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Ok people this will be a very touchy topic for most. I would like to just let it be known now that I am indeed an Atheist, but I will explain this topic with the utmost logical break down and I will not exhibit any bias, just rational questions as they pertain to the title. Shouts out to Debra Paron & A. London Arrington from off facebook for having inspired me to write this one particulate post, their commentary on my last note was nothing short of excellent.

Now when it comes to religion and morality most people tend to believe that morality did not exist until the orchestration of religion, which is heavily untrue. There is something I call the “Universal General Consensus” that I believe humans have by default. We all know it isn’t right to kill each other, we all know it is not right to Lie, everything written on the 10 commandments is something people generally know because our brains are wired to understand information and emotions. However when it comes to religious doctrines, there seem to be a huge case of indoctrination; a suppressing of freedom of thought, and a knock down to human rights and equality to all. For instance, at one time it was the church that actually validated slavery here in the Americas. It was the religion that set out on jihads, crusades and inquisitions. It was also the church that slaughtered people in Salem MA because they thought innocent people were involved with the occult. The church all seem to believe unanimously that people shouldn’t be calling onto the spirit YET, each religious institution have what they call prophets who calls onto the spirit—a direct contradiction!! You cannot disable that function for everyone else but yet allow it for certain persons who are so called “prophets”.

Religion for the most part just like politics plays on the short comings of the individual, the more down and out the person is the better they’re able to be controlled by religions institutions. This is why most people who go to jail come out religious whether they’re Christian or Muslim. I myself had done loads of studies in N.J prisons and I have seen first handedly how people in the prison system take to certain forms of religion, failing to realize that it is only they who have control of their own destiny. Religion gives some who are unwilling to see harsh realities a shoulder to lean on, and yes there may be nothing wrong with that. HOWEVER, when religion start seeking to control laws and social functions within a society that is when a threat begins to pose itself. I could care less about others who wish to have a BLIND FAITH, but do not impose your thought pattern and values upon me—a non believer. If you choose to believe something that has never shown itself to actually exist then keep that to yourself.

Let’s skip to the logical questions pertaining to religion: What loving god would give free will to his creation if they can use it to commit harmful acts against other innocent god abiding people? Morally speaking that isn’t right. For example, If Janice is living a god abiding live, she goes to church three times a week, she does her best to live by the rules of the bible, why should she be found dead one day because Bob decided to use his “free will” to murder someone due to setbacks in his life? See this notion of “free will” means nothing if people aren’t protected from unjust treatment of “free will”. If God’s rule mattered there would be no Justice System because God would handle them. See back in the day, they actually believed in the spiritualistic format of criminal justice, and the people believed back then that individuals simply will not commit crime out of fear of God’s wrath, BUT they were finding that people still committed crime at very high rates to the point where there were 40 executions a day—but executions in the name of GOD! Where is the morality in that? Luckily for humanity Beccaria came along and tried to make a change, a change that was way before his time, and he brought morality to punishment. This is precisely where many of our bill of rights provisions are stemmed from, particularly protection from cruel and unusual punishment. The bible in particular gives the go ahead for some of the heinous and saddest of ways to execute, yet some believe it is the primary source of morality—I beg to differ! People were executed back in the good ol days for any little thing and it was all based of spiritualistic notions of crime control. If God according to Muslims and Christians were omnipresent and all fixing, we would not have poverty, crime and many of the atrocities that we see present today. Because again free will means nothing if the innocent isn’t protected from injustice by the evil doers. Religion will have one believing that we’d all have to wait until the person die in order for justice to be done. BULLSHIT!! Because of religion most people are restricted of their liberty and right to exist as they are. For example, there are States out there that restrict Atheists from running for public office, how JUST and MORAL is that? It is also unconstitutional but when you have a state full of Jesus freaks that is the ending result.

Now let us jump to religion and politics. Currently, there is a huge debate going on about Gay Marriage. If we trip back to the ancient times, you will see that homosexuality existed and so did marriage. They did not call it marriage back then, but the same implications existed and this is way before modern religion came into existence. Yet today Christianity claims to be the maker of marriage, says who? Just Christians and they have no proof! But this should be no surprise to society, Christianity has done some of the harshest things to humanity throughout its short existence and it promotes out right discrimination upon people who it chooses to condemn for whatever reason. Now here comes a logical question, if homosexuality is against God, and he made everyone and knows everyone before he makes them, then why the hell does homosexuality even exist? You cannot say free will because then God can be viewed as a person who sets people up to only send them to hell, or he can be considered a selective God who has favorites and therefore he doesn’t love everyone. Why would God outright punish some and not others? That doesn’t sound logical to me AT ALL!! All religious institutions have bias against women as well. Women are suppressed in every form of way, Islam being the worst offender; it wasn’t until recent until women were actually able to be pastors. Some religious folk even protest against Abortion, but I would beg to ask why then does God allow some kids to be born dead? Logically it is the same thing isn't it? Whether the child is medically removed and then "killed" or naturally born dead, the ending result is that the child is now dead! Now what says you religious folk on that? Oh well some will say well it wasn't the child's time to be born, then why would God allow that female to be pregnant then, why couldn't God save all of that time and trouble?Politics and religion should not mix. Religion is something people should choose to be apart of, not forced. Gay marriage has nothing to do with religion, in fact most homosexuals wouldn’t even prefer to have the church involved, they just simply want the legal benefits that come along with it.

The lesson in this note is simple. Morality should be simple, but sadly in this day and age it isn’t because of other sophisticated mechanisms that were designed to control the human population. Those who sit at the top of this mechanism can ultimately control the fate of partitions of people and even whole countries, just as it was historically designed to do in the first place. So the fight today is against institutions that try to limit free thought. People should be able to ask questions regarding God or Religion and not be told to go to hell. People should not change who they are to fit in with religion, just to be accepted by the masses. Atheists should be able to run for office in the Bible belt without being discriminated against. Women should be able to have the same benefits as men without being told to keep shut in church. Disparities should not have to exist in today’s age when there is so much to pass around that everyone should live comfortable lives. I am very passionate about this topic because I understand clearly how religion actively tries to take humanistic traits that we all have and say it invented these traits on its own and thus taught us how to behave in context of morality, when that is a huge lie!! Now I do not knock anyone’s belief system but when people try to impose their belief system onto others I think we need not sit back quiet and allow it to happen. Morality comes from the human brain not a book called the Bible, Torah, or Qur'an. Morality is based in a “Universal General Consensus” these feelings and emotions were long connected to us way before notions of religion came about. Let us also not forget that other forms of religion existed before the modern day religions came about. In fact there are over dozens upon dozens of religions that we now call myths today that Christianity and Islam has stolen info from and is now calling it their own. In short, religions and mythology go through evolutions that are somewhat designed to keep up with the time. But in context of the writings as well as FACUALLY they’re all nothing more than made up stories by another human making a buck and trying to control! People FREE THOUGHT is the target of these religions and they will stop at nothing to denounce it.

The only way for humanity to fix itself, is for us all to realize that we’re all connected, and that only we can save ourselves. What says you on this matter and don’t be afraid to comment?!

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  1. i agree 100%!

    religion is nothing but control and we should rid ourselves from it. its nothing but a control tactic. we don't need it at all! it has to go.

    because it seems to me that the only religion that's not oppressive and doesn't seek to control people is wicca. these people in this religion are open to all ideas. they don't discriminate.