that has been placed upon so many victims here in the U.S and other nations. I challenge all around the world to start thinking extremely critically about the actions their govts’ partake in and to investigate those actions vigorously, for that is the only way to bring some form of justice to the world as Ahmadinejad sworn to support in his speech. People must stop allowing the American Media and Political Rhetoric to control their thoughts on foreign affairs, instead do your own research and build up your own technique of verification. Justice is the only forum we have to hold people accountable to humanity and if we allow it to fall short of us, then when the darkness falls, it will be righteously deserved.

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