Thursday, October 16, 2008


Troy Davis Fiasco

Again the U.S Courts display hypocrisy in terms of racial factors when determining the outcome of their decisions. It was widespread known that Mr. Davis was has maintained his innocence, and that many of those whom had testified earlier, recanted their remarks. It is extremely appalling to me that, the judiciary would even allow a man whom is being accused of a crime for which there is NO PHYSICAL evidence to die. YES TO DIE!! Yet the majority of America stands still and says, “It isn’t my problem” But the FACT is if there is one thing we all must be aware of, it would be JUSTICE. How it is carried our and served. Since the 60’s one would think this type of stuff would not even be around anymore; however, the Troy Davis’ case is a harsh reality of visions of the past being in the present. Until the poor who are more affected by injustice stands up and recognize the power of knowing the law, they will continue to be downplayed when seeking justice, their voices silenced, and their citizenships forgotten. It is imperative that the poor began to wake up and acknowledge their power within. The lack of education is a growing obstacle in the poor community, which ultimately allows for certain people in government to continue to give birth to disparities. What makes this problem even moreso hard on figuring out who is corrupt is the fact that many of these officials live two different lives. Therefore, the only way to fixing this situation is to be educated and join the ranks in the judiciary in the name of pure justice and equality for all. The day the poor awaken themselves and see the corruption that they have been unnecessarily taking, is the same day they will liberate themselves from negativity and falsified justice practices. Education in the system is the key. The poor cannot complain about a system that they are content with living in, instead they must learn of it and fight it with aggression. We must take this Troy Davis case as a sign. This sign should reveal to all Americans that at any time this government may fail you as well. Yes America is filled with hypocrisy and Justice is NOT equal for all! This cannot be the best country in the world when you have certain citizens being treated harshly by the law, this cannot be the best country in the world when the government decide NOT to listen to the cries of those whom they serve. This cannot be the best country in the world when the poor people are exploited due to their ignorance. America claims to be a Christianized nation, I can’t tell!! I END THIS BY ASKING AMERICANS TO WAKE UP!! TAKE A STAND IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE AND MAKE YOUR COUNTRY REPRESENT WHAT IT CLAIMS, INSTEAD OF MAKING IT THE LAUGHING STOCK AND THE LEADER OF HYPOCRISY!!!

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