Monday, September 21, 2009



The American society is one based off of artificial flavor. For some reason it cannot seem to have a grip on reality v. fantasy. Political Correctness for the most part seems to be the huge cause for the stupidity that has now become customary in our society. People who are filled with nothing but bigotry and hate seem more credible than those who are on the extreme opposite. Intellectualized justifications FOR oppression actually still have a voice in this society although on a constant basis everyone gives praise to MLK. Something is highly hypocritical about this society.

Certain people believe their experiences are much more valid than others who may be deconstructed from the mainstream experience. It is as though those who cannot share in the goodness and prosperity of America are thereby forced to put up with their second classed citizenship and told to, “Like the little bit you have”. Radicalism is the new terrorism, even though extremist conservatism can ultimately invade our society’s morality and render us non-existent. The larger question is how do we solve such a debacle? Do we sit back and allow the non-sense to continue, or do we stand up and speak out in truth of the hypocrisy of those who do not welcome change?

Do we take to the streets? Do we demand equal education and working wages? Do we demand justice for all, not only domestically but also abroad? Do we finally incorporate plans or agendas to finally award those beneath the top 5% for all of their hard work, sweat, and tears? When will those at the lower level in society finally realize that the power resides in the individual? When will the uneducated southerners who march in the name of capitalism realize that they’re against their own interest? Or is it their hate that restricts them from seeing the truth?

Has America really changed since the old days? Did the Civil Rights Acts actually make a difference? Some will say, “Hey everyone has equal access” but I OBJECT!! WHY!? Because Equal Access without Equal Results equals NOTHING!! In terms of healthcare, why do we have a President who CLAIMS to want to pass healthcare but YET isn’t using reconciliation to push it through? He claims to want the help of the opposition, yet on a daily basis they show contempt for he and every plan he has tried to date. Does this society deserve to sit at bay, while the two party system play ping pongs back and forth with their shit load of special interest? One word: CORRUPTION!!!

I don’t know people, something is clearly wrong with this society. This is a society unwilling to use critical thinking, incapable of rational thought, not friendly with moral policy, and it hates its past even though without it you cannot fix issues of today. YET we’re the beacon of hope upon which all nations look up to for leadership. America has more issues than most third world nations yet they dare to look up to the beast for direction.

Shall we touch on RELIGION?? For America to be a god fearing nation it commits more sins than the “lord” allows. One word: PHONY! Not that I believe in the phrase “WWJD” but why aren’t Christians following it? Ok they’ll say God gave us “free will” but then my rational mind will ask, “What is the use of free will if a person can do harm with it? Why must innocent people be affected by another’s wrongdoing?” Usually there is no answer to my highly rationalized question. However, still something is completely utterly dementedly wrong. Oh and America wasn’t founded on Christian values either. In fact America was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM… Morality has been around LONG before the Bible came about. Christianity doesn’t have a patent on what morality is. Wow just look at its past. SORRY TO TELL YA!! But again, folks what the hell is wrong with this society? Because when I look at it, it appears to be ass backwards!! Therefore the only thing I can say is the title, “There is something fundamentally wrong about this society!”

Nuff sed!!

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