Thursday, September 24, 2009


The other day I had watched a youtube video with former Congressman Traficant, speaking about the government becoming more powerful than we the people, which as a result have now instilled fear into the people against government. When we look at the tea parties that are taking place today is there any thought that comes to mind as to the totality of why they’re there? YES we know some are possibly there out of hatred and disdain towards anything Obama does, HOWEVER, if we look at the condition of our government as it stands today, shouldn’t we all be out there tea partying’ against our government and all political parties?

Something seems fundamentally wrong about our government when innocent poor people can be shot down by the cops and yet their families receive neither closure nor justice. Police get away with these things due to their so called procedural guidelines, which in most cases gives them the right to kill on site. Why are these hypocritical monsters protected by the same force that is said to be under the same command of those whom they serve? The founder of policing Sir Robert Peel believed strongly in being able to weed out the bad apples and replace them with honorary persons. Yet today we’re far away from that founding principle of police administration. Today there is a strenuous process on proving an officer unfit to practice.

I just think we as a society need to think firm and wide about the status of we the people v. the government. The founders, although they too were bigots, never believed in seeing government having the power to push the people into fear. People should not have to walk around in fear of the police. Police who have a general bias or hate towards any ethnicity in the population should not be hired, or expunged if they’re employed. Police should be fit and not overweight. Congress should be held heavily accountable to the populace and not to the corporations. The president should not be following shadow govt plans but rather his/her own genuine plans. People should be able to be treated fairly by the judicial system. There should not be a literal racist criminal justice system that practices selective charging on a daily basis. People should be presumed innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.

Furthermore, a culture of just convicting should not exist in our prosecutors offices’, for that is our greatest threat against liberty and that which our constitution guarantees. This culture exists primarily to set up the future careers of those who are cut throat enough to take advantage of it. Very few prosecutors have a conscious—greed takes over, yet they’re supposed to be defenders of our rights. I think not! Defense attorneys these days are the actual persons preserving the rights of others. Where is justice in the State being able to have scientific evidence presented but not the indigent defendant who has a Public Defender without the funds to test the validity of that scientific evidence? The Public Defender in itself is even a relatively new concept developed by the Supreme Court. Despite the due process clause and the equal protection clause, there was a time when we the people were left to our own ruins when it came to justice and if you could not afford a defense then that was your ass, BUT is there any real difference in that today? Plea bargains are another method, which the govt uses to convict people under false pretenses. Oftentimes the govt doesn’t even have enough evidence to convict if there were a trial; I guess there is no surprise that 95% of all convictions are through copping pleas. The psychological trauma plea bargains place on people is sadly inhumane, and the fact that prosecutors oftentimes play games and even lie is even more gut bubbling. So before I continue to rant, I guess my ending line is: Why the hell are we so afraid of our government people?!

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