Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brandon McClelland dragged to his DEATH in Paris TX

Brandon McClelland was dragged to his death unnecessarily in Paris Texas. The sad part is this happened in 2008! Clearly the hypocrisy of America is showing even more. Seems like Rev Wright has some truth to that which he said, huh? FACT is the poor must stand up more. There is no need to keep complaining about issues we can easily fix. Start gaining positions of power, gain credentials to get into these offices and make change. If the masses of Black folk or poor representatives get out there and apply and/or run for these positions, it will be extremely hard for us to be discriminated against, and with the support of those whom you would be representing, getting in should be a breeze! (I.E Obama) People It is time to STAND UP and take ACTION. We must start to exceed overwhelmingly in terms of higher education so competing can become a everyday thing for us. Racism lurks in the shadows of justice and the people are allowing it to happen. The rest of America cares not, while innocent lives are consistently being taken based on the color of their skin or the origins of their beliefs—that is not what America is supposed to be able, last time I checked! BUT the people must stand up DO SOMETHING, become individuals so you can fix your lives, and eventually make change! The time is now for it is NEVER TOO LATE to embark on a path to education and self empowerment to preserver the notion of JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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  1. I've heard that Paris, TX is a very racist town