Sunday, May 31, 2009


Another BLACK man has been gunned down by a WHITE COP in NYC. The question remains that why has there NEVER BEEN a FULL FEDERAL investigation on NYC POLICE and CIVIL RIGHTS violations? The facts in this matter all seem to be manufactured as the WHITE OFFICER is claiming that the black officer “swerved” around which led him to believe the BLACK OFFICER was a typical criminal. This course makes no sense when the BLACK OFFICER was shot in his BACK, HIP, and ARM. Furthermore, being shot in the BACK ALONE shows discrepancy to the testimony of the white cop as it goes to question IF the black officer ever “SWERVED” around in the first place. The truth is the Black Officer was simply in pursuit of a Hispanic male that he red handedly caught breaking into his car, and as a result of RACIAL PROFILING, which is APPARENTLY used in NYC POLICE DEPTS, the WHITE COP simply decided that it would be OK to SHOOT a BLACK MAN with a gun in his hand under the false reasoning that ALL BLACK MEN ARE MURDEROUS KILLERS.. NYC Black and Latino cops are now teaming up with Al Sharpton and his National Action Network to combat this issue, especially since they feel that this shooting hits close to home. This is yet another issue that should give minorities yet another reason as to why WE MUST INFILTRATE the legal field, legislature, as well as law enforcement to ensure our own EQUAL PROTECTION under the law, because if we continue to rely on RACIST WHITE COPS and CORRUPTED DISTRICT ATTORNEYS to do this for us, we might as well genocide ourselves.. Remember, it is up to the citizenry to make sure the law is respected in an equal manner, each time we FAIL to stand up in defense of our fellow man no matter the race; we’re thereby forfeiting the rights of everyone to be protected under the law. People of all races should be outraged over this racially charged incident and we should all be demanding for not only the feds to get involved on questions of civil rights violations, but also for PRESIDENT OBAMA to speak upon it…

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