Saturday, September 26, 2009



This is definitely some food for thought folks. People tend to feel almost all the time that the information they know is indeed the right information. As I sat today pondering the accuracy of some of the news that is proliferating throughout the news networks, I came to see that much of that information is nothing more than controlled information. However, I also looked at academic submitions or accounts on different topics as well and thus concluded that even those can be potentially controlled information. I guess the overall question is, are there such ways upon which we can prove whether or not information is indeed accurate or just plain outright controlled. Sadly, I think that it is impossible to a large extent, BUT I suppose we can try. But then again can’t logical thinking combat controlled information?

Everyone wants their input or side of the story to be right. For instance, democratic views v. republican views v. independent views. How in the world do you scan those points for validity? Is there even such a way to do it? Like I tell many on my blog: The best thing to do is to simply research, verify the sources of that information and come up with your own INDEPENDENT thought, because to a large extent everyone’s input is valid at the end of the day. Because clearly in this world anything is possible, the phenomena just never seem to end. People just simply need not to believe all they’re told, because you never know when information is controlled or not. Too bad those poor protestors cannot see this FACT when it comes to health care. Lack of education and understanding is a terrible status to have. Sheesh!! Are you thinking on your own?

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