Sunday, October 19, 2008

Separation of church and state! What happened to it?

What ever happen to the separation of church and state? Why is it that our politicians of today continuously break the foundation of the constitution? Representatives that we send to take an oath to uphold the constitution, YET when they’re made to vote, oftentimes on issues that conflict with religious views they will choose the religious ideology over the constitution, which clearly states separation of church and state. This means they are willing to rely on something that isn’t even logical, than to look at science, logic, and/or common sense! The separation of church and state is being violated on a constant basis, from issues such as, gay rights, abortions, and there are many other examples. However, the bulk of the American people will not be bothered until their liberties are violated, and then they would want to stand up and shout. The fact is there are many people who are suffering within the U.S due to the separation of church and state being heavily violated, and if those whom we send to was reminded of that and the constitution, perhaps everyone will have the liberties promised to us by the fore fathers of the constitution. It is all to sad to hear a soldier say, “I am fighting for your liberties/freedoms” Because apparently little that the soldier know, American citizens are getting their liberties and freedoms snatched a mile a minute; instead of being overseas fighting for our freedoms and liberties they ought to be here, and based in Washington itself! What says you?


  1. You might want to consider the apparent separation of church and logical thinking too.
    Its bad enough that there is a significant violation of the gap between religion and politics but the the right wing in the church have really gone out of their way make asses of themselves and the congregations they represent with the bizarre reasoning they insist on applying to today's issues. Its not good for the political discourse in America and its not good for the Christians who expect them to provide with genuine spiritual guidance rather than prejudiced grandstanding and hate filled rhetoric for the sake of publicity.

  2. yeah you know it is asshame! we need to have the freedoms that we're supposed to have in this country i mean last time i checked this is supposed to be the land of the free, right? so why isn't it like that?